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I'm thinking Oliver and Slade rake in the wins on this one. They're both extremely skilled and deadly combatants with fighting types and skills the Spartacus team won't be used to or ready for. The Spartacus team has a lot of experience in gladiatorial style combat and are deadly in their own right however they lack the versatility that Oliver and Slade bring to the table.

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In all seriousness Aang wins. He showed more ability with all the elements than Korra ever did. She might be able to edge him out with firebending but that's only a slight possibility. Overall Aang takes this.

@jacthripper said:

Instead of fighting

All the Aang's just chill and drop pies on monks heads, have a laugh

Korra expresses her sexuality with herself

Is that incest?

Seems more like masturbation to me. Idk. This is weird. I need an adult

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Scenario: The team has caught wind of the Harbinger Institute and it's plans for world domination through the efforts of the Renegades and @X. They suit up and go to take him down before he can bring his plans to fruition.


Deadpool(standard gear; no shattering the fourth wall)

Luke Cage


Black Panther(King of the Dead; thrice blessed suit)

Iron Man(Model 3 Armor)


Toyo Harada

-Most powerful psiot in the Valiant universe. His laundry list of powers is ridiculous. They include but are not limited to: mind reading, telekinesis, flight(can achieve low orbit under his own power in minutes), image projection, forceful mental commands, telepathy, limited self healing, shielding, projectile redirection) etc.

(Many of those are just subsets of his telekinesis)

Morals are on for all involved

Location: Pittsburgh

If the team is too much for Harada on his own he can call on Peter Stancheck and/or Stronghold for assistance.

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Korra rarely uses airbending(she has a severe crush on firebending imo). She's okay at airbending but her skills are severely underdeveloped and she's no where close to being a master. Aang on the other hand spent massive amounts of time learning and mastering waterbending from a scroll, a waterbending master, and Katara and he continued to develop these skills even after he moved on to other elements. Before he faced the fire lord at the end of book 3 he had all of his elemental masters training with him to make sure he was up to snuff because even then, he knew there was more he could learn. This definitely goes to Aang in a decisive manner.

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PR Beyonder GODSTOMPS Cytorrak even in his own dimension. Beyonder literally blinks and Cytorrak ceases to exist. When you have someone that killed Death and The Living Tribunal was too scared to face you kind of don't put them up against anyone...ever...

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Groudon godstomps if we go by lore. If not, hyper beam, thunderbolt, overheat, fire blast, etc FTW

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@man_of_miracles: Thanks for the suggestion on the lineup! I appreciate the help

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@micah said:

@man_of_miracles said:

@beautifulrevery said:

@man_of_miracles said:

None of the Marvel characters are "powerhouses"

The Invincible team wins in a convincing manner.

Allow me to adjust the lineup and then take a look.

With those adjustments Marvel stomps hard.

Thor, Gladiator and Richard Rider kill it.

And first incarnation Drax tore apart a star with his bare hands. Hulk can get bfred pretty easily even if he is over the others in strength.

Yeah you went from too low to too high on the Marvel powerhouse team LOL.

Damn, any suggestions for something that's debatable or in Invincible team's league? I seriously have no idea where to place them on the Marvel strength spectrum as you all can see haha

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I've adjusted the Marvel team lineup. Any thoughts on it now? I didn't want to make them too powerful to start off with since I wasn't sure how Invincible characters scaled next to Marvel's but I guess I went too low on the end of the spectrum haha