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Bruce Banner

Comet (MLJ Silver Age Version- he was depowered and relied completely on gear to replace his lost powers)

Micheal Holt

Terry Sloane

Intelligence Quota- If all members of your team are considered genius level, you get an extra 3 mid tier points

  • You get 20 points for high tier
  • You get 15 points for mid tier + 3 18
  • You get 10 points for low tier
  • You must spend all your points

Top Level Items

  • Mother Box (10)
  • Cosmic Rod (8)
  • Dr. Alchemy's Philosophers stone (2)

Mid Level Items

  • Batman One Millions Armor (5)
  • Blacklight Projector (3)
  • 2 Low Level Points (1) x 7 (i.e 14 low level points)

total 20

Low Level items

  • Mentos Helmet (10)
  • 5 T-Spheres (7)
  • Batman Beyond armor (5)
  • Webshooters (2)
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Never mind second question I just saw I can buy points for lower tiers from above

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Two questions.

1. If I choose a version of a character that has no powers without his gear even though another version would be over the limit is that allowed?

2. Can I swap points for high or mid tier for low. Say I wanted to spend 15 points in low tier gear if I only spent 10 in mid or 5 less in high is that allowed?

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Feats of this? R they spiritual?

Detecting Ian Karkull (shadow being no substance), detecting JOhnny Sorrow (intangible), Detecting Shade, gentleman ghost, and per Degaton who all have phantom forms Shade is a shadow as well, JG is a spirit).

Feats of them attacking hypersonic enemies? Doesn't matter though because Saber,Archer & Illya can teleport to the buildings.

The Juggernaught legion in the scans already posted (where Comet flies in and attacks after penetrating their inpenatrable force field. The ship was also firing effectively on them

  1. Those demons are not even moving. Archer's arrows travel at hypersonic speed
  2. He's only using the trident in one direction while Archer can fire homing arrows attacking him at multiple directions,even omnidirection if he's close enough. Didn't u see the video i posted?
  3. I only count him BFR eight demons. Archer can create several dozens of arrows & fire them all at once each with their own unique abilites. For example, sword arrows that negates healing or arrows infused with lightning etc.

Once again, there's no way you will be able to BRF all of them at once.

Yes they were moving. there were several dozen. the first panel showed 12 or 13 (count the shadowy heads as well), the second showed 8 and they had different shaped bodies and heads than those on the first. Nebrios summoned a horde of demons to fight the mexican army and with that one point he BFR'd all of them all across a large battlefield.

Archer & Saber r both far more agile than him & have tagged enemies faster than him. Agility & dexterity won't help him here. 80/km/h is nothing & Archer can tag beings going at hypersonic speed with his bow confirmed by the god of words himself

As I just explained That was BD pre two upgrades. Since the Upgrades he has reacted to beings far beyond sonic speed level. His stats were several times what they were then by the end of pre 52.

Archer holds his own against someone with hypersonic + combat speed. Far faster and skilled in close combat than Archer. Yet Archer blocked every single thrust because he can read/predicts the enemy's movements with his hawk like eyes.

BD has held his own against someone who operates sub light speeds (Etrigan) . he can't move that fast but he has reacted to them.

Once again, he may be faster in travel speed but there's absolutely nothing that tells me what's his combat speed. For example, Thor can travel at FTL yet he consistently get humiliated by mere street levels. What exactly is the difference here? Travel speed isn't = combat speed. Superman's travel speed is faster than WW but the same cannot be said for his combat speed. Get what i mean? + That *herald* guy doesn't seem to use his speed.

