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I only started seriously getting into comics about 10 years ago and having been brought up by the '90s animated series of Spider-man, X-Men etc. I considered myself a Marvel fan, feeling as though I needed to have an allegiance to ONE publisher, I've since realized that's malarkey and just a bullshit way of reading comics (shit, these days I get less Marvel titles than any other I think, and my FAVORITE titles have come from Vertigo). I initially started with Kevin Smith's Daredevil and Green Arrow runs respectively (incredible stories to start off with, and characters I hold dear to my heart to this day) and have since spread out to other publishers following creators such as Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Eric Powell, Mike Allred, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, James Robinson, Brian K. Vaughn, Robert Kirkman, Frank Miller just to name a few. Right now I'm enjoying Mark Waid's Daredevil run a whole lot, it's doing a great job of paying respect to a character that truly deserves it, I've been keeping up with The Walking Dead since the third trade first came out and have had to get it monthly ever since, that book never disappoints; and Scott Snyder's Batman is just some damned good Batman. Thats me in a nutshell. You know, when it comes to comics.