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@iaconpoint said:

Looks great, but never been a fighting game fan. Is this supposed to be set in the Arkham games universe? And Tara Strong is awesome!

No, it's set in the Injustice Universe. They just used the Scarecrow model from the Arkham games.

Check out the AWESOME Injustice comics on comixology

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Only if he's a mass Gungan killer.

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I liked the bleakness of it actually. I cant wait to see the alternate ending too.

I like the idea of fleshing out Maria Hill with this and showing that Nick Fury was taking flack for the invasion. He did disregard "the council's" decisions and this does push for Fury to possibly loosing his position to Hill...that is, whatever Fury does in SHIELD. The invasion was quite the Pyrrhic victory for New York.


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New theme song tho

"We will fight as one, until the battles won, one times one is one, forever fight as one!"

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@Manwhohaseverything: I was referring to your misinformation on the Marvel movies and your bashing of Marvel in general by saying that "DC still has better comic writers"

Not really as big a deal as you're making it and the information is easily accessible. Marvel Filmslists all the movies, production studios, and distributors.


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Hulk can do all things with rage.

And there's no 'magic' in the marvel cinematic universe. Just super advanced tech indistinguishable from magic.

And the hammer is heavy, it was forged in the heart of a dying star. It has IMMENSE weight for its small size.

Also, the "enchantment" that Odin put on Mjölnir was "whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Hulk wouldn't get the powers of Thor because he's not worthy, there's nothing about it being impossible to lift tho.

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Like others have said, Thor was holding back while fighting Hulk.

I think Mjölnir is trump in this situation, seeing that Hulk could not lift it. Thor could pin down Hulk with Mjölnir's weight as he did against Loki at the end of Thor.

I could see Hulk become SO enraged by being pinned down with the hammer that he'd manage the strength to get it off.

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@Manwhohaseverything: Not trying to be an ass but get your facts straight before bashing something.

Gambit1024 has a GREAT list. As does BB. My take is to just dive in to the list and extend from there. You'll find that you'll gravitate to particular writers maybe even more so than to characters.

So once you start digging someone's writing or art, it's a good bet that their other work will interest you as well.

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Anyone else falling in love with Mercy_??

I do feel the movie could work considering Marvel Studios has done a fantastic job with the cinematic universe but I do not feel they would realistically pursue a solo Black Widow film. My guess is that they would not trust a superhero movie with a female lead to do as well as their other recent ventures. I think they'd feel cautious when any exec brought up other female superhero movies like Elektra and Catwoman. (because those movies BOMBED)

Here's to hoping..

Real talk tho - She'll probably be a main focus for the Nick Fury Solo film

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