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This is not the amazing TP feat it would seem...

Main reason as you've said magic only works on Fate if he allows it. Seeing as Nabu is completely magical in all ways this is a magic resistance feat not a TP resistance one. Fate even supports this in the very same scan... "The power prevents you from controlling me----when i use it to fight back doesn't it?!" This almost says it out-loud that it is Fate's immunity that prevents Nabu as it is even referenced as "the power" to my knowledge Fate does not have TP resistance as a power so it's clearly not that and the only logical explanation is its his immunity.

Fate's immunity to magic to magic is because his power comes from BOTH sides of magic (order and Chaos) a fact that wasn't the case until after this scan. At the time of this scan he was only powered by the fact that the Amulet of Anubis had explode and infused him with power. It was AFTER Nabu failed to take him over that he gifted him the power of Order by melting his help and bathing Fate in it's power. The bottom panel of the scan you quoted AFTER Nabu Failed to TP Fate is when he became "immune" to magic. Not that it matters fro Crap because all versions of Fate have TP as a power, Kent Nelson had it when he didn't wear the helm of Nabu and had NO magic. If he were immune to magic at the start of the issue, then Nabu would not have been able to give him more power, now would he??

Never mind it was aimed at giz (who must have deleted a post about TP because i did see one)

Now this is the most flawed part of your debate so far...

1) Proof any of these can effect things on sub-quantum level??? The destruction and consumption of the fabric of reality and creation! Reality= Normal atoms, sub atomic particles, every single thing making up creation (this includes sub quantum particles. Reality= everything)

Simple scientific fact for you. It's called mass energy preservation. mass/Energy cannot be created or destroyed. You cannot "destroy the fabric of reality" all you can do is convert it from mass to energy. At sub Quantum level or the level of Quarks and leptons we are talking about things that aren't affected by anything that causes the destruction of atoms. If it could then in fact energy/mass COULD be destroyed. At that level things have both the properties of a wavelength (like energy) and of mass. At sub quantum level Atom has even moved withing sub atomic particles without STRONG nuclear forces (the strongest in existence) affecting.

So to prove this case all you have to do is show your characters doing something that is stated to be impossible. No biggie.

2) Well no that's not strictly quantum physics as the particles in quantum physics studied do act in ways differently to larger particles and atoms however "theoretically" the behavior observed can in fact occur in larger objects or even objects we can see (although it is as close to impossible as you can get). It's also the study of energy in packs (quantum's). Of course it is a lot more detailed than either of us put but the particles studied in quantum physics do act in ways that defy our current understanding of physics but they are not completely free of them and do not defy them entirely. Non of this matters though as reality= everything including sub quantum particles.

Dude Quantum mechanics is used to explain the actions of particles and movement of objects that do not obey the laws of motion and physics. The fact is when dealing with macro particles the actual study and application of Quantum mechanics can actually define and accurately predict movements that obey those said laws.

3) Fate will not sense the attack. He has a intuition that tells him where to go never has he been warned to dodge or the like. His precog as iv already said is not detailed enough to see a entire battle in detail and you have still failed to show me any time Fate has acted upon what he saw to any avail (he saw the plain crash and all but no matter what he did he could not stop it from occurring). We've both presented are side on this so to stop a circular debate i think we should let the readers decide this part.

Dude you really have to stop making arguments that are so easy to shoot down. So he has NEVER used it to dodge huh?? SURE about that ???

I guess he dodged image who has Super Speed as a power (which Jarred never did) because he's just so damn lucky heh??? Image was a superman type character with super strength, invulnerability and super speed etc (you may notice just how surprised he is something cut him).

He couldn't stop the plane because he was arrested. jarred was a known international thief and scoundrel. When he went to toward the cockpit the air marshals stopped him. They knew him well too.

Don't assume i dont know hellbalzer and am simply posting BS. I am actually a big fan of Hellblazer.

Also nope in this instance it was in Hellbalzer #61 i believe and it took John no prep (well he read a book for a bit but he knows how to do it now so...).

Also John needed the heart of Gabriel to protect himself from FOTF for good and make sure he would just leave him alone.

You stated the spells John used to hide himself. In issue 61 He hid the succubus Ellie (I think her name was a longer version of it, that's what John called her) not himself. He cut a certain mark in her soul that was heaven's mark that IIRC "tore her apart" and meant that she could never walk in hell or heaven. That shit wont fly with your team as they aren't hell born, and the little bit of hells blood in John wont cut the mustard. Neither will the spell he used to cut his soul in half and join the dark half of his soul with a friend ( the way he eventually atoned for Newcastle and freed the girl's spirit), because to achieve it he required outside help.

Sorry dude, but marking the soul of a non hell born with the mark of heave to hide them (which IIRC only hid her from queen triscet ?? who sired the Succubus- she was a female head on a skeleton) isn't achieving anything for you.

Don't say i didn't warn you about throwing Constantine feats from hellblaser about without being completely sure of the facts.

1) FOTF was the embodiment of the consciousness of the Presence and although this by itself means nothing he was intended to be his companion. This means that he was originally held in high regard by the Presence. All beings that are held in high regard/favored by the Presence have all been significantly more powerful than any other being e.g. Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel and although FOTF is not on their level based of this it is very reasonable to assume he is next in line or very powerful when compared to other divine or hellish beings.

How the hell can you make such assumptions with NOTHING to back them up. If you think for a second that Lucifer or Micheal could be killed by John the way FOTF was your deluding yourself. He has never displayed anything anywhere near that level of power.

2) FOTF was the most powerful of all hells forces. This includes all the uber powerful beings that have been seen who dwell in hell so that is clearly an indication of his power (it also backs up my first point that he was created as above most if not all other beings).

FOTF was one of the "triumverate" of hell who were ALL EQUAL. It's why Johns little trick of selling his soul to the other two and slitting his wrists saved his life. He boldly and correctly told them that a war between all three of them would be a war only one could win (and it wasn't FOTF). He simply wasn't the most powerful, two other nobodies who haven't even made an appearance were his complete and utter equals.

3) Just a little something the power of the 3 fallen was so great that if they where to go to fight their battle would cause weaken hell so much that heaven could storm thorough and destroy them. That's where i got the on par with greatest of heavens forces (par Gabriel and Michael).

What exactly is this supposed to prove?? Never mind the fact that it's just plane wrong. In issue 45 of Hellblaser, It stated that the reason there were three lords of hell was for balance (something you don't achieve if one is more powerful than the others). The only reason heaven wins if they war is that there wouldn't be anyone left to stop them. A war between the three would mean all hell would fall. No-one to take souls and deny them heaven. So nothing to stop the angels from taking them.

Nothing about that in any way implies they are on a par with beings of heaven.

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@jacthripper said:

@god_spawn: Any chance of a "Tournament/CaV" Forum being made? Because those make up a very good portion of the threads here, and it would be nice to have to search less.

Do you mean a thread where people post Tournament suggestions or one where they organize tournaments?

I think he means a separate forum just for the tourney's and CaV's. KMC has a similar set up so that battles are for straight debates about characters set up in a standard format and Battlezone is purely for challenges and Tournament threads. So it would mean a completely new forum where only CaV's and tourney's are posted.

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I'll have a go at eragon with either Dr Occult, or Fate (Jarred Stephens).

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considering those here like DSS, I ccan't see a problem with Starheart Alan at all.

I do agree with Wardomen that persk seem a little bit to much

If there's still a spot I'll take Hellstrom

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@fanatic_for_fernus: yes he did but those he fought were at best a little below Odin level (except for when he fought Ynar and Vandeamon in which he was amped). Odin can't beat Galactus either, so hhe's not soloing