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Nothing in the scan indicates he's in the far the side of a clearing, while his enemies are on the other side. Honestly, it looks like he's hiding behind a bush. There is absolutely no context that shows the distance between him and his foes. And removing the firearms off a couple of soldiers doesn't really compare, especially when Lvenger and I have super strength. Nothing in that scan shows the magnetic pulse the baton produces is sufficient enough to disarm superhumans.

Ok I'll make it easier for you. this is the page before he used the baton to remove the guns from the Cubans.

He was so close to the rebels he disarmed that he needed to use the magnification in his Manhunter mask just to see them. Based on the fact that your position is only 2.5 times the distance between the buildings that have nothing more than a normal road between them, I seriously doubt I'll need magnification, your position is WELL within my range.

I will leave that up to @lvenger to refute, since that is his character. I don't really see the diversionary tactic in having little metal pieces clinging to our characters, given that the magnetic pulse produced by your weapon is not strong enough to do much to begin with.

Maybe you should read the attack your countering. The charging you with a magnetic pulse will make your living magnets (as it did for Catman) and since your standing right beside trucks you'll be stuck to them.

So seeing the potential moves of your opponent (something that Spider-man can't do) is not a rule breaker? I'm really not following your line of logic here. Midnighter's computer works only if he sees you, so would that be considered weaker than Spider-man's merely because the range is less limited? Being able to see into the future is a form of precognition regardless of what you say and I can tell you that Spider-man can see the future in any way shape or form. He gets a little tingle when danger is coming, not visions of future events about to occur. However, this is ultimately an issue for Erik to muddle over and I won't spend anymore effort on this point.

Well let's see, in Spiderman 269 Pete's spidey sense detected a coming attack of Firelord while the herald of Galactus was still in space. That was a future event well beyond what my build is capable of. But to settle it once and for all

Every feat here is equal to or above what Argus has done. In fact Spidey saw and "predicted" the danger BEFORE Argus did in the scan i showed in most of these. Clearly Spidey "CAN see potential moves of an opponents" as well as sense and track them at the far side of the city. If you'd like I can get a few dozen more that are better.

He didn't turn Catman into a magnet. He shot a pulse at him and it sent him flying into the car in front of him. I don't know where you got the notion he magnetized Catman. It's impossible to magnetize a human being because we are not ferrous metals. The distance was not from the opposite side of a car park either. Nothing in the scan shows the distances you are describing. The distance between Catman and Manhunter is not even shown honestly. All we can infer is that Manhunter was behind Catman

How the F%^ do you think a magnetic pulse does anything to a human being who isn't metal and has nothing for it to affect if not charging him. Also in the other scan vs Dumas his fall back trick of doing just that didn't work because he had insulated his costume to prevent it. Even if you were right (which your not) and it was merely a blast pushing him here is an example of just how powerful that blast is.

The force of that blast broke every bone in Dumas' body. he didn't come back to plague mark for another 19 to 20 issues even with his Wolverine level healing factor.

Also in case there was any doubt about Range

He starts off as you can see on the ground below a mountain range where the house is so far away he has to use magnification increase several times to see his quarry clearly and then uses his baton to simply land on the skylight ( they're usually on the roof). So let's just do away with the range problem thing. I can do everything I said from behind the protection of the building I started behind quit a distance from you and if need be further away.

As you should know, magnets have a hard time picking up non-ferrous metals (the reason why a standard magnet can't pick up the metal part of a pencil or gold, for example) and nothing in your scan show he can magnetize non-ferrous metals or create a magnetic field strong enough to attract said metals.

And yet i've shown you scans of said magento's moving a man (who is is as I said non ferrous). It would seem your just underrating the feats. of course they're not magneto level ( I can't control the iron in blood and as I already said at best deflect a bullet) but the feats I have shown clearly show I can do as I said because they did.

The problem with this is that Aphrodite doesn't run on an external energy source, i.e. she doesn't run on batteries. In none of her appearances were there any indication that she required any outside energy source to function properly or that her internal components required any additional power source outside of her own natural biology (i.e. natural electrical output of the human body and energy derived from the consumption of food products).

O_o ?? where did I say "outside energy??? I clearly showed scans of Argus seeing power sources internally in robots in the centre of buildings in control rooms ( with several walls between the power source and himself). What hope do you have to counter an argument if your not even reading it in detail?? I also showed scans of Argus seeing the truth in things ( like cartoon figures when he looks at people telling him they are secretly the boss here's one again)

I can't be fooled man, no way, no how.

