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Why hire writers if the editors would limit what they can write? Why not write the comic themselves? DC is acting shi**y all over again.

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  • Combatants are in character.
    I seriously think that Cyke would not resort to unleashing his FULL optic blast on someone he doesn't know. So, i think this argument is invalid. Same goes with batman, he will not rush in to fight cyke without knowledge about him. So, what they'll do is try to gauge each others ability. They're both tacticians not straight up brutes.
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20 to 1 the speed force killer turns out to be Wally who has probably been driven insane by the reality shift that caused the new 52. He is just as connected to the speed force as Barry is and he was effectively erased from existence so maybe he just camped out in the speed force while the old universe along with Wally's kids were destroyed thus messing with his head and sending him on a quest for vengeance. I will be mad if Wally is brought back as a villain but it'd kind of make sense.

Well, it's not wally.

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Valiant is the world's greatest comic book company now?

let's see, maybe it's marvel or DC cause it's spelled as V-A-L-I-A-N-T? That's only a marketing strategy, don't take it seriously.

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is there any angels in the Marvel U? Angela's gonna be lonely there...

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this is stupid...uggh! Another reason to hate marvel!

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Iron Man flies in the air and takes him down with literally no effort

fanboy, haha!

yeah me and fanboyism for a character i dislike...i'm being logical how do you explain Aquaman hitting Iron man while in the air?? Oh and next time you call someone a fanboy i feel that maybe some evidence would help, you know, instead of accusing a guy with a decent explanation.

and where is your decent explanation on your comment? I can't seem to find one, can you help me? haha! And let me ask you the same question? How do you explain IM hitting aquaman at the very bottom of the ocean??

Ok then while Iron Man flies around in the air Aquaman hides in the ocean??? Seems legit, i guess we might as well call it a stalemate then. For someone criticising my comment i haven't seen any input from you? How do you think Aquaman hits Tony, a guy who can fly at mach 9?

Speaking of logic, do you think aquaman will take the fight outside the water if he knows that he can't take a flying IM? Same goes with IM, why would he dive underwater if he knows he can't take on Aquaman underwater?? This fight could go both ways since both are bloodlusted. Aquaman may win, Iron Man may win, or a stalemate just like what you've told.

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@argusx: oh right, i forgot about that, well maybe they can just create a new one, haha! thanks for reminding :)

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@xeon1cs: Sorry, "top-tier superheroes and villains".

About his flight, Aquaman could either leap from off the ground and try to strike him with his trident, or fall back to his domain and summon water to lure IM down. After AQ has done just that, he'll capture IM in a mess of waves and whirlpools making him very out of place and dizzy, eventually yielding his ability to fly up into the air and sending him down to the ocean floor. Aquaman has full advantage after this and will end IM, especially in bloodlusted. First, he'll cast IM down to the ocean depths to test out how durable his iron suit is, and if his helmet comes off IM is completely finished after having 10 tons of weight come pressuring on top on him and exploding his insides. If this doesn't work out and his new armored suit is updated with new underwater features, AQ can crush him with hard water constructs, summon sharks and the largest beings of the sea to devour IM and rip his suit apart, and even make his suit malfunction with his telepathic power although his capabilities has yet to be determined.

When did the new Aquaman display water manipulation?

well, orm told Arthur in JL # 16 that the "crown" controls water/ocean. Since, aquaman has the crown now, let's suppose that he can also control the ocean now.