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@winter_kills: Thanks. I also agree with your DC Statement.

Thank you. And it's good to have someone else sticking up for the REAL Thor, & the way that comics should be. Like you, I can deal with change, but so much of this is just about gimmicks & money, quantity over quality. It just gets too much.

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@winter_kills: I somehow incompletely read the first Ultimates book in one of our local bookstores, and I admit it does have its cinematic feel. The only part I hated is that Hulk was really depressed from his failures with his experiments, and that Hank was beating his wife up (always, as indicated). And I loved activist Thor. (When you have a god on your side, who would disagree with ya?)

Yeah, I didn't care for the depressed Hulk, & hated the abusive Hank. Cap was pretty awesome, & activist Thor was pretty cool- loved the hammer redesign, & it makes sense him being an eco-warrior, being the son of Gaea & all. And like you said, when you have a god on your side, who would disagree with ya? The Ultimate universe was a good concept at first, but by the time of Ultimatum it turned to crap FAST. I think the book that kept them afloat after that was Ultimate Spider-Man, because of Miles Morales, which is why I know he'll be sticking around in the new MU, maybe with Peter being a mentor to him; that might be cool. There are some ideas with the Ultimate universe that could work combined with 616, as long as they don't go crazy with it.

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Well so long Marvel, thanks for all the fond memories. Maybe I'll pick up some of your trades or back issues, back when your comics were, you know, actually appealing to me before you went down the rabbit hole of quality comic books. I doubt this is going to be endearing to the older Marvel fans who actually understand the value of continuity, history and canon in comics. Seems like it's become a disposable trait in the current comic world.

This is the story of human evolution: the old generation dies off and a new one takes over. Glad you had your day in the sun, my friend.

There's little proof of sensible evolution here, just poor design and poor planning culminating in a hacked off attempt to generate publicity and interest in Marvel. If this is evolution, I'd say it's on the bad end of the spectrum, like the blind spots in our vision or the unnecessary appendix in our guts. As for the old generation, plenty of them are still around at DC and Marvel hanging on for a better period in comics. At the end of the day, it's the older generation that keeps comic book companies afloat, not the new fans DC and Marvel seem to keep trying to reach.

Amen! Once again you have voiced my thoughts perfectly. It's the long-time readers, & what they pass on to their children, that are the life's blood of comic companies. Stan Lee knew this. Julius Schwartz knew this. Why the Marvel & DC of today fail to see that is beyond me. Lose the loyal readership, you lose everything, & no amount of retooling or revamping can change it.

Well said you guys! The reason I love comics still is the stories from my youth, when I bought Spiderman during the Roger Stern era and Hulk comics in the John Byrne era. There's a lot of guys my age (mid 40s) buying TPs and comics, helping keep the business afloat and passing the love onto our kids, so cheeky youngsters saying we "had our day in the sun" should remember that! marvel right now is a mess, they've killed Wolverine, turned Thor into a woman, there are gazillions of Spidermen, Hulk doesn't smash any more and Iron Man is a total jerkweed. Where are the serious ongoing storylines we had during the 70s and 80s? Anyway, I am another reader who is piling more cash into DC comics while this mess is ongoing!

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so, she seems different in each comic, so which do you think is the best current portrayal?

WW comic, Justice League comic, Superman/Wonder Woman, or Injustice?

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So is it getting better then? I bought the first Finch issue and dropped it as I thought it was so awful! I like to give new creative teams a chance, but read through the second Finch issue and it didn't seem much better, so hopefully things are on the up now then.

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I dunno about you, but I seem to have chopped and changed my books more often than ever recently, as I struggle to find consistently good quality reading material for the popular DC and Marvel characters. Both Marvel and DC are obviously out to make money, but do they put profit above quality with the endless reboots, crossover stories and character changes? Do people think that the quality of the comics is generally better or worse than it was in the 90s or naughties?

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Not sure if this comment is referred to me, but for clarification, I never said WW fans want her to be written badly, I was just recollecting the thread that Lvenger made a while back and thinking that he was right to say "be careful what you wish for", i.e. a new writer team (not a bad writing team necessarily), because what has followed Azzarello has been garbage, frankly. Hope that clarifies.

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Wonder Woman # 23 really was awesome! One of the best Azz issues of all IMO.

Couldn't agree more Bezza :) I could write a love letter of a blog on that issue alone. Definitely my favourite of Azzarello's run.

I remember your thread some time ago titled "careful what you wish for" or something similar, when the end of Azzarello's run was announced. Its a shame for WW fans that you're being proved correct. Must be a few fans right now pining for the Azz/Chiang magic!! Issue 23 got a perfect 10 from IGN, who sometimes get it wrong, but were bang on with that rating!!

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Wonder Woman # 23 really was awesome! One of the best Azz issues of all IMO.

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Thanos would likely beat Hulk simply because he has an overall powerset above Hulk's level, so speed doesn't come into it.

Sure Hulk is a team buster, but he hasn't fought and held his own with someone like Odin, as Thanos has, or almost beaten the Surfer to death with a few punches. In fact, I can't actually recall a canon win for Hulk v the Surfer, unless you count the one in Planet Hulk where he pummelled a distracted Surfer who was shown to be unharmed after the pummelling.

So whilst I absolutely agree that Hulk has no limits and potentially can beat almost anyone, Thanos has showings that in my mind would give him the win.

Having said that, I have loved some of Hulk's battles against various teams, the one v the West Coast Avengers in Hulk # 316 being a favourite!

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Maaaaan, i hate hulk comics these days. Bring back greg pak or something....hulk doesn't look like himself. Nerd doc green, so called indestructible, whats the point? He's not even a little bit as angry as ww hulk. No wrath, no smash , hulk fans! And this hulk vs thanos event looks disappointing.

I agree! (although the Duggan stories are quite entertaining).

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@zhurong: that silly troll hasn't been around in a while ... Perhaps it'll stay gone

Shhh...I sense that like Candy Man, if you mention its name three times, it will appear and cause carnage!!