So I show you two scans of his "reacting to" and taking down two characters who's speed is over the limits of the tourney and you ask for more. It is the opponents he "reacts to that are faster then the tourney NOT him. his best speed feat is an 800km flight in an hour (not even mach 3). That herald guy had just blitzed an entire superhero team EXCEPT southern cross. the reason he was saying is that all you got. Bottom line you can have honed or trained senses to react to things faster than you move, yes. You can't however have slower reactions than your own speed. WW can and has reacted to things that move at greater speeds than she can. Superman can still react to anything that mvoes at the peak of his speed. My team is all at the limits of the speed in this tourney due to my prep giving them Comet's gear. As such they can react to anything up to the limits of speed in the tourney. It's simple relativity, their relative rate of motion means they can operate on that level. you don't and never have had a speed advantage. You can't unless you admit YOU break the limits.
So he merely disarmed a random dude? What's that guy's reaction & speed then? Durability?AHH no he used the exact same type of attack to shut down Grandstanders gear. he wasn't disarmed because his "weapons" are a part of his uniform. His uniform is filled with circuitry (clearly visible when Night fighter grabs his tunic) that allowed him to mimic every one of Dark nebula's powers to frame him and have the Southern Squadron hunt him down.Grandstander dropped the batton when it had the feedback loop.

OHH did i never mention it? Saber, Archer, Illya & Miyu fights intangible enemies all the time. That's the beauty of magic. They all have conceptual weapons that can easily affect beings w/o form. So yes, Excalibur would definitely one-shot. Btw that guy inside the sea monster can turn intagnible for example but the Excalibur completely erased him.

I highly doubt u can disarm the heroic spirits Noble Phantasm because they can simply summon it again & because of their connection to it.They're weapons they have had throughout centuries. + Illya & Miyu's weapons have a mind of their own kinda like Blue Beetl scabbard.

Absolutely everything you just described describes BD's trident. meaning it is a perfect counter for it. The trident appears in his hand when he wants it. Fires blasts of immense power (so much so that he can take on Nebrios and harm him when Zatanna's magic couldn't even move him). He has set up force fields etc. He has fought and defeated a green Lantern (John Stewart) and Zatanna with it (while possessed I might add and fighting for control of his own body, so reasons NOT to be operating at peak)

Your also forgetting about Amamiya's Psi cameras & Saber,Archer & Illya can teleport to any point in the battlefield. Miyu, Amamiya & Abyss(Amamiya's other self) can simply guard the main building. Like i said, you also have to hack & guard the main buildings for five whole minutes so a fight cannot be avoided between Comet. The buildings r indestructible so the beams ain't gonna do nothing.

No I haven't. None of that will detect a character who is at the size of an ant and beneath your notice. A fact you conceded to already. You have no reason to even suspect that Comet is anywhere near wher he actually is and go to "stop him. You will with your life force sensory capacity be sensing my other 3 team mates and y 5 Animal man dupes approaching from far away. WHY would you even suspect that one of my team is inside the bases when he is beneath anyones notice???I rather wanna see them.I already provided a feat of him reacting to a flash from"rotworld". While on a world with very few animals for him to access he could react to and beat a flash by stacking powers. I can't stack powers to circumvent the limits but I can stack to meat them. Add to which that feat is better than required anyway. So I wont be wasting my time pulling out Animal comics to prove what I already have.

That's still travel speed if you cannot control it however u want it to.He needs to accelerate. I've already shown you that Superman, Wonderwoman scan.

AND ONCE AGAIN, Superman doesn't have trained honed reflexes, but he can rat to light speeds because he operates at that level. Wonder Woman can react to things faster than her speed due to training and practice. Your example of Thor not reacting to things is completely different because Thor's only means of traveling at speeds is for him to be dragged by his mystic hammer (that goes where he wants it to). He has never run or moved at such speeds without the hammer throw.

You keep forgetting that life force signals isn't the only thing i have. There's also spiritual detection & Amamiya's psi smokes. Anyways, like i mentioned above, Miyu & Amamiya would simply guard the main building because their power is more suited to defend. Miyu could erect a shield around the building & Amamiya can release her thought waves to cause every enemy to hallucinate once they come close to the area. It directly invades the body so i doubt some simple TP shield would work.

Once again, you will have to defend the main building for five whole minutes before you can secure the data & that's more than enough for my team to take you down. Some of you would probably get killed even b4 you reach it. I've told you this countless of times.

