Action Figures Reviews: Flashpoint, Batman Inc. & More

   Since my last review was a decent success... plug plug... I've decided to go ahead and do some more!  Yay, fun for you!  So, maybe you're looking at these Flashpoint figures out now and maybe you're looking at these Batman Inc. figures out now, and thinking, "Man, I wish there were some way to know what they are like out of the box."  Well, say that no longer, my friend!  Here for your reading pleasure is a review of one figure from each of those sets, and a couple other random figures.   

Hey, look, it's Hal Jordan!  aka Green Lantern!
This all-around cool figure is Justice League: Classic Icons: Green Lantern (phew that's a lot of colons).  Sure, there might be better Hal Jordan figures out there, but I needed a classic looking Green Lantern for my collection.  I made my choice, and stick by it!  What's not to like here?  Well, maybe that wretched base that it seems DC Direct has adopted as the new base standard.  Whatever.  The detail is fine on this one.  It's nothing amazingly insane, but good enough for what I wanted.  Hal is doing a classic Green Lantern pose, so we're all set there.  He comes with a ring charger, that I didn't put in his hands, cause I think it looks a bit silly, but he holds it nicely.  If you're into the ring charger, then all the better!  I'm giving this guy a 4.5/5.  It might seem dull to some Green Lantern collectors, but it fits great in my collection. 
Don't call him a Robin Hood rip-off!  It's Green Arrow! 
Here we have Brightest Day: Green Arrow.  This is probably one of the best Green Arrow figures ever made, so I'd try to get my hands on it before they're gone!  Pretty much everything about this is next to perfect, unless you hate his Brightest Day costume, in which case... too bad for you.  The detail is superb, and you can kinda tell in the photo just by looking at his face.  This figure is a little more articulate than the last one, as he's capable of taking several poses.  You can't really see it in the photo, but on his back is a quiver of arrows, with one loose arrow.  He comes with two loose arrows, a bow, and his removable hood.  You might think the hood would look dumb since it's removable, but it actually works really well.  It allows him to move his head around more, and if you don't like the hood... did I mention it's removable?  Green Arrow doesn't even have that crummy base that I keep talking about.  No sir, he comes with a clear Brightest Day-esque base.  Very cool!  Certainly a 5/5 from me! 

The first figure to show off Bruce's new costume!  It's Batman! 
I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed in this one, this Batman Incorporated: Batman.  It was looking good in the preview guide and everything, so what happened?  Honestly, I don't think a whole lot of effort went into designing this guy.  It seems a bit cheap to me.  He's not as thick, or heavy, as other figures.  It's hard to describe.  You need to have it in your hands to notice this.  He's articulate, I'll give him that.  Buuuuuutttt.... I'm not crazy about articulation.  I used to love articulation!  I thought it was the greatest thing in the world if a figure could move in all these wild directions.  Now, not so much.  I kinda like my figures to be statue-like, and only capable of being put in a few poses.  Hey, if you like articulation, then this could be the Batman for you.  Not for me, though.  The detail is quite solid, so there's not much I can gripe about in that area.  The poses are good, and that comes with the articulation.  Does he come with stuff?  Hmmmm.. let me check... no, no he does not.  You know what though, that wouldn't normally bother me, but his hands are crafted to look like he's supposed to be holding something.  His right hand isn't a closed fist.  It's a hand that's meant to be wrapped around something, or holding something.  That brings the figure down.  It feels like they just took the hand off of some other figure and stuck it in here.  Yeah, like that's a rarity.  As with most other new DC Direct figures... HE HAS THAT FRICKIN' CRAP BASE!  God, I hate that base!  This figure could've been a lot better, but what we have isn't bad, and I could see others enjoying it more than I (look, when you already have 13 other Batman figures, it's easy to criticize new ones).  So, I'll go with a 3.5/5.  
I did order the Knight figure from this set, but apparently it didn't arrive yet, so I'll be reviewing that one later.
Hey, another Batman, but from another time-line, or something... I don't know, I didn't read the main title.  

Flashpoint: Batman is a decent figure.  You see, I like elseworlds crap, and I throw this in there with that lot, even though it's not an elseworlds.  It's a "Don't call it an 'elseworlds' elseworlds!"  Cause I mean, if it were an elseworlds, then no one would read it.  But, enough of my silliness.  It's hard for me not to compare this with the figure above, so I'm probably going to.  There's less articulation, which me likey.  Maybe you don't likey??  How am I supposed to know?  There's a little less detail, though.  This Batman looks a little more "blocky."  I don't know, maybe he's the Minecraft Batman!  Yeah, let's think of it like that... nah, you know if it were a Minecraft Batman, I feel like Mike Mignola would be the artist.  I really like the pose I've got him in, though.  He looks like he's ready to crush some weakling, hopefully not me.  As with the previous Batman, this one doesn't come with anything, but it's cool here.  He doesn't need to have anything.  His hands weren't obviously crafted to be holding something.  I groan once more, as he has that same base.  I'm sorry I didn't get the base in any of these photos, but believe me, it's quite lame.  Just a black piece of plastic, basically.  I'm also sorry I didn't get any of the feet in the photos, but suffice to say that all feet were satisfactory.  4/5 for this guy, cause I think I like him a little better than the previous one. 
In honor of the new trailer, it's Ghost Rider!  

