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Which movie do I think is the best? The Dark Knight, by a square mile.

Which movie did I enjoy seeing the most? Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm a sucker for nostalgic space operas.

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I think so, but I'm not entirely sure. Kryptonians seem to be much more physically powerful, but the sheer amount of hax available to Scion could lead to a win. That and H'el has no way of getting to the real Scion.

Real "Scion" is Warrior who is equal galaxy in size and speak with supernovas. Of course it's not possible (right now) for H'el to beat that. However, he might've able to beat avatar of Warrior, Scion. It is possible to overload Scion, although it takes a lot of effort.

To be honest, what little I know of Scion has come from VS threads. I still haven't gotten around to Worm.

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Scion from what I hear. Hax ftw.

Here some of Scion's feats:

Shattering the United Kingdom of Great Britain in one blow. Then attacking Brockton Bay from the opposite end of the ocean nearly shattering the city completely:

It gathered its power, then aimed at the nearest, largest population center. Kevin Norton’s birthplace.

The golden light speared forth, and the island shattered, folding, parts of it rising from the ocean. Crumpled like paper in a fist.

The entity did not eliminate the smoke or the waves that followed. It simply let the aftermath occur.

The simulated human mind within the entity felt a glimmer of something at that. Pleasure? Relief? Satisfaction?

Something deeper inside, something primal, tied to memories back in the beginning, before the beginning, responded in a very similar fashion.

The entity extended its perceptions outward, felt the reaction, the outcry. It turned words around in its head, as if it were broadcasting to itself.


The entity opened fire once again, and this time it struck out at the coastline on the opposite side of the ocean.


I felt my heart sink as we approached the coast. Mountains I’d grown up with weren’t there. I let the autopilot take over as we got closer, approaching an airspace choked by rescue aircraft.

I didn’t trust my own hands.

It had collapsed. The blast had only struck the northern edge of Brockton Bay, then changed orientation, striking through the bay itself to slice through the very foundation the city sat on. Everything had been dropped a solid thirty or forty feet. Tall buildings had collapsed and only the squatter, sturdier structures and those fortunate enough to come to rest against other buildings were still mostly erect.

His "Stilling" power that closes portals, stops motions, and even blocks the Simurgh's mental manipulations:

Scion held back on shooting again, instead charging himself with power. When he released it, it manifested as a slow radiance, a sphere of light that expanded from him in slow motion. The tear in reality dissipated, and everything the light touched stopped. Shifting clouds went still, objects that were flying through the air ceased moving and simply fell, and the ambient noises of destruction, fire and fighting was replaced by an all-too brief silence. Even the Simurgh’s song, Krouse realized, had momentarily stopped.

The light reached them, swept over them, and he could feel his heart skip a beat. His entire body hummed with the effect of the stillness, as though he were a tuning fork and for just a moment he’d ceased vibrating.

The Simurgh’s movement was slowed in the wake of the light, and Scion took the opportunity to land one well placed shot. She was driven into the ground like a nail from a nailgun, somewhere Krouse couldn’t see.

Tanks a weapons designed to be stronger and more powerful that a weapon made for knocking the Moon out of orbit.

It was more like the zap from a bug zapper than a shot from a gun. There was a distortion, like one saw with a shimmer of heat in the air, and Scion was punched out of the sky, leaving behind a golden streak of light. The path suggested he’d disappeared straight out of the atmosphere.

“Sources corroborating the visual,” Tattletale said. “Direct hit. It worked.”

String Theory pumped her fists in the air.

“What was that?” Vista asked.

“G-driver,” String Theory said. She lowered her fists, then fixed her lab coat and glasses. She turned around and gave us a smug, superior smile.

“Which is?” someone else asked.

“Upgrade of the F-driver.”

“The Firmament Driver,” Defiant explained, over the earbuds. “At the time of her arrest, String Theory was threatening to use her Firmament Driver to knock our moon out of orbit.”

“And we didn’t hear about this because-”

“Morale,” Defiant replied, as if that was explanation enough.

“Would have done a lot for my morale to know we could do that,” Clockblocker said.

“In case anyone was wondering, it’s G-driver for God-driver,” String Theory said. “Obviously.”

