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Well, that really sucks for me... For the past few years I have been structuring and designing a character/book with the same name. I actually got the idea for the character when designing my first avatar in DCU Online. Tho mine worked one both meaning for La Bete Noire. The literal translation is black beast (which my character actually was) but the phrase is actually used for referring to a nightmare (which my characters origins were derived from the Aboriginal Dream Time)

Oh well, it probably would have never gotten off the ground, still sucks to have the idea snatched out before I could have gotten it further into development.

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Founding member of the X-men, member of the first revival Avengers team, member of the Defenders, founding member of X-force, and one of the smartest characters in the Marvel world... And Beast still gets sidelined by the likes of Scott and Logan...

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Why did I never know this team existed?!?

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@astro_zombie78: It's not very fair comparing Megan fox's acting to drying paint. One is a substance which is used to add visual appeal, tho over exposure could lead to brain damage... And the other is a way to change the color of your walls and furniture.

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I hope Malcontent McDowell will be returning as Mad Mod. That would be wonderful.

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@smart_dork_dude: That was my thought exactly. I mean, why not? Then everyone would be happy. You get the new hot character that DC is clearly more interested in marketing, you get to keep the original to keep the fans happy, and it all still reflects what was happening before the new 52 but still with the twist that N52 seems to require...

It's just dumb...

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I'm kind of astounded at how the more they show us these turtles, the worse they look. I mean now it's clear the the front and back of their shells aren't even connected anymore and Mikey's supper skinny fingers look really weird coming off of those thick, beefy arms. Oh well, just a few months and then hopefully this movie can slip off into obscurity along with Venus and the Out of Their Shells tour.

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@golden_cod: I think he will pick up the name based more on minerals. He has a golden tooth and a diamond eye. all of that embedded in grey rhino skin will certainly give the impression of rocks.

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I personally don't mind the the Oni mask look and the chains and what not. I really liked the old Creeper design, but I will admit that is was one of the sillier costumes and out side of the silver age it's been hard to update. The only big problem I have with the new design is the loss of the red mane around his neck and shoulders. I think that would have looked really nice on the new design.

The origin however is unforgivable. My biggest gripe with the New 52 is how they take so many original characters, chage everything about them aside from their name and in effect make them a new character who is just like a dozen of other characters we've had before.

Almost every one of my favorite DC characters have suffered this fate. Beast Boy, Martian Manhunter, Huntress. But the worst is what DC has deemed fit to do to Ditko's characters. I mean he is one of the most iconic living comic creators, but apparently nothing he has done is good enough for DC. Both Creeper and Question are nothing like what they used to be. It really is a shame.

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I'd love to see an origin for Beast Boy that retconned that horrible half-assed origin he was given in Ravagers.