One Page Script - Invincible

Premise:   The Guardians of the Globe has been battling their latest threat, The Grey Sun.   He seems nigh invulnerable to all of their attacks.   However, his costume is not.   The Grey Sun’s mask has just been torn off.


1.   The Guardians of the Globe (Brit, Outrun, Kaboomerang, Yeti and Bulletproof) and Atom Eve stand looking on, all in shock.   Atom Eve is at the forefront of the group, looking the most surprised of them all.


His mask is off.  



No it can’t be!


2. A confident, more muscular Mark Grayson stands triumphant.   There a few scratches to his face, however nothing which indicates that the Guardian’s attacks has had any effect on him.   Mark looks down at his opponents and former friends.   His stern face and cocky smirk tells us this is not the same person they once knew.





I have transcended ‘Mark’.   I am the day before your darkest night.   I am The Grey Sun.   I am-


VOICE (off panel)

A horrible pun.


3.   The Grey Sun is knocked back by a heavy punch thrown by Invincible.   Mark Grayson Invincible.  



4.   Mark Grayson/Invincible   stands in a very similar pose to that which The Grey Sun was standing, but   is facing the opposite way.   A mirror image, with Invincible’s blue and yellow of his costume a sharp contrast to The Grey Sun’s bleak and dark.


So.   Clone?   Robot?   Alternate version?   What exactly are you, Grey Pun?


5.   A side view of Invincible looking forward in shock as The Grey Sun punches a hole right through his stomach.   His bloody fist visibly protruding through Invincible’s back.

Your better.

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I'd buy it.