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@jacthripper: Your attack on my allies @dane and @kaang_the_watcher was poorly chosen and doomed to failure.

1. Dane possesses Aura reading, so is aware of the motivations and intentions of everyone he sees.

2. My Argus vision allows me to see emotion, future potential actions and the truth behind things

We knew what you were going to do before you even consciously made the decision. We don't need to be faster than your bullets when we can know where those bullets are going to hit before you've even aimed them.

Notice how Argus vision allows me to track trajectory of things before they are even fired??

I can track your bullet fire before you've aimed and with a few well thrown sherikins intercept your first half dozen shots before they even make it to my allies.

While doing so I'll be using Dingo's natural stealth (there are no animals to alert you to the ferocious natured beast approaching you in this arena)

and my ability to see through just about anything (you wont be able to hide from me) to close the distance between us.

By the time I've run out of sherikins you'll be somewhat distracted by the ferocious, anti metal wielding werewolf with Batman's combat skills and adrenaline amped stats that can fly tearing through you to be able to launch a second volley. I don't imagine it will be long before Dane and Kaang come in to make this a quick finish.


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@dedmanwalkin: cool cool, I think I gain an advantage by my adversaries knowing what I can do (at least where Argus sight is concerned). Since as shown in my scans I can see emotion and the truth behind things back stabbing me isn't a smart choice. So there's a definite benifit to everyone knowing that.

FTR I never said bullets don't hurt my build, as you know in the scans I showed you he was pinned down by bullets and winced and grunted in pain when they struck. Nightlighters ability to take more pain and actually turn that into greater strength (more adrenaline) will increase that more. Frankly with argus sight, predictive vision, canine hearing, smell, reflexes and speed, and Batmans MA skills I don't plan on getting hit to much. One of the scans of Argus shows his vision showing him the projectile path of multiple projectiles and avoiding them. Let's not forget anti-metal weapons can also make short work of any projectiles I can't completely dodge (at least take a bit of sting out of)

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OK Haven't seen the build's listed anywhere so

Here's mine

(15) Dingo (Claws, Teeth, Loss of Speech, Enhanced Senses, werewolf physicals)

(25) Argus Vision (Argus)

(10) Adrenaline Manipulation (Nightfighter)

(10) Martial Arts Mastery (Bruce Wayne )

(10) Weapon Mastery (marksmanship)

(15) Legion Flight Ring

(15) Anti-Metal Claws and Energy Daggers (Black Panther)

Standard gear

British AS50 sniper rifle. with 2 spare 10 round box magazines

Beretta M9/92s in side holsters 2 spare clips

Bayonet in boot sheath

Fanny pack with an extra box of 20 shells for each gun That should fit in the fanny pack and still leave room for a few sherikins)

Dingo's body gives me enhanced smell and hearing (Canine level). Good physicals in speed and agility and natural stealth when in Lupine form. It also means only silver bullets kill me, though Standard bullets are still bloody painful.

Nightfighter's adrenaline ability enhances my physicals (which courtesy of meat sack are already above normal) by a factor of ten. It means he can endure greater punishment (so can handle those painful bullets better) and increases his healing.

Now having Batman's martial arts ability would (due to the conditioning of having mastered every style on the planet/127 styles - whichever you choose as correct) place my human form near professional/Olympic level athlete. Obviously Batman himself is peak human but I only have his MA skills and not his acrobatic, or physical training regime to enhance other areas. When he transforms to Lupine form his agility and speed will enhance a little. Adding in the Adrenaline abilities of Nightfighter due to the RJ7 virus in his bloodstream (a virus fatal to all but the mentally insane or a rare .05% of people like Adam who have a rare blood condition)

Now an elite athlete bench presses around 400lbs while an advanced just around 320 (145 to 181). If we take a conservative figure of 340 (154 kg) then that would make my build around a 1 and half tonner from my normal human stats. From my Lupine form I would say 2 tonne wouldn't be a stretch.

Finally I have Arus' vision. That magic vision that sees the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Infra red, ultra violet, xray. the ability to see potential future actions, see the truth in things, break code, see how things fit together. See radio waves, energy signatures and more.

Combined with the flight (and limited ability to levitate other objects that only really Dream Girl ever mastered) of a flight ring makes me one of the most mobile characters on the field.

30 Days

I will spend my thirty days in intensive training. Using Bruce Wayne's martial art skills I will adapt my own form of combat specifically designed to make the most of combining the flight ring with the anti-metal claws and energy daggers. For someone who has mastered every martial art on the planet creating one specifically designed to involve flight and the claws and daggers should not be difficult.

This training will all be conducted in my human form until the moves and actions are sub conscious in nature. Doing so with no enhancements will only make the combat form that much more effective when you add in the extra agility and speed of Dingo's Lupine form when he transforms.

Reaction to attacks.

Due to Argus vision, I will be the first to be aware of the attacking enemy, being able to see their approach before they enter the room. I will warn my closest allies of the coming attack so that they are set and ready as well. Combining Batman's bullet timing combat skills with Argus vision that allows me to project trajectories and see next moves avoiding attacks shouldn't be much of a problem. At this point I'm still in human form until I get into cover (no point giving away my werewolf nature too early). I'm saving ammo for now and instead will wait until the enemy gets in close for melee combat. Anti-metal claws and daggers should reek havok on thier armor.

