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Prep time- you get 12 hours of prep using your character's combined resources. Anything you prep must be feasible and cant go over the limits.

Gunslinger- You get to pick one piece of non standard gear for each of your characters. This gear can not break the limits.

Gear will be

Southern Cross - Shadow-cloak

Comet - Atom's (Ray Palmer) size/mass changing apparatus (white dwarf lens and glove activator)

Blue Devil - T-sphere/mask (one only)

Animal man - Mento Helmet

Are these OK

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Cool cool. So Shield wouldn't be a problem again?

he never has been for me to use in Danes threads before and he uses the same levels as rules pretty much.

I'm pretty sure Dane even quantified one of my feats as lower than I did and I've used them all with him b4 (actually now that I think of it it was a Hawkman feat he downgraded from 5 to 2 ton).

I was just a bit chocked to here it stated he was so over the limits and I broke rules when I could just as easily put up 50/100+ scans that shows he can't lift things below 20 ton (sort of proves it has to be leverage).

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@rd1027 said:

Kind of worried about Animal Man, know nothing about him, or Southern Cross, also isn't comet over the limits? Again sorry for my limited knowledge, some of these are obscure.

Honestly Blue Devil is probably my second most powerful character choice. Animal man is just over him but only just/not by much.

Comet as Deadman said is basically Cyclops with Flight (no super strength) his blasts can be a little more powerful but not above "city level" based on feats)

Southern Cross is as deadman also said a TKer. He can lift trucks and cars easily, fly from Sydney to Brisbane in about an hour, stop a hail of bullets etc. he's beaten more powerful TKers but more though the subtlety of how he applies his power than through the power level of it.

Animal man can contact the red and take on the powers of any animal in the DCU (this also included alien animals). he can have the strength of whatever, the proportionate durability, speed etc. he has copied the ability of a bacteria to split itself and created a dozen duplicates. He has only ever been able to use 5 abilities at a time as far as I can remember, and never the same ability of two animals stacked (so he can use the strength of an animal and the speed of another but not increase his strength by using that of two, he has used flight and a dogs sense together etc).

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@erik: Congrats to the winners. Best of luck @fetts and @cjdavis103.

I would like know a little more about the judges ruling.

1. There was the inference that i broke rules in character build when the feat of the tank flip IMO was barely a 5 ton strength feat. Or as Willpayton put it in his calculations in a PM to me.

I think the drawings are somewhat badly drawn and give an incorrect perception of the distances involved, as well as the terrain. It looks like the person and the tank are much further than they realistically should be if he's using a lamp post like that. Also, it appears that the tank is at the top of a hill.

I agree with your assessment that he's using the lamp post as a lever. He sticks it under the side of the tank and uses it to lift up that side so the tank flips over and falls down the hill. This is where the badly drawn scene is misleading... it looks like he throws the tank into the air, but in reality what's happening is that it just flips over and down the hill.

Some simple math: So assuming the tank weighs 50 tons (a WWII Tiger tank weighed 54 tons, and this looks like it's about that size), he only needs to lift 25 to lift up the side like that. Then, if he sticks the pole 1/6 of the way under the tank, it means he gets a 5 x 1 mechanical advantage which means he's lifting around 5 tons. The problem for him is then he has lifted it up as much as possible and then needs to get closer (pushing the pole further under the tank). At that point his mechanical advantage drops to around 2 x 1, but he's also lifting less. So, in conclusion yes he could do it with approximately 5 tons of lifting strength. Oh, and BTW that assumes that the post wont bend which in reality it would... but this is comics and the one in the scans didnt bend, so we assume it's very tough material and doesnt bend under that stress.

I also agree that if he's not using it as a lever, then there's no point in using it at all.

I'm curious to know because I may want to use his body in the next round and it certainly doesn't defy any rules as I see them.

2. I'd also like to know how their attacks reached us. Energy is VERY much affected by gravity. Something proven by Gravitational Lensing. Light bends as it passes every gravitational field, every planet. We see this during a luna eclipse (the moon only having 1/6 the gravity of earth) when just prior and after full eclipse there is a color band of bent solar light. Now the fact that fire isn't energy but in fact hot air which of course rises as it's lighter than normal cool air) shouldn't enter into discussion since they referred to their fire attack as energy. Since correcting them would have aided their argument it wasn't exactly in our best interests.

3. I'm also curious as to how the judges saw my stat reductions. operating in 10% or less oxygen (which is the point people pass out) is a vastly greater stat reduction than being at 35% stats (which is what happens when oxygen % drops by only 20% if I'm not mistaken. I have no doubt I'm affected after I take the serum. Just want to see how the judges saw it.

Not seeking to change any decision, I understand I have presented evidence in this post that I didn't during debate (not fully anyway). Would just like a ruing especially on the stated disregard I had for rules and power levels.

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@boschepg said:

@beatboks1 said:

@boschepg: It's good to see you too dude, but I haven't seen deadman on any forum for years and we used to debate a LOT.