I have forgotten nothing. When I asked for proof that you could detect subatomic or micro character you said you had none. So you have no way of detecting Comet at the size I made him in my OP to start his mission. His life force would not even raise a blip in the "radar" at that size. To defend your base with your senses you have a space ship launching assaults from the air and 8 enemies that you can sense the approach of. That's not even counting the T-Sphere that can also assault you with lasers, the trident that can operate under BD's mental control and attack you separately, or the distant TK assailts of Southern Cross and the real Animal man wearing the mento helmet.

Yet your saying you wont engage or defend from the ememies you can detect and instead defend from the one you can't and don't even know is there. perfectly logical (NOT). In effect keeping your team occupied for five minutes WHILE Comet gets the codes is "defending the main building.

The rules say I can only create 5 dupes. If they're destroyed I would assume i can create 5 more. As such i can send my 5 Animal man copies to attack you while the remaining three members of my team stay at spawn point and attack from a far. Courtesy of desolvo rays in their comet gloves, TK of Southern Cross and real animal mans Mento helmet, and the magic attacks of BD's trident on top of laser blasts etc from a T-sphere and the artillery of Comet's ship, more than enough to keep you very busy. Should you destroy my copy Animal men he just makes 5 more to go in and engage you (or one for everyone you take out as you take it out. There is absolutely no reason why you should ever even get near enough to my team to be able to do ANYTHING. The five Animal men alone can have reactions to match or exceded everyone on your team. Speed that is able to match, superior strength, Durability that has allowed an animal based character to go straight through Amazo's inpenatrable hide. Not to mention hundreds of other abilities like super hearing and sense of smell (so can even react before your team are even near them) and more. Keeping you busy for 5 minutes should really be childs play. Quite frankly you NEED vastly superior reactions just to deal with everything I'm launching at you.

Btw, don't you think bringing in a weapon that can take down a planet busting attack is a bit much in this tourney? I guess i am allowed to use Saber's most powerful magical item then.

Not when you consider how the weapon did it. It was an anti gravity gun that when fired made the planet busting attack fly away. Launch it and your entire team can't even keep their feet on the ground

Finally there is this. While my team are so engaged with you they are also mind lined. Blue Devil is an engineering genius who made his power suit before it was mystically merged to him made organic and enhanced. Using the TP link my team has courtesy of the Mento helmet. He can use Comet's know how from behind the lines (and behind a force field of his magic trident, southern Cross's TK, Animal man's Mento helmet TK and Comet coves power rays to create this.

In a panel he created a device that could mentally over power a Psionic like Brain Emporer who had mentally subjugated thousands at once, entire armies.

This pretty much invalidates any mental attack you would launch on us. Even without the fact that Animal man has himself used TP powers by taking on the power of Bwanna Beast combined with the fact that he wears a helmet that enhances his metal powers.

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Can it scan non-corporeal invisible spiritual beings?

Several of the JSA's enemies are and it's detected them on carious occasions

Yes i get it but i don't understand why u brought it up? This is what u said.

"Comets ship crosses star systems in workable time frames. Hypersonic won't be a problem."

So how exactly won't that be a problem? Did u meant that ur ship can travel at hypersonic + speed? or that u can keep up with thir opponent's speed.

The ships sensors and auto navigation have to deal with vast speed reactions. I don't see hypersonic as a problem for it's auto targeting.

I would like to see him BRF attacks as strong and as fast as Archer's arrows then. Maybe he can BRF some of them but there's no way he can BRF all of them at once.

That one's easy.

Hows a couple of dozen demons.

His trident taps the magic of an entire mystical realm

It's allowed him to defeat Nebiros twice. Nebiros is a hell lord who Zatanna has found out it took all th mages of several empires combined to defeat and exile him the first time.

But BD has beaten him solo not just once but twice

With his trident he has kicked Nebrios out of Earths realm twice and sealed the door. A trident he willingly says even years later after two demonic upgrades he still can't understand ALL it's powers.

Etrigan certainly thought that it was going t give him the rule of hell.

Archer can shoot it at a machingun-rate fire with extremely high accuracy at hypersonic + speed.

