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Hey Tony!! Off my mind: why could marvel have release cap' on the fourth, it's the prefect date for that movie.

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“Hello, ladies, look at Iron Man, now back to me, now back at Iron Man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using power armor and switched to Old Spice, he could fight like he’s me."

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You make good talk, and I think most people didn't have the "4" in the suit though.

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Don't forget these guys:    

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@Journey Into Chaos:  riiight and I should take Just Beaver out of the shark tank in my basement NOT HAPPENING, jk I love wolvie but, I still want to show my creativity.
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Here's my plan, calls for Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, and Back Panther:
1.) Hulk come in and fight Wolverine, this makes a great distraction for Reed and Panth to sneak close to him for obvious reasons.
2.) Hulk would eventually be able to hold Wolvie down for a few seconds so Reed can sneak by with his powers and inject some self-made formula to suppress his healing powers, Bruce Banner could have even helped to make it b4 the fight and both of them do have experience suppressing powers (The Thing and Hulk, Duh!) .
3.) Finally, Black Panther comes in and uses his  Vibranium to cut through his Adamantium skull allowing the three of them to mess up his brain (along with any other organs they see fit) and, BOOM he's dead.
Chances of success: Good, overall it depends on if Vib. can cut through Adam., witch I think it could depending on how refined and sharp it is, witch The Panther will take into acount and prepare his metal if necessary, and it depends on if Reed and Bruce and suppress his healing factor witch is more than likely seeing as they've had alot of experience in the field. So it would defiantly work, it would just take alot of preparation though and if the Vibranium can't cut it, reed could slip though his skull, he's done stuff like that b4.

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Yo G-man, I understand why you've chosen super intellect sure, it may have great advantages but, it has one major drawback, your personal life, How many times has Mr.Fantastic's became a total dick or have you heard stuff like, "my intellect is not a blessing, it's a curse", I would go with Physic, even in it's more simple forms you should able able to make your self levitate, create instant force fiends and beams, and move anything you can put your mind to, LITERALLY!!!

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The plane was also in the trailer, hear me out the plane may not seem like much but, in actuality it seems alot like a stealth that the NAZIS were working on but, the war ended b4 more than a couple of planes could be made and they were never used. Think about though the NAZIS having a stealth bomber could have changed the tide of I war and i bet it will play a pivotal point in the move. This really deserves worth mentioning.

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 In the picture: does anyone notice the bat-nipples? 

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He may have got some of the bugs down by looking at what other leading scientists (like Mr. Fantastic or more likely Dr.Banner) and the may have even helped him.