“Obviously,” Clockblocker muttered.

“He’s coming back.” Tattletale reported.

No surprise.

But we could hit him.

Dispels a barrage of time-loops

Glaistig Uaine appeared behind him. Three spirits surrounded her.

One to levitate, grant the ability to float. A telekinetic or power granter.

Another to duplicate capes. Duplicating the telekinetic, in part. But more focused on duplicating the third spirit Glaistig Uaine had made.

Gray Boys.

She’d gone through a phase, hunting down some of the scariest capes around, defeating them, claiming them.

This was one.

Scion was trapped in a time well, turning monochrome.

Without any apparent effort, he broke free of the effect, shattering it.

Only to be frozen again.

My swarm was agitated.

Agitated but futile.

Scion started moving in the direction of Glaistig Uaine and her creations, gliding through the air. The effects went up as easily as they were torn down.

I wanted to help. To stop him. I was powerless. A cockroach.

Regenerated from having an explosion of carbon matter in his ear canal:

Eidolon used his matter creation power. As with the Faerie Queen’s monster of steel, this was derived from a SINGLE point, an expanding creation of matter. In this case, however, it was an explosion. Carbon unfolded from a single point. Eidolon chose Scion’s right ear canal as the center point.

The carbon expanded as a sphere, and there was a glimmer of Scion’s reaction as the orb expanded until it was a hundred feet across. A distortion, golden flesh stretching.


The sphere dropped towards the ocean like a comically large cannonball, and Scion advanced. Intact, unhurt.

Wasn't bothered by having living distorted space expand in his wounds. Created an aura of light.

Eidolon took on the form of a living field of distorted space. Air ignited on contact with him.

Scion lashed out, and he danced around the edges of the blast, closing the distance to swamp Scion.

There were abrasions where Legend’s finest lasers had cut. He drove his new body into them, expanded.

It was working.

Up until Scion radiated golden light. Nine tenths of Eidolon’s body was destroyed. The remainder was cast out across the sky.

Too far apart to pull himself together.

The Faerie Queen did it instead, using the long-ranged telekinesis, bundling him together.

His senses became a haze as he traveled, indistinct and incorporeal. He found other powers, and he painstakingly rematerialized.

Traversing universes like one would walk:

Thunder clapped.

Scion was gone.

No. Not gone. He had slipped into another Earth, avoiding the affected area as easily as someone might avoid a thrown stone by stepping to the right.

Glaistig Uaine approached Eidolon. She GRANTED him the ability to fly.

He banished one power, felt another come back to him. He fed off two more of the injured capes.

He used the new power to shove himself and Glaistig Uaine into the next reality. He fixed his eyes on Scion, then lashed out, shoving part of the golden man into one reality. Scion reeled, then retaliated.

Glaistig Uaine created an obstruction, the tornado-mass of swirling blades and iron that emerged fast enough to absorb the beam’s impact.

Eidolon slashed with another reality push, and Scion disappeared.

Uses the Path to Victory power (ultimate precog power in Worm, which works by showing what user must do to win. Doesn't tell future, just tells a way to win for sure), allowing him to kill Eidolon with 4 words and a blast of light. Eidolon himself had a lot of precogs powers, but PtV was just more superior precog:

Glaistig Uaine distanced herself from Eidolon, until she was to Scion’s left. Her body was tense, ready for an attack. Eidolon raised his hand, ready to attack.

Had Scion decided on a tactic that would cost him less time than he was losing by taking Eidolon’s repeated attacks?

He had.

Scion spoke for the second time.

Four words, barely audible.

It took time to sink in.

Eidolon let his hand drop to his side.

He turned the sounds around in his head, trying to convince himself of a different configuration, convince himself he had heard wrong.

But he hadn’t. It dawned on Eidolon. He has Contessa’s power.

How many years did it cost Scion to use it?

Not enough, he was convinced. Scion had defeated him.

Scion raised a hand, and Eidolon didn’t move. Glaistig Uaine was fleeing.

Scion fired the lethal blast.

Scion adapts to any damage done to him:

“He adapts,” Tattletale said. “I was saying it on the phone. He just needs a reminder about which passenger we’ve got, and then he adjusts some internal frequency, and he adapts. Anything we can throw at him, he knows how to cancel out.”