So Dan's agility and dexterity are off the charts

Bare in mind that this was from issue 5 of his first run. Back then in strength he was a 15 to 20 toner. and had speed or around 80km/h. he's had two upgrades since then. one when he sold his soul to Neron for a power upgrade and another when he went from half blood demon to full. he can now actually give Etrigan a reasonable physical fight (he can't win but he can lost quite a while). Etrigan can hit Superman hard enough to send him flying to the moon. Can tank a hell of a lot of damage, and can react to supes attacks. BD is below him physically by a bit but close enough to actually make a fight go the distance.

As i see it from the scans. It requires time for him to do it first. Time he doesn't have if he's that close to any of my fighters except Amamiya. How durable is Dark Nebula exactly & what's his reaction speed? It doesn't matter if he have faced an opponent with greater power but doesn't have the speed nor the durability.

The guy he fought in the scan is faster than anyone on your team because he's above every limit set in this tourney. DN is IMO mid herald level (some say high herald), one of Dark nebula's powers includes complete time manipulation. he can warp time and space around someone to make them never have existed. He traveled from a distance star system to earth in 18 months. That scan was the first time he used it, he has used it since in many ways to affect electronic weapons and much more without a moments thought.

Here he is in the next page of the same story (unfortunately from my B&W Australian Cyclone original not the colour Malibu reprint) doing it to DN's enemy Grandstanders gear in an instant without even thinking about it (he'd learned)

So no time required to do it at all.

As it is said in this scan, it can target aprox 1000 enemies & instantly destroy them all

How pray tell does it go against intangible enemies?? remember ALL my team has the gloves and helmet of Comet courtesy of my prep that will allow them to be intangible. There is a limit to intangibility in the rules but I should be able for ALL my team to be intangible long enough to avoid your attacks. Plus what happens if your fingers should be removed from the sword.

This is a feat SC can do even without his cane amplifier. so with it it's child's play. Before you say his spirit form, we've just seen his TK affect the intangible psionic abilities of DN in my last post. So that doesn't give you an out.

It can be used in various ways. At close-combat, a simple streak of beam that expands or an omnidirection excaliblast that cause such huge AoE, power and speed that none of your team will survive from. Fact is that they have never tanked such an attack as Excalibur.

So my team goes intangible once to let the blast pass us. SC uses his TK to remove the fingers holding the sword and it's now mine to wield. never mind the fact that we have a mystic weapon to match which can likely simply block the blast.

Impressive but it took 15 seconds for him to do all that. Illya & Miyu can tank it with their shield.Archer can simply turn intangible & Saber have her wind barrier & magic armor that have tanked worse..

I think you've forgotten what my plan is. I've stated twice that I'm not seeking engagement. Comet is going to shrink to a size he would not be detectable and get inside the military bases to get codes. He's not attacking you (I don't need him to). However him using his vision to melt the insides of the doors and secure the building will be a suitable back up for the rest of your team being busy fighting mine. Remember your facing my four team members PLUS the 5 animal men, plus the attacks form Comet's space ship, plus any of my team can summon the auto build weapons that averted a planet busting attack in the scan I used in "comet gear's feats.

So ur merely assuming what the writer intented? Is there any more feats of his superhuman reaction speed?

No it's really pretty clear. if your reaction is only increased by a factor of 10 when you take on the altered time rate of a creature then it's quite clear that the creature in question has a different relative rate of 1/10 that of a human. The scan STATES he uses the relative time rate of an ant. It SHOWS in the scan an image of a QUEEN ant. Queens have longer life spans than the soldiers and depending on the species of ant are between 5 to 13 years. You can call that assumption if you'd like but it's pretty well supported. There are but I don't need them and

Meh, i didn't wanna bother. I mean, i don't have the full context & have never debated with someone who exaggerates their characters abilities more so than what they're capable of & expect their opponent to refute them. + At first, It looked to me that he was fast enough to escape velocity in that first scan & it requires him to be around Mach 34 at least.

1. I suggest you get used to the idea. there are several players in this tourney who play it that way and if you don't question feats like that then you'll be in serious trouble. Darkraiden for example has used Vixen to make thousands of duplicates with copied powers despite the fact that she herself has never actually used the power of duplication.

