My favourite heroes!

here is a list of my favourite characters, the order changes frequently and all that is certain is that the Hulk is usually number one, closely followed by one of the Justice League clan.

List items

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Cool list. I'm glad Wolverine in there.

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Thanks, yes I am indeed a huge fan of Wolverine, he was the one character I still loved in the 90s when I went right off comics and super-heroes for a bit.

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Disappointed that Hal is above Batman but I still think it is a very good list.

Edit- I like that you included Shazam, Green Arrow and the Martian thos characters are awesome.

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Thanks a lot! Actually there is hardly anything between any of my top 8 characters and the order often changes, for example at the moment I am going through a Spiderman phase, thanks mainly to the ASM2 movie which I loved. I've loved Batman since the 70s but I have just grown to love the Green Lantern universe a bit more in recent years...! As you can see from my list, I'm pretty evenly split between Marvel and DC characters.