I dont do really do respect threads. Im checking them now to see if everything is legit with Shaman. I know him but remembering every feat is kind of hard right now so seriously, if you know of the feat just PM me. It would make it alot easier on me. Scans not needed, just tell me what you remember and Ill know around what issues you are talking about

I just saw Iron Man and Storm as limits in certain categories

Don't sweat it. I remember someone debating me on KMC in a battle thread between Shaman and Hellstrom ( who would definitely be well over the limits set) saying Shaman would take Hellstrom easily. I just found it and every incident he mentioned the context i recalled didn't place it anywhere near the level he said. So I wouldn't worry.

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@boschepg: It's good to see you too dude, but I haven't seen deadman on any forum for years and we used to debate a LOT.

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@comicdude360: Nice job using the Rogue-Multiple Man Combo, it really is nice. It is missing something to truly make it unstoppable.


Anyways, my team:

Hank Pym

Ultimate Schizoid Man


Kenji Uedo

Marvel Bonus:

Mr. Negative


Full Knowledge

Prep Time


Deadman's back, and surprise surprise he picks a size changer and Mr Negative.

If deadman's in this thing I'M IN. Give me a bit to come up with a team

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even you must admit that the wood weakness has to be the dumbest one in comics.

When he had the weakness to wood (which he hasn't for a while and I can show scans of him carrying wood with his constructs if I could be bothered looking for them) there was a very justified reason. His power comes from the magic of life. When the guardians gathered the magic to encase it in the starheart, the good magic broke free to prepare for the day that the evil magic (the starheart) did. Because his power came from life he couldn't adversely affect life, hence his power wouldn't act on the "green" to harm it. Wood in this instance represents life. Once he fully absorbed the starheart and contained it within himself his power came as much from evil as it did from life.

will not saint walker being here supercharge lanterns?

Lantern stomps

Saint Walkers power relies on Hope. Something he wont have when obsidian shows him the darkness in his soul and those of all the heroes souls around him. he will instead fall into despair. Would that mean he depowers lanterns???

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@dondave said:

@highaccuser Bloodlsuted Alan doesn't suddenly mean Full Starheart. He only became Starheart because the Starheart possessed him. It's not a power he can replicate anytime he becomes bloodlusted.

The point is if he's bloodlusted he'll willingly let the Starheart take control.

He didn't have to let the starheart take control to wield it fully at the end of his run. Not after issue 54 of Justice Society of America.

In Issue 54 Alan unleashed the full power of the starheart to D'Arken a god who is powered up by every metahuman close to him (and there were quite a bloody few in monument point at the time - Atom Smasher, Blue Devil, Billy Batson, Citizen Steel, Doctor Fate (Kent V. Nelson), Hourman (Richard Tyler), Jay Garrick, Jesse Chambers, Libby Lawrence, Lightning, Obsidian, Per Degaton, Scythe, Sonia Sato, Stargirl, Wildcat). As You'll see from the first few scans Darken becomes more powerful the longer he fights them (the more he is around their power soaking it up. Terrific tells Alan he can control the starheart and he unleashes it and then pulls it back in. He was gone after that and believed to be destroyed (well they buried an empty coffin anyway) He scacrificed himself to save Todd (his son obsidian who came too close when he was taking D'arken down)

Forum rules state most recent version unless otherwise stated. The most recent version pre 52 had power that could easily defeat a being that could solo the solo a tea,listed above (which is IMO greater than the list of lanterns in the OP. Nine Lanterns no matter how powerful aren't soloing a team of 16 heroes that includes Dr fate, Obsidian, Blue Devil (who I might add before two power upgrades defeated John steward in minutes), two flash family members, Stargirl, and Captain Marvel. That's the power that D'arken had absorbed.

Here is the BD feat

The combined power of Zatanna and John Stewart couldn't beat a possessed Blue Devil who was also fighting his possessor from within. BD got two power upgrades since then. One during underworld unleashed when he made the deal with Neron for more fame and his appearance changed. Again when he became a fullblood demon and had rank and title in hell. he was one of those present that D'arken was effortlessly soloing

I'm confused how the OP includes pre and Nu52 feats, I assume that is for the Lanterns not the JSA (since they are completely different characters pre 52)

I don't see Citizen Steel or Hourman offering anything to this battle. CS is just too slow and Hourman is way out of his league ( he's like a 5 to 7 tonner tops).

Hyppolita and PG can only keep one of the lanterns busy for a while, they wont last.

KC Superman should be able to wreck a couple of the Lanterns, he's closer (not at) PC levels.

Flash should be able to beat one, maybe two also Speed steel and all, he's used it a few times so blood lusted will).

Obsidan has already soloed Kyle and Alan so he's good for at least a couple of Lanterns. Not to mention which after the fatherland arc it stated he was back to being able to use his FULL power (which would make him Underworld Unleashed levels and probably a greater threat that Alan or Fate). Not to mention what hisa bilty to show the darkness within someone would do to a blue Lanterns power level or a yellow (they would feel fear rather than give it).

Even before Fate gained the magic library knowledge of the helm he had defeated lady Blaze in her Realm when she was amped as well as a hell lord in his.

Frankly I think the JSA take it without Alan