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@frozen said:

@kidman560: @reaverlation: I remember Beatboks saying full Starheart was near Galactus so he should stomp Odin if so.

I've never said that Alan is near Galactus that I can recall. Normal levels Alan is Silver Surfer level and full starheart above that but certainly not Galactus level. Mordru wouldn't be Odin level (though close) and he can take on Alan full starheart or not. He was impressed that Alan wielded the starheart not troubled by it.

even Classic Fate wouldn't win vs Odin. The only version that does stand a chance of taking a few and MAYBE a slight majority (if absolutely everything went Fate's way) was the one story where Classic Fate merged with Inza Nelson to amp his power.

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@roddy010: Sorry for the late reply, but I didn't get a notification.

However, In every scan that you claimed he's using telepathy, he's actually casting a spell to effect the mind. Sorry buddy but casting a spell to utilize telepathy is not the same as having actual telepathic prowess.

o_O?? several of the scans I used were form periods when he was completely depowered and had no access to magic to cast spells, So I have no idea what your talking about

Here he just thinks instantaneous (as you put it) without any "focus" and makes two men see each other as apes. You see how he's trying to get to place of magic to get power back in the last panel.

He has to perform an action and focus, while all they have to do is think. Actual Telepathic battle take place at subliminal speeds.

He has senses attacks and the approach of others from well in the distance by TP without any focus what so ever. He has known the thoughts of others subconsciously from across the globe. None of which required any focus or concentration. Only strong mental attacks do and they are required by TPers like Jean too.

It matters not because the eiple fact is TP is a non event to my team. I've been holding something back to use in later round. Any attempt to TP assault my team will be stopped by Mr Terrific and his wonderful T-shperes.

He can synaptic reboot anyone on my team, overload the minds of your TPers and simply make them forget. Your TPers have never been able to overcome the technological shielding of Magneto's helm or the tech of Apocalypse so they wont be overcoming this either. Let's remember after all that my team will know in advance a good portion of what yours is going to do courtesy of the 9th dimension. Not exactly but we'll know and be prepared fro a TP assault as an odds on action.

Arion has never done something like this. Once in the astral plane he will be outskilled and overpowered by the raw force of the Phoenix raptor. This attack deals both mental and physical damage.

Since he'll never be taken to the astral plane because his team mates and the T-spheres wont allow it it's hardly a problem is it. Not that it would be if he were.

Ultra Humanite doesn't have the same energy sight and ecological bond with lifeforces Biosynth has and its is highly debatable she is even on the level of Jean.

Ultra Humanite is a man not a woman. he has matched Brainwave Snr in TP combat (who has mind raped the entire JSA and TP dominated Corrigan Spectre. BW has also projected tp and made the entire world see what he wanted them to), controlled a dozen heroes (5 of whom had TP resistance) from another dimension and across time. he has TP dominated Martian Manhunter, Gorilla Drod, Hector hammond, J'emm and several other TPers at once. Not to mention in the instance i showed the scan for he had stolen the reality warpng power of a 5th dimensional Djinn.

Lol Amazingman will never get the chance to do that. He would easily be one shoted via tk, lightning, absolute energy blasts if he makes himself present to my team. If he does get lucky and try a trick like that with Jean, he'll only leave himself open

LOL is right. He transformed completely into vibrainium in prep and as such would absorb every attack you just mentioned. Not one of those attacks would harm him in this form. Plus he has a teleporter built into his uniform so can simply be behind you in an instant. Even if he wasn't vibranium all those attacks would only empower him.

See how easy a novice AM II absorbs a blast shot at him and then refires the energy?? go ahead and blast away because our future knowledge will have AM absorb everything you can throw

Lol how can he predate magic when his father used magic to bring him to life in the first place?

It's in the scans of the alst post. He existed as an essense in the stars or the "primordial life force". It said that there was mere than mere magic in that mix and that man would one day come to know it (Science) and that Arion tapped both. HIs essence predates his physical existence and his power comes from that - CLEARLY stated to be more than magic, cosmic, and of the "more than magic that men will come to know".

This simply isn't debatable. I've put up the scans to show it in detail. There is a LOT Arion can do and has done without speaking spells.