2. Your making false assumptions about escape velocity. The 11km/s escape velocity speed refers to the speed that an object would need to have in an upward direction at ground level to escapes Earths gravitational pull IF no other force other than gravity was used on it after launch. This assumes zero thrust after that initial velocity. Many of the early Apollo missions that successfully escaped earths gravity didn't achieve "escape velocity. Absolutely NONE of them achieved it under their own power. In fact most couldn't go a quarter that velocity under their own thrust. In case you didn't know the mach ten barrier wasn't broken until as recently as 2004 (and in actual fact they fell a little short), the same year that the mach 7 barrier was broken. yet we reached the moon 36 years earlier at a time not long after they had just broken mach 6. It's easy enough to look up.

Well, You have merely shown me their travel speed so far & have yet to show any impressive combat speed. That's what i meant when i said my characters holds the speed advantage. It seems to me that most of your chars doesn't have fast enough reaction nor the durability to hold their own in a fight against their foes & could potentionally get one-shotted especially when they're up against a team without morals.

Once again I say look up relativity. If I can travel at a speed i can react at the speed. When you drive a car at 100km/h on the highway and enter into city limits where the speed limit is 50km/h you feel as if your going slow. It's a fact of life. Combat speed feats only benefit people who lack speed and fight at higher speed. When your traveling at such speeds on a highway the cars going the same speed as you seem average, cars moving even 10km/h slower appear slow. You have more time to react to them because your relative frame reference is much higher. The same car to a person walking on a sidewalk seems very fast.

Still, that's different from fighting against some1 & react to their atks. I'd like to see him utilize it during a battle.

It's really not. If your approaching the ground at mack 10 and you pull up and accurately fires shots that hit a target spot on, that is exactly the same as reacting to an opponent moving that fast.

Alright but 280 MPH seems extremly low if we look at his competition.

For his travel speed yes but since he can alter his relative time rates he can react vastly better than his travel speed. Let's take the scan alone of him increasing his reactions to 10 times with a animals relative life span that is vastly larger than he can draw on. this means he could react to speed s of 2800km/h or mach 2.3. Make that a mayfly and he can react to the maximum speed of the tourney.

It looks like he need to touch someone or something to transmutate & that would be suicidal if he went up against the heroic spirit. So what's Magneto's power? Ur not talking about the Marvel Magneto i guess.

Anyways, it seems most of these things are not really useful in the midst of a battle.

How so as you approach I transmute a tree to bubber that I use the force rays of the gloves to make a shield over me that I then transmute to a promethium/titanium allow. DCU Promethium has the property of being stronger the more force it's hit with. the more energy put into destroying it the more durable it gets. it was designed by Dayton industries (same people who made the mento helmet) so my team would be aware of it. Especially with genius' like Comet.

Of course there is no use to being able to summon a weapon that builds itself and is capable of taking down a planet busting attack. Or being able to magnetically move metal in the air away from where you are 9another means of us taking Excaliber). No use in EVERY single member of my team have disolvo rays, or being able to manipulate light in many ways

Your completely forgetting the fact that Illya can instantly teleport herself & defend the encryption data.

You completely forgetting that Comet' ship has teleporters also controlled mentally my Animal man. That BD can open dimensional portals. That Comet is at such a size you won't detect him (and even if you did you would consider him a non threat (unless your team is sensing and reacting to every other ant in the vacinity as though it's a threat. You have absolutely no reason to even go to where Comet is because you have no reason to suspect he has gotten that far. Your team should however be seeking out the threats they detect and seeking to prevent them. Since my team that you can detect aren't actually trying to get to the encrypted data OR our target you have every reason to believe you've won and get complacent.

Mento helm feats tomorrow.

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umm, you do know that the speed limit is Mach 10 both for running & flying, right?

Yes I'm aware of the speed limit. I had expected that since you were debating so well you'd call the obvious errors in my statements that can be seen in the scans and through debate prove I was at the speed limit.

In the first scan the man is still conscious and screaming when dropped. He had started to "choke" which would happen as oxygen thins. We loose consciousness when the oxygen level drops a mere 10% and because of this air craft that fly only a few km high need to be pressurized. For him to still be conscious would mean he was at most 10 km high. 10/85 is about .12 which makes it mach 6

The second scan where I said he flies from Florida to Chicago in a Panel he didn't. Yes he flew from Florida to Chicago but in the panel he crossed a valley, seemingly many times faster than a propeller driven comercial plane. The feat was from the 40's (a decade before the sound barrier was broken) so that plane would have be sub sonic and it's therefore only a mach speed feat also.

