X-Men Anime 2011 (Spoilers)

All this was in Japanese with no subtitles so I don't understand anything, so these are just opinions of whats going on in the show... and a lot of guess work!  Very sloppy and rushed.  But for those who want to get some type of idea of whats going on, hopefully this will be helpful :)

 X-Men Anime 2011 - Broken Family

Episode 1 - The Return 
The show opens with what looks like to be a flashback of a battle between the X-Men (Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, and Professor X on Cerebro) with Jean Grey who is currently in Dark Phoenix form.  My guess is that Jean was being controlled by the Hellfire Club, because there was a group of onlookers that somewhat could resemble them, plus there was a psychic entity that was with Jean and Scott during their brief moment on the astral plane.

X-Men Anime 2011 - Phoenix Being Controlled?

  X-Men Anime 2011 - Phoenix being Controlled by Emma...?

 X-Men Anime 2011 -  Mysterious Group Possibly Hellfire Club

 X-Men Anime 2011 -  Mysterious Figures Possibly Hellfire Club?

So while Scott manages to reach Jean briefly, another force intervenes and breaks them apart (looks like Emma's astral projection form of some sort?)  Once the psychic connection between Scott and Jean are broken, Jean just explodes.
Some time pass by and Professor X senses danger towards a new mutant, Armor.   Storm is on a cruise, Beast is teaching, etc etc.  What I found curious is that the humans were pretty fond of the mutants!   That's a big difference than what I normally expect...for instance, everyone applauded Storm after she froze a pirate ship that wanted to raid the cruise ship she was on, you would think they would throw stuff at her and make her fly off or something.  Anyways, the Professor manages to get through to Storm, Beast and Wolverine, but Cyclops isn't too willing to rejoin the group just yet...  Wolverine and Storm are sent to track him and try to get him back on the team.  Wolverine and Cyclops have some duel of sorts i guess to try to convince him to return...either way, he does... and the episode ends with the team in uniform ready to save Armor... lol

VMA highlights - Born This Way

The best part of this award show was of course Lady Gaga sweeping an amazing 8 awards!  Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, Best Dance Video, Best Collaboration, Best Direction, Best Choreography, Best Editing, and last but not least, Video of the Year!!!  And another noteworthy news is that Lady Gaga's HIGHLY anticipated upcoming 2011 album will be named "Born This Way"!!!  Very excited for that, this woman is a machine!!!
The show as a whole was pretty dull, the best part aside from the actually winner announcements were Chelsea's opening number where the girl dancer freaked out that the dove landed on her leg, hurray for live television! 
The best performance was Eminem and surprise guest Rihanna.  But I wished it was more than what it was, but unfortunately Eminem did have to leave to go back to business as usual.  He couldn't even stay to accept his awards (2 wins, Best Hip Hop Video and Best Male Video).


2010 MTV VMA's

Being the Gaga fan that i am, I'm definitely gonna watch and root for her to win!  Here are my predictions(yeah im probably a little biased lol): 
Video of the Year 
Lady Gaga - Telephone 

Best Male Video
B.o.B. - Airplanes 
Best Female Video 
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance 
Best New Artist 
Ke$ha - Tik Tok  
Best Pop Video 
Katy Perry - California Girls 
Best Rock Video 
Paramore - Ignorance 
Best Hip-Hop Video 
Eminem - Not Afraid 
Best Dance Video 
Enrique Iglesias - I Like It 
Best Collaboration 
Lady Gaga - Telephone  
Breakthrough Video 
Coldplay - Strawberry Swing
Best Direction in a Video 
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance 
Best Choreography in a Video 
Lady Gaga - Telephone 
Best Special Effects in a Video 
Eminem - Not Afraid 
Best Art Direction in a Video 
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance 
Best Editing in a Video 
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance 
Best Cinemoatography in a Video 
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance 
Tr3s Latino Artist of the Year 


4th Generation Ipod Itouch

ARGH!  I knew I shouldn't have bought my Ipod Itouch when they had a sale on it...they came out with a new one a few months after! #$#%$&!  They always do that and I should've known better!  I really want the new itouch since it has that picture chat thing and better gaming... plus its new! NEWWWW lol
Ill probably wait till my birthday comes around before i get it, i wanted to engrave it with "I'm a free bitch" but apparently thats obscene and inappropriate.... well whatever, another blog count down lol

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Live Show

I missed about half of the show, but from what I saw and what im seeing, its pretty neat!  I don't have accounts on some of the other site, but its nice to meet the whole crew and everyone associated with Whiskey Media and what not...
The trivia part can get hectic, but its fun, FREE PRIZES! lol

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Success! I got my Organic Chem Book and Solutions Manual!

I was really shocked that it came in so fast!!!  Considering it was free shipping, I actually paid 180 for both books and it was free shipping, when I checked the label, I saw that the shipping cost for the books was a hefty 24 dollars, so technically my books were 156....very good deal considering the school is charging 130 for HALF the book and no solutions manual lol they actually cut the book in half for students who are only taking Organic Chemistry one (first half of the book) and students who are taking organic chemistry 2 (the rest of the book).  I'm gonna need both classes, so the full edition was good and cheaper :)   well...not that much cheaper, books are still way too expensive! 
Now I'm just waiting for my Lady Gaga merchandise lol I ordered a Lady Gaga USB and her hardcover picture book...which was also overly priced, but anything for the gaga lol i also got a rubber wristband with the line "I'm a free b!tch" on it lololol as perks for ordering over a certain amount, they're giving me a free 2010 calender (how greatful considering the year is almost up and they released a new 2011 calender already lol and a free Rock the vote flyer...assuming for her VMA nominations, which i did vote for her and I shall watch this ...Sunday....i believe... hmm
getting mail is awesome lol

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Did my twitter get hacked? lol

I don't use twitter or know anything about it but apparently my twitter posted an update on there without me knowing about it and it showed up on ComicVine.  I don't really care if my twitter got hacked, but I don't want to get in trouble for spamming twitter crap lol


My Labor Day...

Another shameless reason to give me blog counts for quest lmao
Well I got some good rest finally after a very tiresome first week at school, pretty much hit the books after that, tomorrow is my first Physics quiz, which should be easy since we only covered kinematics so far and that's pretty basic if you know the basic relationships acceleration is change in velocity over change in time.... and that velocity is delta x over delta t and that delta x/t is always the final minus initial ... if you know the basic relationships then you can use that to figure out the more complicated ones which there is a formula sheet for ...hurrah! lol  organic chemistry is gonna be a drag though, man the teacher is boring...but gotta do well so gonna get back to the studies, my holiday weekend is up SIGH

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