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I read the issue a couple times today. It seemed like both themes of predeterminism and choice were shown in this story.

My take is that Doctor Manhattan has not yet come to fully understand what he is. (This was the question of the book) He is not yet at the point of the character that we hear from while on Mars in WATCHMEN.

It was shown in the source material that Doc didn't know his full potential right when he became. He was "being shaped into some gaudy" by the government, his abilities, along with his perception of himself were still evolving. I think it's is entirely likely that Doc is still growing and learning.

This story is supposed to make you question what Doc can and can't do because Doc, himself, doesn't know yet.

Like if he can see the past and future at the same time, why doesn't he do something about it.

That's my take there Babs. We'll get answers in #2

Tough, I didn't like how they showed Doc visiting his father on his deathbed and trying to tell him he was actually Jon.