The issue I have with this is that the scan you used to show an EMP was not really an EMP. All Manhunter did was fuse the exposed circuitry of Mirror Master's suit, which can be done a variety of ways that does not include an EMP. Unlike Mirror Master's equipment, Aphrodite's electronic components are all internal and located deep below the flesh, meaning that the energy you produce to disrupt electronics has to be able to penetrate skin and flesh level. The human body can actually absorb a good deal of electricity on its own and the majority of that electricity is passed on the surface of the skin, and does not actually penetrate beyond skin level. So the same amount of energy used to fuse the circuits in Mirror Master's suit may not work on Aphrodite, because of biological factors.

He's shut down plenty of things before with no problem

When ever he's faced a tech powered guy that guy's tech always seems to fail. Must be just dumb luck hey??

Now, I don't play Call of Duty, so I wasn't sure how large the map is. So I decided to do a quick youtube search of this map and found that it was quite substantial, despite what the aerial views may show. There are many areas from which to hide in and use as shielding (a good tactic versus your magnetic pulse, since it requires an unobstructed view to work) and one intriguing thing I noticed is that there is not that much metal present (so your strategy involving magnetization becomes weaker). I could even argue that the metal you do see is most likely non-ferrous metal, so would not be affected by your magnetization to begin with.

Not much metal???

Please tell me when the last time was that trucks were constructed without metal. or buildings with none. OMG ( and that's wasn't me calling your name) NO METAL ROFLMFAO. Yeah that's really gonna fly that one.

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Suggest you look at all the scans in the one where he disarms his adversaries while the baton is at half power he is in the tree line while those he disarms are on the far side of a clearing easily the same distance as you two are from the building I'm behind

No the baton won't greatly affect bullets (at best divert their direction ) otherwise he'd have used it to prevent from being wounded a few times. The bullets speed and lack of mass/ size and all. I don't need to make the bullets faster I'm not trying to kill with the distance shots just hit the armor release points. I've already shown scans if Argus perceiving the exact same and removing armor that enhanced an adversary to greater stats than Lvenger ( who he was stalemating without any problem to that point). So unless your suggesting that Lvengers armor has no way of releasing it and removing it ( which would be really shonky wouldn't want to need to crap in a hurry) I don't need to enhance anything. Movement reading means that even if he could dodge a few he won't dodge the next few aimed at where he is moving too.

I can't see the future, look back at the scan I loaded when watching something happen he could see the potential move my about to occur. Spidey can sense an attack about to happen from any direction, I can see only in line of sight range of vision ( 360 degrees greater than 160/170 so below Spidey. Plus it's only potential not a given fact ). How many times has spidey's sense tingled to a danger that isn't present yet or a vast distance away ( Firelord comes to mind). He's used it to track a helicopter over the harbor from the centre of the city all well beyond my characters capability. Greater range, greater degree of view and frankly more into the future. So yeah no rule breaker

Finally I think you forgot the scan of catman being turned into a magnet and drawn toward a cop car. Also that scan was from the opposite side of a car park ( same distance you guys are from me if not greater). Yes his main enemy is insulated from his baton but you guys not knowing it aren't and even with the insulation he could get around that

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@lvenger said:

@beatboks1: What does Beast's strength have to do with the propulsion of suits of armour? And you still haven't answered my question, I left it up to you as to whether you engaged us. You can just walk away and we'll find someone else to kill instead.

Dude if the magnetic pulse generated by a manhunter baton can pull a Rocket Red out of the freakin sky it can easily immobilize you against a wall. The Strength you have wont be enough to prevent that. Catman wasn't even wearing metal, the baton allows me to magnetically charge anything with a pulse for example when he used it against an arch enemy who was aware of it's power and had precautions he did this.

He turned him into a magnet so that he attracted metal. The same will happen to both of you. Aside from being attracted to and stuck to a large piece of metal you'll buffeted by any small free loose metal around ( might just leave all your bullets in close enough range to be attracted when remove your weapons as well)

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@lvenger said:

@beatboks1: We're arguing semantics here. I'll deal with the Deathstroke tactician point when we go further into it. Likewise, I'll let OMG deal with your precog point since I only quoted him in the first place. You still haven't confirmed your decision on what your actions are.

You're also MASSIVELY overrating your changes by saying that we'd be immobilised and disabled without a shred of credible evidence to back it up.

OMG is an artificial life form (that's where his battle computer comes from). an IMP just turned him off. I already showed Manhunter's Baton making Catman a magnet that then attracted him to a police car. he's done the same thing many times including to Rocket Red's in this issue and Luthor's Battle squad in the previous one. If your trying to tell me that Beast is stronger than the propulsion of both suits of armor that I'd say he's over the limits.