The Third is so vague and unquantifiable. Put simply he is at the speed limits so there is no way you have a speed advantage. You'll notice despite the scans I didn't state I did either.

My aim was simply to bamboozle voters with speed feats and throw any argument of speed doing anything out the window. Speed in this scenario wont accomplish anything for you.

I wouldn't rly call that a reaction feat since he saw it all coming. + He easily breaks the speed limit if he's truly as fast as u claim.

Dude not hitting the ground at that speed is a reaction feat. simple fact is relativity. You can react at the speed your at because relative to you everything else is slow. For the record also, teh scan in my previous post his ship tractor beaming up Atlantis is a couple of panels later. He ship was in orbit a couple of pages ago but it wasn't when he and the others left.

Well that's confusing.

Confusing how. He can stack the powers of animals so take on the speed of multiple creatures to get as fast as needed. In the tourney Dedman rightfully suggested a limit on how much he can do that.

Feats of Comet's gears?

Matter transmutation, duplicate Magneto's power, grant others the temporary power of flight, summon gear from his base to out build a planet saving weapon (in this case space ship) in moments. There is also a scan in there of a device he built that using his team mates minds can detect the approaching threat from deep space (like the altroxian sensors already shown)

I don't think that's enough for him to survive Archer's Kadabolg & Saber's Excalibur which i'm going to post later.

Here we see vixen take on the durability of a dung beetle to go straight through Amazo. So I rather think it is.

Light speed huh? That's a big claim. He says that his reaction is multiplied by ten & that's nowhere LS if his reaction is the same as a human in base that is.

The scan was of him taking on the comparative life span of an ant. Ants have varying life spans some 90 days, some a year and others (certain queen ants) 9 to 13 years. I would assume that the writer was referencing the later since 10 times would be what something with the comparative life span of a 9 yr life creature would have. I gave an example of what is possible if he takes on the life span of the shortest live creature in existence (which only lives 1 day). 1 day is 1/90 of 90 days so 90 times that reaction so his reactions would be 900 times normal. 1 day is 1/4628 of 13 years so 4628 times the 10 times reaction he had or his reactions are 46280 times a normal human.

At the time of the scan he could only take on powers of creatures in a certain range of him. He can now take on the powers of any animal anywhere in the DCU.

Everyone in my team also have a healing factor & can easily heal non-fatal wounds in seconds

I actually don't have to engage your team. I simply have to perform a mission and acquire data to win. My whole strategy is about keeping you occupied while I do that. Courtesy of the attacks from Comet's ship. The dupes of Animal mad and all the other things I have I can quite easily do so while Comet completes the mission alone.

Have to leave for work so will cover rest later.

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Team two. Bane is useless (what exactly does a 5 tonner do against 100 tonners ?) and Grundy I doubt can handle both ( I've never heard of Abomination giving off energy so nothing for Grundy to absorb and amp with from him)

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Feats for this? Still, that's only hypersonic travel speed. Have he ever used his speed in a battle?

Here he flies to the upper levels of the atmosphere in a couple of panels (lets say 3, no generous and say 5 seconds). The upper atmosphere is about 85km. that 85000m in 5 seconds or 17000m/s. That's mach 49.

He had just been in his space ship in orbit the previous page. Darkling (the girl in black) is a mystic who's cloak opens a dimensional portal to teleport through (the way she and Shield got there). Comet arrived ahead of them despite the fact that they used instantaneous travel. Even though he had to breach an impenetrable wall he still got there first. He has a teleporter aboard his ship, if he wasn't as fast as he is he would have used that rather than simply fly down. As you can see he also managed to react fast enough to attack even at the rate he was traveling before they know what hit them.

He's also flown from NYC to Chicago in a panel ( this was a few panels before the top scan).

Based on a google search that nearly 800 miles.

