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Loved the art, hated the story as a whole. I never felt the sense of time going by and that to me was one of the biggest weaknesses of the series looking back on it now. Like others have said these heroes have been through worse situations that should had "broken" them. No way should being trapped on an Island for thirty days should have caused everyone to "break" so easily when they all have been in deadlier situations.

As for the patch our heroes made, was I the only one who felt their was no real purpose to it. Especially when we see Arcade uploading what happened on the island to youtube of all things.

Overall as much as I love the young heroes of Marvel. If this is the direction Marvel is going for, I'm going to have to catch these heroes somewhere else. It's a shame since Young Avengers last issue will be in January and Avengers Undercover will be my only source to get these sort of stories. Oh well voting with my dollar so hopefully Marvel will notice.

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I always wondered how a series would do if it went to digital when its scheduled to be cancelled in print form. It looks like I finally got my wish, I'm looking forward to picking up the series digitally.

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I'm going through the same phase. I started reading comics weekly when the New 52 started and Marvel NOW began but I'm starting to feel a bit tired of their formula story telling and events not having an everlasting effect like I believe they should. I've branched out to IDW, Image, and now Valiant comics and I've really enjoyed a lot of what I've been reading from them. I've also become a trade reader now since I'm tired of double dipping. Really great article Mat.

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An 18 part story...yeah I'm going to pick that up in trade. With that said I'm looking forward to J.M DeMatteis taking over the book.

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My pick of the week. Like others I can't believe it's been eight months since I've started reading this series. I believe I'm in the minority when I say I really enjoy a younger Ollie and with the current story line going on. I don't know if you could get away with this story being centered around an older and much more experienced Oliver Queen. This book has been my favorite DC Comics title and it makes me proud to be a Green Arrow fan.

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I was glad to see certain characters reappear again. In terms of Mikey and Donnies story of course. TMMT has once again been a book I look forward to each and every month. Probably my pick of the week.

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I think I'll sit this event out. I'm event fatigued but go Infinity, I hope it not only sells well but it's good as well.

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Favorite issue by far, I can't wait for City Fall to conclude.

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Finally picked this issue up and man it was fantastic. I can proudly say this will be my first series I have picked up all the single issues for. Such a shame that this is ending. Hopefully Journey Into Mystery will come back one day.

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@cafeterialoca said:

I have a really bad feeling that they just killed Mockingbird.

And I'm depressed about it!

I never thought of that possibility but now it makes sense. I hope it's not true though, I really want to see Mockkingbird in action.

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