Arion is still a magic wielder and thus has to perform spells to achieve his feats. His magic like all magic is suceptible to the Heart.

where does it say he "HAS TO" perform spells?

No incantations just a thought and it happens (like 99% of the time)

The Heart was capable of revealing and absorbing the Seal of Phobos, whose magic operates over an entire dimension.

But nothing there shows it ir states it that phobos or anyone else draws on other than magic. Arion's clearly does.

The point of those scans was clearly to show that the potential of the metal is dependent on the grasp the user has with the mystic particles and I am correct. You have no evidence your team can use those particles to the same degree as Synn. Even with the Great Old Ones advising him, Carsal couldn't control it like Synn or Carter for that matter. Having a mystic background doesn't automatically give the wielder all these abilities. Beside the metal can still be manipulated by Jean or the Earth Aurameer.

I showed evidence that Terrific can use the metal to achieve things that Carter cannot (like teleportation). Something that requires complete control over electromagnetics an achievement Carter has never made. I showed that Terrific has knowledge on how it works quite well, courtesy of understanding what Synn can do. Holt stated on panel he could make a longer range teleporter if he had Nth metal. That is greater knowledge than anyone in your scans and again in those scans they stated they didn't know how. The Legion flight rings are forged by an alloy of Nth metal and they require no knowledge to operate.

Here are your own scans

Your first scan asks Carter how he did that and his answer was "HE DID NOT KNOW" yet you say this is proof you need knowledge to use the metal???

In the second scan, second panel and second speech balloon Carter (your vaunted master who can do so much with nth) states "we know next to nothing about this mystic element" again not much proof for your point of my needing knowledge. In fact based on that I have more knowledge than those who have used it.

Jean completly destroyed Fitszroy's indestructible armor, which also absorbed energy and other attacks in the same fashon as vibranium.(which can only absorb vibratory energy, not all forms of energy) Gambit was still able to make Cap's vibranium shield exploded with kinetic energy anyway so it clearly has limits to how much it can absorb. Jean Grey has no limits.

and did any of these things also possess the ability to absorb any type of energy and be powered by it the way amazingman can??

Lol and you want to bring up the fact that Nth metal allows Wolverine lvl regeneration? Despite his healing factor Biosynth left Logan a smoldering adamantium skeleton with her lightning.

Nth metal grants the user healing factor but it also grants them durability. It grants them immunity to temperatures (wearers can survive in space without protection), enhanced strength, enhanced senses. It absorbs and disrupts energy. Christ it allows control of electro-magneitcs. Plus I have more Nth that any comic character we've seen use it since I created more in prep. Lighhtning wont even phase my guys. Even if it got through the Nth metal it won't get through the force field each team member is using or the bio enahncement suit. and then if it did each player would have Nth metals increased resilience to temps, the ability to become intangible and or teleport away and energy and finally the HF of NTh metal.

How do you believe your doing any member of my team any harm?? I have so many layers of protection there is no way you can even deliver a blow that would so much as prove more than a nuisance

While your team is distracted my team can proceed to apprehend Bishop and end Hope

how the hell is my team distracted?? I could ignore you and just go about my business because you can't harm me.

Any attack you make on AM will simply increase his power.

Any attack you make on Arion he can send back at you

any attack made on devil slayer can likewise be ported (DS- shadow cloak) to strike the one making it in the back.

Every other team member has force field, BD bio suit armor to enhance their strength, speed, and durability, the ability to teleport at will. They all also have a Nth metal breast plate. this makes them immune to magic and your astral drops.

We have advance knowledge of anything being done against us and can react early.

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I awaken on the side of an island. Damn I hate not being in control. I don't know where I am or what is in any of the buildings around me.

I decide that no matter what I will impose my own means of controlling my circumstances. My first thought is shelter, more for protection that anything else. I good shelter with access I can control will go a long way. I step back and look down at where my feet were, I start blasting a hole big enough for me to enter. I blast it straight down for 30 ft. I slide down it and then slowly and carefully blast out ground around me. meter by meter I make a small room. I'm careful to alter the intensity of my beam so that I don't completely vaporize any metal ore or solid stone in the area and instead heat the metals just enough to weaken and hold the stones in place. I'll work on other exits later, last thing I want is to be easily trapped.