Not to mentioned raced through Chicago vaccinating hundreds in seconds

You don't have a speed advantage. But if you'd like i can probably throw up a few dozen more examples.

Yea & that's why i asked for scans how exactly that works. Still i highly doubt they can detect Archer.

Unfortunately I can't find my solo issues of Comet, or the Fly from that era (only his appearances in Mighty Crusaders). He manipulates the light spectrum much like rainbow raider later did in flash comics. He could use it like radar including the non visible spectrums. I'm still looking for my issues. As for his ships scanners, they are altroxian technology. the same technology that he used to make his gloves and helmet and that was able to monitor and watch his movements from a distant galaxy.

This is the technology that the gear is based on as well as the sensors on Comet's ship. the could watch him in great detail from "across the Milky way". I suppose you think that is also a "limited range heh?

I'll keep looking for the issues however.

Okay. I saw a scan of him using thousands of T-spheres once & he only have one here so i assumed. Still, who have he detected with the T-sphere from several miles?

He detected the high speed approach of Captain Nazi and his crew before they were anywhere near JSA HQ. And the pre 52 Mr Terrific only had 5 spheres. He can task one to do a single task.

Nope they have never encountered some1 like that so i cannot say. He's only going to turn sub atomic when he enters the bunker i believe so what else is he gonna do in that size? Have he ever survived nuke lvl spiritual blasts?

He's going to be the size of an ant from the outset, so where is the scan of them "detecting an ant's life force" or being concerned about it. A life force that small they would not even consider a threat even if they did detect it.

Heh, you will have to prove how exactly they would be a problem. As far as i've seen of him, even Amamiya who isn't a real fighter could handle him.

OMG talk about underestimating a powerhouse.

In issue 50 of Animal man he and the other animal masters were able to create a universe, life on multiple
planets. That's not something he can do alone but he is the most powerful of them.


He can do better with the strength of a dung beetle (85 tons so near limit)


This is an outlier and not something he would usually do (nor am I claiming this level of speed). I'll also assume that in this tourney my staking the speed of so many animals on top of each other to match the speed of a Flash would be over the limits. In fact IIRC dedmanwalkin mentioned such a limit and I agreed. Basically in essence he can get enough speed (or strength etc) to be a match for pretty much anyone. This is just to prove how much of a threat he is, for the sake of this tourney let's say he can stack two like powers ( I assume @rd1027 that would be acceptable). In this case he could have the 200MPH of hawk in flight and the 80 odd MPH of some bugs. Not hyper sonic in and of itself but with the gear of Comet AND altered time rates no issue.

Durability of some beetles that can tank a shite load. or a rhino or a

Stegosaurus and Rhino combined


He regrew a limb when almost dead from blood loss.

Not to mention the hundreds of other powers he can pull up.

Using the digging capability of an animal to cause fissures and an earth quake, control and alter his mass, exhale knock out gas, TP, alter the DNA of other beings or merge it, control the instincts of animals, sonic blasts, radar sense of a bat, hyper sensitive senses of any animal, chameleon camouflage, electricity powers of an electric eel . Just to name a few.

That doesn't sound very impressive tbh but do show the scans.

Doesn't sound impressive. he has the relative time alteration of a creature that's life span is 2 to 5 days (I incorrectly posted minutes in my previous post- only a 10 min break sorry).

The shortest lived creature in the world is a may fly that has a life span of 1 to 24 hours (even less than the ant he took). So 1 day for him equals 85 years for us. Essentially what is a day for us becomes 31,025 days for him if he had chosen a mayfly instead of an ant. He could be as slow as molasses and you could have light speed and he could react.

I'd sure liked to see some feats of this.

He came from across the milky way (scan above) in it in 20 years (there about's). It takes light from the closest star in our universe 4 years to reach us. He was taken by the Atroxians in the 40's and returned to Earth for the Silver Age. If I have to find the scans I will but REALLY, this one is a no brainer. It has to be faster than light to travel that far in any time under centuries.

Yea but life signal detection isn't the only thing we have. For example, Amamiya's Psi cameras could see ur plan, Archer & Saber's spiritual detection could spot them. Like his name implies, Archer is a bowman & can immediately fire homing magical arrows.

