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Anyone have any idea? It mentioned he was a Colonel. And what are the Thirteen?

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@JohnnyGat: the time really is messed up. Because that means B&R and RHATO were in synce for Night of the Owls but now one is ahead of the other.

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I mentioned this in another thread, but it doesn't really make sense that Jason came to help against Terminus. He wasn't a big threat like the Talons were, and how did Jason even know to come? Plus, I'm pretty sure he's in space with Kori isn't he?

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@Fantasgasmic said:

That's not the sound of heads exploding, it's the sound of people putting their wallets away. If you want to alter Tim's Robin continuity, I think it would be better to say that Bruce had previously tried to make sure people couldn't tell when there was a new Robin (Dick and Jason had worn the same costume, go with the old "Jason dyed his red hair black" thing) to ensure that "Batman and Robin can never die" kinda mindset in criminals. To that end, when Tim debuted wearing his all red costume, TIM thought of himself as "Robin" but other people (heroes, villains, the media, whatever) referred to him as "the new, RED Robin" and that THAT is the origin of the name. Because otherwise it's a kinda stupid, non-threatening name, and there's already a precedence of heroes with the name Robin.

This makes a lot of sense. He's still Robin, but wants to be a little original so gets a new suit. The rest of the world still recognises him as Robin but sees he's different to the previous two - although everyone would think there was only one - so they call him Red.

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: so even though it's on the cover he doesn't know Alfred's connected to Batman?

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I don't think he gave a reason but I'm guessing it'd be a keep all Robin looking the same thing. Like a uniform.

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It was mentioned just before Flashpoint that he was a rang a but Bruce made him die it.

Red Head and the Red Laws? They could get Red Robin, Red Star and the Red Lantern Corps to guest star. And they should all be in Russia!!!!!

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He's said a few times in the DCnU that he resents Bruce and doesn't like being around him. He's still pissed he didn't do anything to the Joker for killing him.

Its possible he just randomly turned up but his focus isn't really on justice - its sort of on his needs and avenging his trainers.

Plus the main thing - he's in space at the moment!!

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I know they died but maybe in a flashback or something? Or we all know that in comics being dead means next to nothing. Maybe they could be cloned and used against another kid team like the Titans. I just think the Harm Armory was a cool idea they left under developed.

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I would love to see one with Goku VS Supes! But that was Awesome!