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@sinestro2828: Hey Sinrstro2828 long time no see. Yeah I don't like this whole reboot so I stopped reading everything. I mean that whole storyline with Starfire meeting up with Blackfire again didn't make any sense and was pointless. DC Comics is basically destroying my favorite and along with others like Dick Grayson no longer Nightwing, Barbara Gorden no longer Oracle, etc. Also with them not mentioning about the rest of her family I don't think we'll ever find out because she doesn't trust her race anymore or something I don't know it's just terrible.

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@outside_85: Blackfire couldn't fly because of an illness she got when she was a kid making her unable to fly.

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This has been bugging me for a while and I just have to know why Superman loves Lois. I have never liked the pairing in the first place. What is so enchanting about saving a woman who needs to be saved over and over again because she knew the risk. I mean what if she went into a place where she knew she would die and Superman could never save her. One of these days she will get herself killed thinking Superman will always be there to save her. So I want to know your opinion why Superman loves Lois Lane.

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Are you happy with this relationship or do you feel like it should have never happened? I personally can't say about the New 52 version, since I completely dropped it, but I will say I love them as a couple in Kingdom Come. I want to know if you like the pairing or not. And if not then why and who do you think Diana is good with (I'm not gonna talk about Clark because pretty much everybody is going to say Lois Lane.) or if she should stay single and independent.

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@waezi2: They never said anything about it so I actually don't know. All I know is when her and Komand'r were experimented on by the Psions and given their Starbolt powers they need the rays of the sun. The rest of the Tamaraneans need sunlight to fly. Never specified what kind of sun but solar energy.

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@waezi2: I understand how confusing Starfire's race being evolved cats but you gotta remember that was from the '80s. Nowadays people think of her as a slutty princess alien. Thanks New 52. Also here's a fun fact, Tamaran is in the same Galaxy as Krypton.

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@teerack: They mean Komand'r. Blackfire a.k.a. Starfire's sister

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@waezi2: I don't understand what the issue is. Is it because of her being an alien or her ancestors? Either way comic books don't make sense at all. And that's ok because if a witch can marry a robot then it's normal.

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@malachi_munroe: If you're talking about pre 52 they kinda were in R.E.B.E.L.S. But if you're talking about 52 in Red Hood and the Outlaws they could team up, but Komand'r is leading Tamaran while Starfire is with her "team". So I can't say if they can team up. In my personal opinion I don't think they should team up. Not only because of the past, but because she's not really needed. With the whole rewrite of Blackfire as the "I've always loved you Koriand'r" is weird. If she truly cared about her wouldn't she have done something to bring her sister back? Also I'm not sure if Komand'r can fly because they never really talked about her. Hell I don't even know if she even has star bolts because I'm not sure if she was experimented on like Kory was. I mean didn't they get their powers when they were both captured from the Psyions for experimentation? I know Starfire was captured by the Gordanians in the reboot, but what about the Psyions?

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@waezi2: Well wasn't John Stewart and Ray Palmer married to women who were different species from them? And you can say the same with Beast Boy having sex with anybody.