Glaistig Uaine changed up. Three spirits.

Eidolon was one of them.

“So we need to beat him with one shot,” I said.

“Not doable,” she said.

“Because we aren’t hurting him,” I spoke my thoughts aloud. We haven’t touched him.

“We’re hurting him,” she said. “Kind of like how people hurt Gavel. He’s… he’s got a defense, not making him invincible, but making him a living portal. So you hurt him, and faster than you can do anything, he just swaps out the damaged material for material from… this bottomless well.”

A well?

I could see Lung finding his feet. As large as Leviathan, four wings, four hands, two digitigrade feet. King of Cup’s power had faded, but regeneration had made up for it. Lung was intact, naked, massive, monstrous and bristling with layers upon layers of silver scales.

He joined the fray, supporting Glaistig Uaine as she took to the air, flying through the crowd to access the wounded and dying.

I could see Eidolon’s shadow briefly take hold of the injured, then toss them aside. Glaistig Uaine, for her part, accessed the dead.

The other two spirits attacked Scion. Here and there, attacks made him react.

But, as Tattletale had said, no attack was as effective on subsequent iterations.

Destroying an entire continent:

The awareness continued to extend. A whole planet. Not perfect, but the civilized world, largely below the equator, had a different attitude, prizing self-sufficiency. The rest of the world was war-torn.

It was in one of the war-torn regions that it first appeared. A streak of golden light.

Destruction. Tearing through a region, then a whole continent.

His "Stilling Clap" shown working offensively, one of his most powerful attacks that stops motion, even neural proccesses:

They hadn’t even started when Scion used the real attack. I could see him move through Alexandria’s eyes. Through Pretender’s eyes, rather. Arms flew out to the sides, and then he clapped.

I only managed to shut Alexandria’s portal a fraction of a second before his hands made contact.

One strike of palm against palm, and the shockwave swept past us as if in slow motion, moving past every portal in the area that was still open. It passed through flesh, and it stilled.

It was the same effect he’d used to quiet Leviathan’s waves, the same effect that had frozen floodwaters in their tracks and the same ability that had given him so much presence.

Objects in motion stopped. Portals winked out, warm things plummeted in temperature, cell and neural activity was interrupted. Blood stopped in people’s veins.

Every cape that had been touched by this stillness dropped to the ground, lifeless.

I could feel the horror that was experienced by the bystanders. I knew that, given the choice, most would be running.

But there was no reaction. Each and every one of them was grim, resolute, taking care of their injuries, getting to people who could tend to them or helping others.

Rank and file, a dozen capes with electricity powers entered the area with the capes who’d succumbed to the stillness.

They’d stopped, and an object at rest remained at rest. I just- I needed to get them moving again.

A jolt, the electricity controlled by the capes in question.


Manipulating wavelengths to disrupt molecules to extinguish fire and heat

The city burned, and the entity wielded its power. Controlled wavelengths disrupted the molecules, extinguished each source of heat, inside and out, rendering it a little cooler than the ambient temperature.

Will this be enough for him to win?

I think so, but I'm not entirely sure. Kryptonians seem to be much more physically powerful, but the sheer amount of hax available to Scion could lead to a win. That and H'el has no way of getting to the real Scion.

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Scion from what I hear. Hax ftw.

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Maybe it was the video quality, but Apoc's look and voice are a bit underwhelming to me.

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@reno117 said:

@bee14ish: Proofs for saying that..?

Do you know anything about the Vertigo Lucifer? My response will depend on your answer.

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@reno117 said:

@bee14ish: No no, he's Lucifer and he's in same powerset as he was in Pre-52 The Demon series, where Etrigan chained him up and made him run away from Hell & now Post-flashpoint he's back as a Helllord. Nothing absolutely changed, except than the fact that Lucifer now has the ability of flight, hellfire manipulation and projection powerful instantly turn two guard demons of Hades's castle into ashes. Soo.. now is even stronger. Personally, to me he looks more of a Lucifer and way more badass than before.

No, this is not the same Lucifer, he is not stronger, and certainly isn't more badass. Vertigo's Lucifer would eat this punk alive.