Black Female Superheroes Volume 5!!!

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Onyx is a DC Comics character and ally of Batman. She resides in Gotham City. She was a bad guy at first, a member of the League of Assassins, but reformed and became a vigilante. She's highly trained in martial arts and like Batman, has no real powers. She briefly worked with Wonder Woman.


Patha first appeared in DC's New Titans in 1991. She is physically cat-like has super speed, agility, strength, and reflexes as well as heightened senses of hearing, smell and sight + night vision. She also has retractable claws on her hands and feet that are powerful enough to slice through steel.

Shondra Kinsolving

Shondra Kinsolving is Batman's therapist. She has the ability to heal metaphysically, is psychic, and can also use her powers to kill when in the presence of other powerful metahumans.


Prometha is a character created by Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and J.H. Williams III. The book series has been criticized for being little more than a medium for Alan Moores marginalized religious beliefs. Read more HERE.


Bling is a Marvel character, student at Xavier's academy for mutants, and member of the X-Men. She's bisexual and her parents are rappers. She has the ability to shoot diamond shards out of her skin at rapid speeds to use as weapons. The density of her skin also makes her imprevious to most attacks. She's Gambit's protege.


Debrii first appeared in Marvel's New Warriors. She has the ability to move objects around her through telekenitic magnetism. She can move things one at a time or create a cyclone-like mass of debris around herself to defend from attacks.

Heather Hudson

Heather Hudson first appeared in Marvel's Exiles. She is a scientic genius and rehabilitated Wolverine. The two fell in love and were married (who knew???). She also has the ability to turn into a Sasquatch when neccessary - when not in this form, she has not superhuman strength or speed.


Isis is a Marvel character based loosely on the Egyptian myth of Isis. She has superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. Isis possesses vast control over control over elemental forces, including the ability to raise the dead. She also has extensive knowledge of Egyptian magical lore.


Numinus looks a bit like Whoopi Goldberg, no???? (lol) In all seriousness, she's a Marvel character that first appeared in Power Pack in 1989. Numinus is a cosmic entity serving as a universal guiding spirit, a cosmic embodiment of the wonders of the universe. She claims to be the living embodiment of "numinosity", and her purpose is to awaken sentient beings throughout the universe to the wonder of the universe. She searches for beings in desperate situations and brings events to an improbable but awe-inspiring resolution.


Pathway first appeared in Marvel's Alpha Flight. Her name is Laura Dean and her parents were mutaphobes. She has a twin named Goblyn and grew up autistic.

Venus Dee Milo

Venus Dee Milo is a Marvel character that first appeared in X-Force in 2001. She has no arms, like the Greek Statue she is named for, Venus de Milo. She discovered her powers during an argument with her parents as a young adult, causing an explosion that destroyed her grandmother's home. She fled depressed and joined the X-Force. Venus is made of pure energy, without the containment suit, made for her by Professor X, she wouldn't have a physical form. She can transport herself from place to place and use her energy as a weapon and to heal herself and others.


This is unrelated, but I used to LOVE Animorphs as a kid and Cassie was one of my favorite characters. She's an empath and can sense the feelings, intentions, and motivations of others before they can themselves. She can also morph into many animals - including a wolf. Her parents are veteranarians and Cassie is a vegetarian and environmentalist.

That's it for THIS volume, but there are AT LEAST 3 more volumes coming up - and the list keeps growing! More Black Female Superheroines on the way!!!
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keep it up love reading about black comic book charaters

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keep up the good work.

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Good read as always.

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WBT mixed race characters e.g. Jakita Wagner she's half black and white

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Isis isnt black  uve got pics of two different versions of her and pantha is hispanic not black
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Now only if we could get more black females to buy comics inorder to support these black female super heroes.  

Original Woman - has the same powers as Super Girl.
Krystalin - capable of extracting minerals from the atmosphere to form hard crystalline objects of various sizes.

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My favorite black female character is probably Amanda Waller. I know she isnt a hero or villian technically, but she's always one step ahead of everyone. As smart as Lex or Batman, but very underappreciated.
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wow! what a great list. good work.