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@lvenger said:

@beatboks1: I chose Slade's abilities, of which his tactical thinking falls under. Any strategy Slade has used, I can use too. Tactical thinking is an ability, not part of Slade's powerset. You've incorrectly confused the two together when, whilst I can't think as fast as Slade, I can think like Slade does. Your first mistake of wanting to engage us

That's @omgomgwtfwtf's point about your pre cog, not mine. I'll let him argue that one. And if you want to come at us, come at us. We have the high ground, the sniping skills to pick you off and enhanced senses, a predictive and analytical battle computer plus the superior physicals. If you really want to try and take us on, good luck avoiding our preliminary fire and engaging us in close combat when we have superior numbers and physicals. The ball is in your court Beatboks, you can either walk away or get double teamed by the both of us.

Choosing Slade's abilities without his power means you can claim his combat skill but not the enhanced way he uses tactics due to the Brain power. That was already ruled on in a previous round. The point was raised IIRC by @dane when @fetts chose him.

I don't have any "precog" to question, the ability I do have is WELL below Spidey, and as you can See I never allowed you to get a chance to "snipe or use a bloody thing because you were immobilized, disarmed while I was still behind a few walls from your position then easily killed. And WTF would I use close Combat when I have the means to dispose of you from hiding and a distance as per my scans

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@jack_ you'll have to wait a few moments por me partner, have some fodder to take out.


First, I start off behind a wall (in fact around a building) from both of you. fortunately as I've already shown i can see through walls and over distances so I know your positions immediately. I wait for the two of you to link up. From there I let off a IMP which completely shuts down all your equipment. So bye bye battle computer (well in the case of Aphroditie IX she's just completely shut down and non operational - so it's no longer 2 in 1), thermals, etc.

I then use the baton to remove all weapons from you while still in my starting position behind the protection of a building and Magnetically charge you so your attracted to the nearest metal and stuck.

So before I even leave cover I've removed all your weapons, shut one of you down and have both of you stuck to a metal wall or construct. Lot of good any advantages your believe you have are going to be. I then come out of hiding pull a side arm, using my vision that spots the release mechanism on your armor I fire at it and your released from it and I then putt two more bullets through your skull.

I then having been diverted for all of a minute start making my way toward my intended course (kill already acquired without even getting close for any advantage you perceived you had ever having had the chance to be played. If there is any doubt I'll star looking for the scan where Shaw's magnetic pulse charge dragged a Luthor armored goon out of the sky ( which is way greater propulsion that Beast's strength would give to resist).

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@lvenger: there would be yoyr first mistake. You dont have Slade's "tactical mind". You chose his skills not his powers so you dont have the enhanced brain function that makes most of his tactical feats possible.

As for precog, what precog??? His sight allows him to see the "possible " and potential actions that will happen out of wht is happening. Ive already shown the scan and its no where near Spidey who doesnt need to see anything. Ive already used two character choices with a greater ability that didnt break the same rules so good luck with that.

In fact lets do it

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@erik is there a new map coming soon with new positioning

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@willpayton: unless Alan has some pretty big energy draining feat i'd have to agree that Quasar owns him rather easily... Quasars go to move (especially with energy based beings) is to drain them. and given hes drained a star before (and the Annihilators) i see no reason why he shouldnt beat Alan

Quasar is basically kryptonite to anyone who uses energy and yes i include the Silver Surfer.

In just about every single data base and wiki that exists for Quasar it says quite clearly that he cannon control or absorb magic or darkforce. Some also say that he can't control or absorb dimensional energy or psionic (others state that it's limited) so clearly he CANNOT "control all forms of energy". IIRC this is why he had problems with the Guardsmen.

as for Alan draining energy

This was a completely depowered Alan who's battery had been destroyed and his link to the starheart severed. He had reverted to mortal form (as has happened a few other times when his power was absorbed, cut off or taken - Eclipso, Mordru, The Starheart itself) and he could simply draw it back into him.

It's also been stated on more than one occasion only Alan can control the "sentient energy" that is the starheart. No way in hell is Quasar or anyone else "draining it" for long. There's also the time he originally absorbed the starheart in the first place (which was supposed to be all magic in the universe at the point in time the Guardians gathered it)

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@lvenger: what skills advantage could you argue?? Slade himself has said the ONLY way to beat Cassie is by getting into her head. My character isn't Cassie, she doesn't have Cassie's character or character flaws just the skills. The only reason that Slase ever does well against her is because her movement reading isn't effective against him because of his greater brain power. Unfortunately you didn't choose his powers just his skills and without the greater brain processing power his skills take quite a dive.

The physical advantages Slade has over Cassie are no greater if not less than your build has over my build and yet he can only beat her with head games that won't work as my character is different.

You know what you've ALMOST talked me into changing plan and coming straight for you two. I could make you my kill and them just completely shut down OMG leaving him a sitting duck to be someone else's without doing him harm myself

If you want to play the "heightened senses" thing so much remember my special item has sonics and strobe amongst other attachments and my sight also allows me to "see the truth" often Argus sees an image around someone that gives I'm insight into them. He might look your way and see an image of a dog and know you have enhanced hearing, smell etc.