Time to start thinking about the essentials. I'll need water first. I head back to the surface and secure my newly created little base bu cutting a piece of cement from one of the buildings just big enough to fill the opening. A few light blasts to move some dust around makes it almost indistinguishable from any other part of the ground pretty quickly.

OK now to supplies. I start forging some barrels out of stoke to hold water. Right about now I see a guy with Wings approaching my position. I take cover quickly @jack_ calls out to me as I do.

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@lunacyde said:


OoC - Actually it all started as a way to explain why everyone keeps referring to my character as a woman when in fact I am a man. The story just evolved from there. For everyone's great skills of observation I've had quite a time with people somehow failing to understand that a buff monk with a beard is not a woman. I am glad though, a great story evolved out of it.

Who besides Serrure referred to you as a woman out of curiosity?? I must have missed it.

I certainly called you a bald "guy"

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@erik: Question if I can make a reasonable explanation for filtering water. How would I be affected.

Explanation being

I use by comet vision to to carefully mold two rocks onto large containers. So as to not reveal my flight just yet I use my physicals and acrobatics to get down to the sea side and fill one with salt water. l then use my comet vision cut and with low intensity beams clean a glass pane from one of the buildings and set it up so that it is above the two newly forged large containers At a height above one I have filled with water declining to a lesser height difference above the other empty one. I maintain a low intensity beam of my comet vision on the rock just enough to bring the water to the boil. It's takes an half an hour or so but I can at least not have to worry about where I'm getting drinking water for a few days. Should also be a good bargaining tool.

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@lunacyde said:

The training room is vast and expansive. Different stations have been set-up to demonstrate various skills from swordsmanship, to archery, pure strength, agility, and countless other unique skills. At this point it appears that most of the combatants milling about the room are timid, afraid to give too much away. Situations such as this require presence....command.

I survey the room as I stride over to an agility course. Some watch me nervously, others are wrapped up in conversation...making plans, reading enemies, forming alliances. Suddenly there is a rush of wind as I take off, dust is swept off the floor and particles hang in the air like a thin cloud. I leap, twist, catapault, and perform various gymnastic techniques as I effortlessly glide over the obstacles with grace and precision. My acrobatic skill and agility was already impressive, and the time training with Ty Lee learning her unique fighting style has only improved my abilities. As I reach the top I explosively launch myself toward the very center of the area with a superhuman leap. I bring myself to the floor with force delivering an air bomb sending a concussive blast of air knocking several combatants back.

"Thank you, you're really too kind." I feint amusement with myself as I stroll toward a group of wide-eyed spectators. "Hey, the name is Nomad. Nice to meet you".

Having just watched a bald man perform some amazing acrobatics, I'm impressed. He's a little show boaty but I can make use of that. Played right I can use his confidence to intimidate others while I play coy and withdrawn to draw out those who play things a little closer to the chest. Yes he'll be a valuable ally I'd say. I also see a winged man @jack_ talking to a guy wit red skin @fatherchaos. A flyer could be handy. I can hold back my own flight ability as a surprise if allied to one, and the red guy looks imposing also. I begin to move toward them to make myself known.

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*edit* just saw that the training was "received already" not like round 1.

I look around at my new surroundings. I'm in the centre of a large room with many others. My trainer points out a few of them too me.

I think back to the training I recieved from web. As I look around the room I almost hear him speaking to me as though he were beside me.

"Look at his baring, the way he carries himself." he says

"That denotes a great confidence. There are many things you can learn about a man from how he walks, the mannerisms he uses. This is what I will teach you. To learn to know your opponent as well as yourself from simple things and use their own drives against you"

And teach me he did. About the subtleties of human movement and nuance. About psychological warfare and orchestration to make my adversary chosse a course of action that benefits me.

"wouldn't it be better to work on some combat training" I remember saying.

Your skills in combat are already sufficient , in many ways better than my own. I don't win victories by being a better fighter. I win by making my adversary defeat themselves. Control the variables so that they choose the actions that are their downfall" was his response.

"By looking and watching a man and how he moves you can learn his strengths, and his weaknesses. By watching and acknowledging what he favors you will know what he isn't confident in. Similarly by focusing on your own movements you can portray weaknesses that you don't possess, hide others in strengths that aren't yours." Web explained further.

