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I'm really disappointed in how this story is turning out. I really like Skaar, and I don't think it makes sense that Doc Green would de-power him. I mean, it should affect Skaar in a very different way since he's not irradiated and was born that way. And why would Doc green just drop him off in Paris when clearly Skaar doesn't have the education or the social skills to fit in with the society, which is exactly why he resided in the Savage Lands.

The only thing redeeming about this arc so far is the art and Doc Green characterization, both of which I find brilliant. The arc hasn't ended, so there's hope that as a whole this arc could be good, will get but so far I'm enjoying the writers choices. And is anyone else bothered by how the others are acting towards Doc Green? Specifically Rick and Betty? I mean I can understand Skaar jumping to fight, but I'd expect and effort to reason with Bruce from the others. Rick just jumped into the fight like Bruce was some common villain and Betty didn't even ask what happened to him.

That being said, the story does have some charm. Duggan is really good with comedy, and this preview is no exception.

I can't say I've been happy with this story.

Sorry to say I have dropped the main Hulk comic - again - wasn't over blown away with savage issue 5 either...** sigh **

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..I think the answer is probably no. Perhaps because the two Hulk films to date scored model Box Office receipts, it seems Hulk is going to be an Avengers member for the foreseeable and nothing more. Its a pity really, seeing as Hulk is one of Marvel's big 5. Also I understand Ruffalo wants to explore the Banner side of the character more and doesn't want to be typecast as Hulk. Again that's a shame when Marvel finally found their screen Hulk after Ed Nortons rather disastrous stint and Eric Bana's stint which was scuppered by the script more than anything.

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Actually I was thinking the other day, imagine how much a really great Spiderman film would take at the BO. I mean ASM2 had crap reviews and a bad rap from the fans yet still took 700 million dollars. Spidey is one of the Big 3 comic book heroes along with Batman and Superman and its about time Spiderman fans had a Spiderman equivalent of Dark Knight Returns, or Cap America Winter Solider.... Having said that, you could argue that since Superman 1 and 2, Supes has had lousy films as well, so its not just Spidey who has suffered from films that have failed to be universally popular!

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Actually good points....BO takings took a jump after Iron Man and the Avengers. The popular X Men films took no more than 450 million for the Last Stand Film and Hulk was less than 300 million, so I guess Batman Begins took what was average takings for the mid 2000s. Our expectations have changed dramatically since then, such that Amazing Spiderman 2 is considered a bit of a flop at 714 million takings!!

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So when is the Joker popping up I wonder?

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Bit annoyed by a Captain Marvel movie....the real Captain Marvel is over at DC!! Billy Batson!! Wonder if Black Panther can really hold a movie on his own. Guess they will make it a bit Batman-esque!

No,it's gonna be Carol......and i'm a HUGE Carol fan,but clearly i love her "Ms.Marvel" version more.

Don't know much about carol danvers, but I was making the point that to long standing comic book fans, Captain Marvel is the big cheese...the guy known now as Shazam.

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I guess Batman would be pretty untouchable with Flash's speed and all his gizmos...

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Just ignore him, (edgejohn) he is a DC troll. Out of curiosity I took a look at his recent posts and all of them Marvel rules, DC sucks, type of thing.

Back on subject, yeah its great to get films announced and I appreciate Marvel Studios is well set up and established, but WB just seem to be taking an awful long time. Marvel haven't even announced who is playing Dr Strange yet (probably benedict cumberbatch) but the film is slated for 2016 release. WB don't have anything before 2017 other than Batman vs Superman.....I guess DC fans just need to be patient a few years longer.

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Actually, I should have stuck with Spiderman 2099....good point!

Alternatively just switch over to Ultimate Spiderman Miles Morales...but it aint Peter Parker, is it!

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...Spiderman has an image of being more "child friendly/focused" than most CB characters and I often get mixed reactions from people who find out that I, as a middle aged married bloke with 2 kids, read Spiderman comics, whereas, perhaps with batman it wouldn't be quite the same reaction, because he is seen as a darker, more adult character. Do you think you see yourself reading Spiderman in your 60s, or 70s?