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SpOck, and only SpOck. Why? While Goblin has his powers and the capability of flight Red himself has Death Spores, "The death spores result in the weakness or death of humans in his immediate vicinity. The severity of the effect is based on the endurance, health, and relative proximity of the victims. The spores are fatal to ordinary humans within seconds, though some superhumanly powered beings can withstand exposure to them for extended periods of time" (thanks Wiki) while his other powers include "superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes" (Wiki). This alone leaves Ol' Goblin out of commission. The next thing is SpOck. Smart and lethal. SpOck will be able to use the brute force of both characters, Red and Wolverine, against them not and not going toe to toe "all out brawl" with the two of them. SpOck has his Spider eyes and he could care less if Goblin dies, it is really just one less thing for him to do himself.

Again-SpOck for the win Folks!

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I would use it to do some of the best and worst things possible. I would use my powers to first and foremost to become a tad bit more successful in the financial aspect of my life. It is then I would create a team of people who would help myself to "clean the streets" but more under the radar. My money would go to help make sure that I would be able to help those around the world who need aid as well as make sure that I stayed in the shadows. I would use my powers to control those around me who I see as retarding the growth of their people because of political gain. I would re-write laws that made more sense for all of the united states and help those in other countries to try and live a life where fear of death is fear of old age, not a stray bullet. After laws are written and passed then the world will be able to run itself along with having my own group of people who are making sure those laws are followed-they will not be laws like "Do not j-walk or you will serve jail time" but laws that dealt with health care ad schooling and education that are fair and balanced but are able to offer different opinions to have a say and discuss the problem without having a shouting match. It all sounds very utopian but it would take years and years to have the plan come to complete fruition.

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I think why not. There was soo much speculation around Ledger being the Joker and look how that turned out. The idea is better than most-there were all of the men dressed as Batman in the second one meaning there is a thing that happens to be going around Gotham. I think it would be interesting to see how they use a man who has had no extensive background in martial arts training to take on the villains. I do not think it should be given to Robin but the movie should show that he has to have earned it, that he is worthy to protect Gotham. If anything it is like a version of Batman Beyond where Bruce voluntarily gave it up instead of continuing all of those years. If Nolan is attached let hem do it. He has yet to disappoint in his movies, for the most part, and I am willing to see what he does.

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Captain America should have stayed dead-they showed the body and made a point to show it. After they brought him back I have not read a captain title

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I am just wondering about the car crash that Bruce is in with Martha. If Bruce is three or four then how is it that he does not really remember the accident? I love what has been going on and it is a great read, I love it when things start to make sense and people are pulling out the tiny little secrets from past issues, but I would think that something like a car crash would still be in the mind of Bruce. Bruce remembered to grab the shell casings from his parents murder but he can not remember the car crash? It is not as if the trauma was so great as to cause Bruce to not remember it, if that was the case then he would have blocked out his parents deaths.

I cannot wait to see what comes in the future batman issues of the entire family, and it is great to see more things dealing with batman beyond which I have missed recently and hope that it comes back with a vengeance!