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well yeah.. except, nate will take over dr. occult and other character's mind before they do anything........

Well that just isn't going to happen at all. Occult's mystic disk of the 7 can literally redirect any assault of any type made against him back at his attacker.

A protection he can offer to his entire team. He doesn't even have to know what type of attack it is to counter it. His disk just literally sends any attack back on the attacker (the one in the scans just happens to be a PSI attack conveniently)

occult's hypnotism is a short ranged attack.. it won't work from 2 miles distance at the beginning.... but nate's will

Occult's hypnotism is like all the powers granted by his disk and isn't short range at all. It's a part of how his PSI works and his illusions are all based on it. He has used it over entire city blocks and in one instance over an entire plane of existence. Even if this were the case he can transport himself through the astral plane instantly

In the fist scan he senses something outside his universe. In the second and third during COIE he and Alan Scot were the nexus to spread the power of DCU mystics across the entire multiverse (at least what was left of it). The fourth scan he ported in so quick he caught Superman by surprise. In the final scan he ported out of a room where he was drinking coffee to teach Fate how to teleport and returned only an instant after his cup hit the floor. Range is hardly a problem for him.

so... nowhere in the world your characters are safe from nate... and knowing we are fighting a death battle against an opponent, he will attack their minds in an instant.

and as you can see, even powerful telepaths aren't safe from nate.. none of your characters have the resistance against nate.

Occult has precog as well so will know of any assault that will happen (sense it) and I'm afraid we do have the resistance with his Disk to just about anything. there is literally no attack he can't counter.

Hell he can watch an entire event "outside of time" and know things about people that even near omniscient characters like Phantom Stranger aren't aware of

as you can see, nate will be quite quick on his attack.. because no matter if his body isn't that fast (he has feats of tagging a teleporting nightcrawler, and other feats suggests him to be a very high hypersonic person in body speed).. but his mind can react at a speed faster than light.... he'll attack here using his mind alone and take control of your characters.

None of which beats surprising Superman, out moving a GL (both courtesy of an ability over time), or out doing the only flash who has to maintain lower than light speed for the majority. The feats for three of my team. You've already seen the first two in scans here is the third.

Speed is DEFINITELY NOT on your side.

obsidion's soul possession looked to be not an issue from 2 miles apart... though it looked more like he controlled their mind not soul.

His power is over souls not minds. His shadow can absorb souls and the time from souls. Read it how you like it doesn't change the fact.

todd did not do that intentionally to brainwave jr. so saying this..

...regarding that scan is not right...... as for seeing chaos and getting frightened, well that shows brainwave jr's mental weakness...

firstly, nate is a stronger telepath than brainwave jr. ... and secondly......

No Todd didn't it happened to Hank simply by being around Todd. I can show plenty of other scans of Todd actively doing it though

Also dude I doubt that Nate is that much more powerful than hank. We are talking about a TPer who can achieve what Martian Manhunter cannot. A TPer who has casually TP scanned the entire planet. Who has controlled two armies to destroy themselves against the very nature of self preservation. Who has defeated Ultra Humanite in TP battle ( A Tper who has controlled several beings from another dimension and TP communicated with himself across four decades of time). We are also talking about a guy who absorbed his fathers TP power and his father has TP commanded the Jim Corrigan Spectre to do his bidding. The same guy who mentally dominated two GL's with strong TP resistance feats for pages (the same story in fact in which Todd's mere presence made him a basket case. Who mentally dominated a TPer on Maxima's level while fighitg a team of powerhouses elsewhere with only an aspect of his persona.

Sorry dude but doing that to hank is a very valid feat to vs Nate.

nate have extended precognition (more of a future sight).......... he sees chaos and destruction all the time... even upcoming chaos.. which would horrify any other people and loose their mind....

So Nate has precog, I've already shown you that occult does too and so does Obsidian

No advantage to either of us is it.

nate can see the future, he'll know if he'd have trouble with obsidion's mind or not, if he feels he'd have trouble, he'll not try to attempt it in the first place.....

Hank didn't "try" to do anything either. he was overcome by the vast darkness in the mind of Todd just by his presence. He didn't try to read him. This was after Hank had regained his sanity after seeing into the minds of "millions" of beings at once (10th scan of BW last one top row). He could take the mental anguish of millions of minds but simply being near Todd was completely overwhelming.

so.. we have here your whole team mind controlled by nate within moments after the battle starts......................

No you don't because Occult can protect my entire team with his disk. With his precog he can know to protect them and when and your attack is voided.

if nate doesn't tp obsidion as i said here... he can always have blue devil to use his time alteration to slow down obsidion's relative time, who's right beside him, to almost a stand still... it'd give my team a hilarious amount of time :D

Todd also has precog and can see literally anywhere. he could sense what was going to transpire if Occult didn't. Even if for the sake of argument we assume that Occult's disk fails to protect him and his team mates Todd could simply use his soul possession to possess his own team as well as yours and I retain control of all of them.

