Being a Digital Reader

It's been a interesting journey being a digital only reader. I just started to get into comics thanks to DC Comics New 52 a year ago but that's another blog post. I know people believe digital readers are killing the comic book stores but I don't think that's true. I think digital readers could possibly save a book but I'll go into detail about my thoughts about that later on in the post. I purchase all of my comics on Comixology and the weird thing about that is I'm paying the exact same price I would be paying for a physical copy which feels a bit unfair. I'm not getting any sort of digital codes that are being packed into an issue. So why am I paying so much when all I'm doing is paying to download a file for my Kindle Fire or to view it on my laptop?

Minus that con of course, being a digital reader has been fun. Getting in on the deals of the day on Comixology has gotten me to step out of the big two being Marvel and DC Comics and I've started to read stuff from Image, IDW, Boom Studios, and Vertigo to name a few. What can I say, I can't ignore a $0.99 cent comic. One of best experiences I had being a digital reader is when I was at my college one day and I was reading Earth 2 Issue 4. It was the splash page of The Atom looking down on Alan Scott and Jay Garrick. One guy who I never met came up to me looking at the splash page on the Kindle Fire and looked amazed by it. From that point we just started talking about Earth 2 so far and what we thought could happen.

Also thanks to my digital comic reading. I was able to get one of my friends interested into comics and I have to say I like that feeling of getting someone into something I like in general. They plan on reading Spider-Men as a jumping on point before they start reading Miles Morales quest in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. So I can say with my year of digital reading. I have had more positive experiences than bad.

To wrap up this first blog post. I believe that digital readers could save a book that's on the chop and block. I mean Comixology has just hit 100,000,000 downloads which is a huge achievement in it's own right. That should be proof that people are not only reading comics but are willing to pay the price for them digitally. I do wish that Diamond or Comixology would release their digital sales so that we can have a better view of how the digital market is performing. If Comixology's 100,000,000 is any indication then I think we are in good shape so far but that's just me, a digital only reader giving their two cents.

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Good blog. I mainly read digitally myself apart from some issues that I just have to own on paper. after a 10 year break from reading comics it was digital downloads that got me back into it again and I couldn't be more glad. Plus I do most of my reading on the train to and from work (about a 1 hour journey) and it's much easier to read on my phone or tablet then holding an actual book open. Also it's MUCH easier to get screenshots then having to scan a page!

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I mostly buy the First issue of any comic book series and buy the Physical copies after it.

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same here, bro

in my childhood i started reading the comicbooks, but is cheaper for me the digital way, because i'm not from USA and import the books is damn expensive! and digital i buy it at the right price

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@Ben3000: There's a difference between saving a book and saving comic book stores.

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I can't go back from digital... but I understand the concern of supporting your local comic shop. I have really enjoyed comiXology (Click here to see the review) , especially going from device to device. I do hope the economics do work out, and its looks like from what data is being releases that digital is not cannibalizing print (yet...)

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Digital is awesome, but I only use it when I can't find a specific comic..but when I can't find a specific comic and I'm broke, I shameless download it.