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Not questioning anyone's vote please don't change, just to answer your questions, fill in any omissions I made during debate so please don't take into consideration anyone who hasn't voted (In fact if you haven't voted DON'T open the spoiler).

@realitywarper said:

beatboks1 made good points but he has absolutely nothing to counter Nate's TP.

Animal man created 6 copies of himself (as per the limits set for Duplication) and took on Bwanna beasts powers which include TP, on top of Todd/Obsidian's darkness and having see the evil in every soul which unhinged one of the most powerful TPers in DCU, on top of a disk that reflects energy attacks and in the scan I showed had protected him even before he raised it to defend. I suppose I could have had Animal man stack powers the way he did to become as fast as Flash in rot world and take on other tp abilities to be Nate's equal (X6) but I used the crap out of animal man in the last round and hardly touched on the others. I wouldn't have called it "nothing". Not enough maybe but not nothing.

@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk said:

@ssj_god: But still, only 1 point? A chronosapien alone has planetary time manipulation...

I'll go with Ssj_God, he seemed more convincing to me. I'd also like to point out that I don't remember seeing a counter for Ben reversing time, unless I missed it somewhere, which would cause major problems for Beatboks given the characters he is up against.

Both Blue Devil and Dr Occult and Obsidian all have time powers - I showed the scans of BD altering time against GL so that 24 hours went by in a minute. Both those guys (Occult and BD) were also 1 point. When you consider that both can and have taken on guy's in Mephisto league and won it's even more telling.

I don't think I mentioned it in this battle (last round) but Animal man has also altered his respective time rates.

@bhutai said:
now for the final verdict, despite beatboks showing how dr. occult can redirect attacks, i saw no scans at all that says his discs can move on their own or he can block attacks from long distance (as beatboks claimed),

In the first three panels where the disk defended him from Psionic attack

As seen her in the first two panels he isn't even holding the disk. When the attack starts in the third it also isn't raised to defend him. If it required him to actually do anything with the disk (and he only has one) then he wouldn't have defended from her because her physical speed is FTL and he is mere human and her attack was launched without him holding it. I thought I made that statement in my final post but I guess I didn't. Almost every single feat of him using the disk to defend against an attack has the same thing where the attack starts in one panel and the disk is shown in his hand in the next.

@ssj_god: maybe you were right, this should have been the final.

@those_eyes said:

Yae i have to say this is one of the most respectful tournament matches ive seen.

Thanks getting you dander up really serves no function. Though it happens. I'm usually the one getting other peoples nickers in a not because of my stupid sense of humor.

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Having finished my opponent I look around to my Allies. Dane appears to be holding his own quite well. The little hand signal he gives me does not escape my acute sight, I'm needed elsewhere. I continue to scan the area, and I see it. One of our other allies is in the thick of it. He's between a couple of droidekas and some clone troopers. Currently evading attack teams of both. He's doing masterfully I must say. With skill to match my own, his incredible movement reading matching what my sight can do. His enhanced brainpower processing that information at an astounding rate. His above peak level stats. It's a beautiful thing to watch but even his carbonium sherikins aren't gonna get him through that much.

Well the secret of my flight is out now so no need to be cautious. I hit the sky as fast as the quickest one present and I'm on them in seconds. My hand gun drawn I fire an entire clip into the weak points I see in two droidekas armor, followed by some well aimed anti metal daggers. Just as the daggers enter the first I'm there to drive it through with all my adrenaline charged strength. I take the droid aka apart in one swift motion.

As I do the second one comes at me. My ally beautifully throws a couple of clone troopers toward it and the animosity between the two keeps them occupied long enough for both of us to take another kill. And finally We each finish off one more.

@dedmanwalkin I hope that's clear enough which player is another of our allies

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: @dedmanwalkin:

Thank you gameskeeper

Having just killed my fist opponent and still being in dingo form and full beastiallity I devour much of my opponent. What can I say, I was hungry and this battle took a lot out of me. I look to my team Mate @kaang_the_watcher and bark a deep bark offering him what I left.

FTR I never meant to infer that I would be anywhere near Dream Girl level in use of the Flight ring. No way could it be a reliable thing to be able to move things with it as she did. There was one instance of I think Timber wolf doing it with much less success. I just meant that the same instinct of throwing your arms out to stop yourself falling would provide some anti gravity to anything coming down on me. You know that reflex of wanting it to stop and the will to survive behind it achieving it.

