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There was a marathon of all 3 of the Captain America movies before the new one came out a while ago on SyFy. The '79 films were so slow paced and the plots were ridiculous. The only redeeming factor was that Christopher Lee was in the second one. This '90s Cap was more accurate and entertaining, but it's still a poor effort.

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I am a major X-Men fan and could look past all of the differences from the comics. This movie entertained me so much more than X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (shameful film). My family members who went with me also enjoyed themselves, and they are not as well versed with the comic book lore as I am. G-Man mentions how this film doesn't feel like a comic book movie and I believe that is exactly why it has the potential to appeal to so many more people. It feels more like a movie about people who happen to have powers and are trying to prevent an international conflict than an X-Men movie (and that's not a bad thing here). 
Erik the Nazi hunter was ultimate awesomeness. I loved the Switzerland and Argentina scenes (what he did with that knife was sweet). Kevin Bacon made me laugh so hard every time he was on screen, especially his German (good effort Mr. Bacon because it was better than my German). His villainy was fantastic. Also, I feel bad for poor January Jones as Emma Frost because she's getting some serious hate. Honestly, she did all she needed to do for that role and I was cool with that. The only thing about her that I felt was questionable was when

Everyone else was acceptable as well. Banshee's power was made less tacky (didn't know that was possible) and Beast was a straight up super-nerd (I didn't know what he was talking about half the time). I'm thinking back now and recall that Mystique never had a fight scene which, considering how active she was in the other movies, surprised me. I guess she made up for lack of action with more dialogue though. Xavier was cool too but he was definitely no Erik. The only character I felt was really unnecessary was Angel. She didn't add anything for me and every time she started flying I was having flashbacks to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for some reason. I should have guessed they made Darwin black for a reason but it is funny that,
The action and drama were mixed very well, and so much stuff was going on but it all flowed together nicely. Did it follow a particular story arc from the comics? No. Was it completely accurate to the comics? Again, no. But if I wanted to see pure comic book accuracy then I would have just pulled out a comic and read that. As long as the changes that are made work and don't kill the movie (like in the shameful movie mentioned above), I don't see a problem. This movie is even better than X-Men (the first one) in my opinion because that film is actually pretty weak when I watched it for about the 100th time, especially in comparison to this one. Good job rebounding this franchise I say. I give it a 4/5 for now (may change following multiple viewings). 
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1. Avatar - the last airbender: One of my favorite animated shows, including all the anime I've seen. It's just so awesome. The humor, the action, the characters...everything about this show is fantastic.
2. Star Wars : Love the adventures through space and the fights. There's just so much that goes on in this series that's interesting. Battlefront made me hate Jawas though.
3. Dragonball-Z, GT: Only saw one episode of GT but Z will always be my favorite in the franchise. There were so many delayed fights, deaths and resurrections, and alien encounters that make Dragonball-Z so great. The Saiyan through Freiza Sagas are my favorite.
4. Bleach : A shounen show that I can actually sit through. It's very fun to watch the anime and the story is decent enough.
5. Naruto: Unlike Bleach, this is a shounen show that I don't like. I dislike this show, but I know so much about it and the characters that it's sad. I just can't be convinced that Naruto is a legit ninja in that bright orange jumpsuit. The only thing I enjoy from this show are the encounters with the Akatsuki. I'm glad Konoha is destroyed too and hopefully more characters die, preferably Naruto. See? I know too much.

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Hello people of comicvine. I have been on this site for some months now but this is my first post on the forums. So, my favorite comics are anything X-Men related and my favorite characters right now are X-23, Gambit, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler. I am reading back issues right now of the first X-Men series and keep up on the new stuff through this wonderful site. Comicvine is my go to place now (along with wikipedia) for comic book information. I am from California where the sun's always shining, and I go to school in search of a degree for something (last year approaching...yes!).