As he explained more and pointed out some of the minor actions of those around us in his training facility, I remember being amazed at just how much a simple small action can give away about a man.

It would seem I had much to learn from Web. More than I could have ever believed possible, and learn I did.

More to come later.

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Jean and Psylocke are two omega class telepaths with extended knowledge of telepathic combat as well as the astral plane.

They have both encountered and have on occasion defeated far more powerful telepaths than Arion and DS. I.e. Cassandra Nova, Shadow King.

Your first mistake is to assume that any of those characters are "more powerful than Arion" in TP.

Arion has telepathically over powered and controlled several new gods from light years away. These same new gods could withstand the TP onslaught of Darkseid who has TP dominated entire worlds. Neither Cassandra Nova or Shadow king are even in Arion's league mentally. You'd need to show a single feat of them controlling multiple beings with proven TP resistance against high level TPers from light years away to make that argument and you can't.

Also like to remind you that one of Jean's defeats of one of these in the astral plane was only due to the intervention of Magneto putting his TP resistant helmet on her to cut the link. She has fared poorly against hem as well.

Much like Jean did to Lady Mastermind, whose sole power is illusion casting. I'm inclined to believe her expertise in that are far exceeds Arion and DS.

ha ha, Surely you jest. Je3an Grey a woman in her thirties has greater expertise than an immortal who has worked the earth since almost the dawn of time ( at the very least several thousand centuries) and fought some of the greatest powers that have ever existed. Arion lived before the first Ice age. he brought the second one to it's end. and was still around fro Chamelot 3000 (in 2008 but set in a distant future).

Yeah a few decades experience will easily trump eons.

Not to mention none of your telepaths would penetrate Jean, Psylocke or Biosynth's minds.

Dude one of my team is a power copier who copied powers on the level of Galactus and used this power to overload it's owner. Since with a simply port and a touch Amazingman can have Jean's own power level and feed it back on herself just like he did to Overmaster, she isn't a threat.

Not that it matters at all, Arion would easily penetrate her as he has TP feats on her level even when he is totally stripped of power.

Hallograms will be the easiest for my team to recognize, so they won't waste time on the light show.

Yeah that's right. Your team will do so much better than someone like Ultra Humanite who has close to the same level of TP as Jean but at the time also possessed the reality warping power of Thunderbolt.

Terrific's holograms fooled a reality warper and your somehow above that.

Lol The Heart of Kandrakar predates modern magic by centuries. The pendant was crafted by five Nymphs who created the W.I.T.C.H. multiverse and everything in it. So it is just as much cosmic as it is magical. Since it is also the heart of infinity, the pendant has unlimited power for Will to tap into.

So again a step behind. Arion more than predates magic. While your heart was created by the beings who created it's universe Arion was a very part of the creation of his himself. He can touch the "cosmic forces" in ways that "not even a supreme being like his father can"

His father who could pluck a star from the sky and give it the form of his son.

You stated that the Heart sees through magic deception. That is stated in it's universes canon and you have no way of confirming that it would work against "clearly" cosmic forces.

Nth metal is highly dependent on the user's grasp on the magical particles that make up the metal. Notice Carsal had a limited control over the armor while Carter used it to its potential.

Your scans actually contradict your statement. Carter clearly shows in both he doesn't know much about the metal at all. In fact he says "we know next to nothing about this mystic element".

So your argument is that because one of the characters who has used the metal to the greatest degree of any with "next to nothing known about it" can do what he could so I can't because I actually chose two experts in the subject ?? Doesn't really make sense to me. I mean I have one of the three LONGEST living mages in the DCU with with vast magical knowledge. plus a guy who actually studied the Nth metal in detail

Terrific even knows how to use Nth metal to make a long range teleporter. Clearly showing his knowledge of the metal clearly exceeds that of Carter.

There's really no evidence your team members would be able to use the metal to that degree.

Your right the evidence is that they can use it to a vastly greater degree.

Besides Hawkman was getting his royal ass handed to him in majority of the scans you posted, most notably by Black Adam,who derives his power from a magic source. Goes to show the metal is durable but it won't completely protect the user from more powerful foes for long. The Heart has broken through powerful magical barriers before.