Blue Devil possesses a trident that defeated a hell lord who was master of it's realm. I wouldn't say magic will go all that well for her.There is also hell fire. Etrigan has stated that if he possessed BD's trident he would have the power to rule hell. He can easily BFR your arrows as well. BFR isn't allowed on your team but I would say weapons fired at me is AOK.

The thing is as i understand it she is a psionic. That being the case she will easily be taken care of by Southern Cross.

While Southern Cross in TK power is far from high end he is very creative in the use of his power. he himself is only around 15 to 20 ton capacity with TK. In the above scan however he takes down Dark Nebula who is a herald level character. DN's TK is so powerful that his feats include catching an out of control space shuttle plummeting full throttle to earth and safely lading it with TK and holding together a mutli lane bridge during rush hour traffic while he mended it's bombed supports. The shuttle feat alone when you do the math is a 61,596 ton feat based on a shuttles normal speed at full thrust (mach 22), it's weight(165,000 pounds empty, could carry a 65,000 lb payload - without fuel) and it's acceleration due to gravity. He took out a TKer that powerful (well above the limits) despite being very well under the limits with a trick. He has used it since more than once in other ways. He also suffered a feedback but no where near as bad and he suffered less each time he did it (prepared).

Also, the enemies only have a few seconds to figure out such a plan b4 my team reach & i highly doubt he can do all that in such a little amount of time. How long exactly does it take him to give the illusions life force & how fast r they?

AHH I have 12 hours prep. So most of my attack plan was worked out prior to entering battle. If your referring to the DNA altering it's the last scan in the scans of his "hundreds of other powers". He altered blood cells in a panel to be completely different. Once my team are aware of the fact that your team is heading toward us (which we can be in a million different ways and I didn't even list all the senses Animal man can use), he can literally make his and my teams life force completely different and less likely for you to identify. A simple cut and he merges his blood cells with organisms in the air to create a life form that can coat the holograms. It's not a big thing and I doubt I'll even need or use it. but it can be done. Altering the DNA that way could even alter your own characters powers and make them harder to control.

Now let's take a look at Comet's destructive power.

He vaporized an oil tanker, it's entire cargo, AND the gasses and fireball that ensured (heated gas in the air). An oil tanker weighs around 70,000 tons and carries 550,000 tons. that's like vaporizing at least the empire state building twice over. For the record the limit of energy manipulators was city buster and two sky scrapers (even if I'm using the heaviest one on the planet ) doesn't a city make (in case you were going to call rule breaking)

That's it for now I'll get the rest of my scans tomorrow.

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On a tea break at work on phone so just a few counters.

1. Hypersonic is the speed of my entire team. Comet can fly from one city to another in a few panels and all my team are courtesy of prep equipped with the gear that mimicked his powers (blast to lower level and a few extras to compensate like scanning )

2. Countering the TP doesn't counter all the other ways we detect your team. Like shops scanners and comet power gear scans

3. T-spheres aren't all that limited in range at all. One of the scans is of analyzing an entire subway station to the microscopic level. Another has them accessing computer data and scanners etc world wide. I'm in a battle field with military bases so security systems I can access.

4. Detecting life force is fine but I'd like to see scans of them detecting a microbe or a bacteria etc. that is how small Comet's life sign will be. Also how do you attack him if he goes sub atomic?

5. Also we have 5 extra of my most powerful team member (animal man). More than enough team to continue the diversion since you will "sense" their life force

6. As for reaction Animal man has taken on the relative reactions of a fly (who's life span is in minutes) so can have hyper reactions. (Scans later).

7. Comets ship crosses star systems in workable time frames. Hypersonic won't be a problem.

8. When Animal man took on the powers of bwanna beast he could create or amalgamate life. Since his upgrade of taping the red he should be able to do this without bwanna beast around. Meaning he can give our illusions life force in a way. He won't know to do this because we don't have complete knowledge but once my team detects with their scanning that you've found us (coming our way) a genius like Comet will put 2 and 2 together pretty quickly.

That's it for now more when I get home tonight