Unfortunately you haven't come up with an effective counter for any of my attacks and are still at stage one, with my strategy unbroken and most of your counter effectively dealt with.

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@beatboks1: As far I remember it was Hood amped by Dormammu:

But awesome scans anyway, Daimon does stomp this battle.

PS: Since you know a lot about Daimon, I want to ask if what they said about him on Hellcat is true, I can't believe he can be related to either Satannish and Dormammu.

Dormammu was taking Hood as a host. True he hadn't fully come into this plane but still a valid feat for binding the power of Dormammu.

as to the relative question there are many contradictions throughout Marvel hell law. At one point (and it's often referenced) there was a line that all Marvel hell lords were simply a different aspect/manifestation of Satan.

On the next page we saw Satan show that he was also the light/almighty

If we take that view than being the son of Satan also means being the son of Mephisto, Satannish, Dormammu etc.

This was contradicted in the 2007 Mini (which as far as I can recall is the latest retcon on it) where it was shown that hell has realm/soverignties bordering on each other and a delicate balance between them is maintained through detente ( I'd have to post dozens of pages and breach forum rules re copyright to show the full context). During that mini Osiris' wife was attempting to revive him and that would leave a vacuum in the hells that Satan was manipulating events to take advantage of and gain a stronghold. Daimon worked out what his father was up to and appeared to be working with Isis and Horus to revive Osiris only to thwart them and ensure he could never be revived again to kill his fathers plan.

To revive Osiris Isis needed to gather all his body parts and perform a ritual. Daimon did it for her and then killed him again took the heart, put it in a safety deposit box and then disposed of the key down a sewer so that the ritual could never be performed again. Satan was pretty pissed that he would never be able to make that power move.

Currently no, but throughout Marvel history there are plenty of times where that has been depicted as the case. just depends on the writer and the day.

I realize that makes it as clear as mud, but it's the way it is.

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Rules etc were


This is the big leagues. Your favorite heroes or villains need some respect? Then this is the right place. This tourney is all about teams and respect. However some teams are not as powerful as others without proper teammates. So in this way we have a point system.Your given 10 points. Spend them wisely. Example of this would be Rogues, they have high class characters like Mirror Master, or Abra, but they would still need characters like Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, ect to be effective. Other teams like Thor and Beta Ray bill would need no other characters. So with that said here is the outline.

Edited: No longer need character who work together. can be from wherever you like to pull them from. However Teamwork and In Character are factors when making teams. Remember that.

10 points

5 Points

Strength and Durability: Moon Busting levels. Must be harmed with Sky Scraper level attacks though. (Example is Superman can tank a planet exploding, but punches from 1,000,000 toners or even lower still harm him in the long run. Same for characters like Invincible, Goku, Thor, and every other high tier character.)

Speed Light Speed in Combat. (Does not apply to Reaction or Travel.)

Energy Damage: Moon Busting levels. (Energy attacks include Psychic, Magic, Cosmic, and all other Science like energies.)

Molecule Manipulation, Transmutation, BFR abilities are limited to a Sky Scraper in scope. (If your character has the ability to manipulate, or transmute, or BFR on a scale beyond Sky Scraper level, they are not allowed. Resistance to these attacks is unlimited.)

3 Points

Strength and Durability: Mountain Range levels. Must be harmed with Sky Scraper level attacks though.

Speed Lightning Fast speed in Combat.

Energy Damage: Mountain Range levels.

Molecule Manipulation, Transmutation, BFR abilities are limited to Large House in scope.

1 Point

Strength and Durability: Skyscraper busting or lower. Must be harmed by tank busting attacks though.

Speed Hyper Sonic or lower in Combat.

Energy Damage: City busting or lower.

Molecule Manipulation, Transmutation, BFR abilities are limited to a Single Human Size Person in Scope.

Other Rules

  • Time can be slowed to Nano Seconds, or Speed up to Light Speed. Cannot be frozen.
  • Mental Powers is not restricted at all.
  • Soul Powers are allowed.
  • Characters must been part of a team.
  • BFR is allowed.

Plot Device

Your team may not be the most versatile one. As in they have no answer to BFR, or manipulation of some kind. Fear not, in comics/manga we have a little thing called PLOT! it exists in fictional works and here as well. Choose a Plot for your team to help out.

No BFR: Team is Immune to BFR.

No Mental or Soul Manipulation: Team is Immune to TP or Soul Attacks.

No Molecule Manipulation or Transmutation: Team is Immune to MM or Transmutation attacks.

No Time Manipulation: Team is Immune to Time control abilities.

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Damion feats?

Has contained Dormammu and Blackheart in force fields.

has defeated his father satan more than once

He bested other hell lords like Mephisto and Satanish

has tanked energy manip of high order and laughed it off.

has endured a fall from the stratosphere with no problem

Defeated planetary level telepaths.

His presence has destabilized entire planes of existence just because of his power level.

has healed and brought back from the dead with just a touch

has defeated all of hell

most of these were prior to becoming hell lord

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@dane: I think my build will surprise a few, not the characters I usually go for (well all but one power )