You are aware in all those scans (pre 52) Hawkman only has in his possession a few grams of Nth metal right??? the amount of Nth metal possessed by pre 52 Hawkman is a few grams laced into the belt harness that has his wings attached. The Healing factor that the metal gives him (Wolverine level) allows him to continue to take that amount of damage and keep going. In some of those scans we saw an arrow go straight through his heart and his arm cut off and he was healed in panels. In one when he wasn't even wearing his Nth metal his carotid artery was cut and by simply laying his wings on him he was standing and talking a panel later.

Nu52 Hawkman has more Nth metal that has tanked a shite load of damage and I've increased the amount that I have substantially in my prep. I actually have Nth metal armor where that Hawkman didn't. So I'm sorry dude but the amount of metal I have with the added ability of it to meld to the wearers mind that it has in Nu52 (something Carter didn't even know was possible at the time) means there is no one on your team who can even damage anyone on mine to any significant degree.

Nth armor isn't stopping the Heart.

Why because it's inconvenient for you??. Nth metal counters magic, but it has the beautiful side ability of ust countering ALL energy. Fact is it allows control of the four fundamental forces of science. So no matter what it's a game breaker for your team.

Lol you seriously underestimate the power of the aurameers. The astral drops have the full powers of the other four Gaurdians which include, teleportation, telepathy, invisibility, healing and telekinesis etc. And their power over the elements is absolute and have effected Gods and powerful magic a like.

Arion will have his hand tied with Air and Earth considering Haylin had the power to do this to two city busting twisters.

No dude, I'm seriously not. Here's an example of the level of power that Arion faces all the time.

Chaon is a being who seeks and has the power to achieve universal destruction. His own existence and that of his Sister Geminimn is what allows existence to be. if either ever kills the other everything ceases.

Arion faces Chaon regularly and has stopped him. He doesn't defeat him just ends his scheme. He has been killed by him a few times and brought himself back. He has even fought him when depowered to a stalemate also. Your aurameers combined are not Chaon Level. There power over the elements is no greater than That of Arion who ended the ice age by defeating the god who brought it. As you've seen above Arion's father who "can't touch the cosmic power in the way his son can" brought the first Ice age.

I haven't underestimated anything, you just have no idea what you face. Arion can and has done most of What Dr Strange has, and he doesn't have artifacts like strange to draw from.

And Cornelia can tap into the entire planet and take it a step further manipulating the armor your team is wearing via tk or simply wishing it.

In case you forgot Vibrainium absorbs energy and that is what TK is.

While your team is distracted Biosynth shuts down Bishop with a flash freeze and Pyslocke goes in for the kill sending little Hope to the White Hot Room, where she belongs.

My team wont be distracted since everything you've sent so far could be dealt with by one of them.

  1. you've forgotten my glimpses into the future courtesy of 9th dimension. Meaning anything you just did we reacted to and dealt with before it was launched.
  2. completely ignored the fact that my entire team can become intangible at will - meaning none of your attacks can even strike us.
  3. Ignored the fact that every single member of my team can port anywhere
  4. ignored the fact that every single member of my team is armed with vibrainium as well as Nth
  5. Ignored the fact that every single member of my team is wearing a suit of armor that enhances them to the levels of a guy who was able to defeat a hell lord that took the combined efforts of many of Earths mages to do.
  6. Ignoring the fact that one of my team I've hardly mentioned has soloed John Stewart GL AND Zatanna while under possession and not operating to the best of his abilities.

Ignored the fact that another of my team has soloed several defenders (including Hulk)

as well as ignored the fact that the weakest member of my team has brought someone as powerful as Captain Marvel (Shazam) to his knees.

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@erik: tank busting limit is fine and in all honesty consistent with the majority of his showings power output wise. Like I said that one was the peak and a definite outlier power wise and as you would have seen in te scans he literally had to give it everything and be near death just to achieve it.

Usually when I use him in tourneys it's more for the intensity of the character than the power level. As shown in the large scan as a character he does whatever is needed to get the job done always. He's always the one who pulls the crusaders buts from the fire because of that