*note to self first purchase at the end of this round is 30 days training with Dream Girl and the flight ring - which of course was what I was planning to do ever since you mentioned we could get a trainer next round*

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  1. Occult's disk doesn't rely on him holding it up. That was shown in the scan in question since the Psionic attack started in the second panel before he reacted and he held the disk up in the third. If it relied on him actually having to do anything he would have already succumbed. Fact is if you look at the scan in total he wasn't even holding the disk in the first panel (it was in a pocket). His "holding the disk", is nothing more than a artistic representation of the fact that it's the disk that protects him NOT any power he has (because I've shown him state he has none). The operational speed of your character is irrelevant and always was. almost every attack the disk has protected him from was started before he held it up
  2. LOL at the 10kg ball/ racket thing. I've shown a scan of his disk (along with Alan Scot) being the nexus to spread the power of every DCU magic user across the multiverse. There are several present who's power is equal to if not above Nate. Thunderbolt who's a universal level reality warper alone is Nate level and he's one of many present.
  3. sitting there while others push power at you a sign of prep . HE didn't do anything.
  4. Based on feats Occult has beaten Koth who is close to but not quite Dormammu level >>>> anything Xavier has done and PS level stuff. he's also withstood energy attacks from Wotan and otehrs on Classic Fate level.
  5. LOL also at being aware of an event pages before it occurred not being Precog. It simply means to be foreknowledge of an event. he knew of the event in advance (pages before).
  6. A nanosecond is one thousand millionth of a second> jay and the flashes can hold conversations and strategize in that time (formulate plans). Hourman 1 million completely controls time making him like Zoom is to Flash (a blur) and it didn't help either against Todd
  7. Knowledge wont save him?? he's shown having INSTANT knowledge, everything about a person just by wanting to know. More than the PS (in the scan i showed of Trenchcoat brigade). It means he'll know everything about all your team.
  8. LOL at trying to use time manip against a person who's very being absorbs time not being relevent to the debate
  9. Obsidian possessed all your team at the outset. I was being Nice and allowed Nate to remain in control of himself so we could have a battle (which I really didn't have to). I've already shown scans of him possessing more powerful beings from further away but what ever ignore it if it suits you.
  10. I could show vastly more scans of Obsidian's precog. For one thing he sensed an evil was going to attack JSA and put a shadow shield around the brownstone before said evil even reached the city. Knowing of an attack before you launch it means you react before it's launched and means all Nate's "mind speed" is irrelevant
  11. seeing what people do(even over all time) =/= seeing the evil within them. Kullak an enemy of Spectre who had him at his mercy and had power above him could see many worlds, had the power to control spectre and use him as a pawn of destruction, defeat Classic Dr Fate, who had witnessed (and caused) the destruction of universes was overcome by only seeing the evil within his own soul. Being near Obsidian a TPer sees the evil within ALL souls.

@boschepg All good to go

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@beatboks1 said:

Hunter solos

All 8...

Yes and double. After stealing the speed of three other members of the Flash family Zoom was still a blur to Wally. No one is of consequence here.

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Hunter solos

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@beatboks1 said:

@kingant27 said:

Cough cough lol

IMO who think have made very good ones and are quite often with it are:

@WillPayton: @XiiX: @Highaccuser: @serrure: @reaverlations: Nimmindtricks: @oreoassasin: etc.

I agree with most of these and as modern would go would add @lukehero

Would add @k4tzm4n for some of the best god damn battles ever posed on this or any other forum. Some others from back in the day would include @jake_fury ; @nelomaxwell (uses more independent characters); and @strafe_prower and @morpheus_ (added in edit after my ginormous oversight was pointed out by @dane

Tournaments @dedmanwalkin; @retnex; @ghostrider2 (or it might have been 1); @raineffect; @diredrill

Scenarios @dane (god); @lunacyde; @erik ; @dedmanwalkin again.

Thanks for the kind words old friend. I could say the same of you.

Not really, most of the battles I post get very little response. It's my love of Golden Age, magic, demonic and obscure characters that people either don't know or have very little interest in.

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Given some of the feedback from this round, some things are likely to change in price.

I haven't understated any of the value etc of the things I suggested have I??

I thought I was being pretty up front. I know I tend to do for things a little more obscure.