Marvel Select: Ghost Rider is pretty awesome!  I've had this for awhile, but I figured I'd review it just to prove I don't only buy DC stuff.  Yeah, I have some Marvel things too!  I had to include the base in the photo, cause it's just so cool.  Johnny Blaze has his hands full, as it appears some hands are trying to drag him down to hell.  Now, I do prefer Johnny Blaze to Dan Ketch, but I gotta say, I'm more into the Ketch costume.  The black leather and chains just seems cooler than the blue... whatever you call what he's wearing.  I think it might be his stunt costume.  Costumes aside, this figure rocks, mostly due to the amazing detail.  Marvel Select is their prestige figures, and they are indeed like mini-statues.  Everything is detailed well, even the head, which seems like it would be hard to do considering it needs to look like it's on fire.  Not a lot in the way of poses, but like I said, it's a small statue, not something to go into battle with your Mephisto figure, but hey, what you do with your figures, in your home, is your business!  There's no wuss base for Johnny, either.  In fact, it might be one of the best bases I've ever seen.  All in all, a solid 4.5/5.
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Silly Drawings blah


when i'm bored, i like to do stupid little drawings.  when im really bored, i like to share them with people

Action Figures Reviews: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Recently a set of four action figures came out, based on the comic, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne.  I bought 'em all.  So, let's take a quick look at these figures and hear my various thoughts on each one. 
First up it's Caveman Batman!  

Of the four time-era Batmen, this is my least favorite.  I just plain don't care about cavemen.  Keeping that in mind, the figure is pretty cool.  There's not much to him, though.  The main point of interest would be the giant bat cloak thingy.  He comes with a rock knife and club.  His poses screams, "Grrr!  Me Caveman Batman!  Me cut you now!"    

Hey, it's Witch-hunter Batman!  This figure should probably be cooler than it is.  He is easily the most basic of the figures, but it works enough.  His hat is quite awesome, as are  the boots and gloves.  Witch-hunter Batman comes with a staff!  Yeah... a staff!  Well, it's better than nothing.  The worst thing about it is the head.  Batman is perpetually looking down at something, but what?!  At eye level, you can barely see his face.  He's like a hunchback, or something. 
Arrrrr it be Pirate Batman! 
It seems to me like the creators spent the most time on this one.  I mean, look at all the stuff going on here.  He's got a sword, a gun (kinda off-camera, but really cool!), a big Batman beard, and even a bat that sits on his shoulder!  Yeah, I didn't put the little bat in there, cause I thought it looked silly.  Pirate Batman has the most accessories than the others, he stands up the best, and even has a coolio pose!  What's not to love about this one? 
Yee-haw!  Wild West Batman rides into town, looking decently spiffy.  His whole ensemble is fantastic, though the hat could've been better.  He comes with a whip, that stretches out, but doesn't really hold it's shape.  What I mean is, good luck putting him in an Indiana Jones whip raised above head pose.  What I thought this one lacked is a pistol.  Come on!  Pirate Batman gets a gun, but not Wild West Batman?  What's the deal with that?  However, this guy meets all my expectations with a rootin' tootin' attitude. 
All in all, this is a great set of figures.  Easily a 4/5, or even a 4.5 /5.  My one gripe is with the stands they come with.  These stands leave a lot to be desired.  They are flimsy and small, and I don't think any of the figures can fit two feet on them.  Sadly, I think this stand is becoming the standard for DC Direct figures.  Oh well.  The detail on the figures is superb, the accessories are cool, and I'm liking most of their poses.  The poses are something to note.  If you've ever bought a DC Direct figure, you might notice that the poses are limited, which doesn't bother me, but could upset others.  They aren't meant to enter into combat with one another!  There aren't a million points of articulation!  These are the things to consider, if you are buying this for a younger person, or if things like that put you into a smashing-figure-against-wall-rage.

My Arch-Nemesis


This is a house centipede.  They are creepy, and ugly, and like to run across the carpet at night.  AND FOR THAT THEY MUST DIE!!!!

Argh I hate these things!  Everytime I see one, I must squash it!  Euuugghhhhhhhh!


That is my true arch-nemesis.



This is the sun.  For a long time it had been a running gag that the sun was my arch-nemesis, and when I became president, I would launch a bunch of nukes at it.  My campaign slogan being, "A vote for Jessie is another nuke at the sun."  While I no longer think of the sun as an enemy, I'll include it here, just to let it know that I haven't forgotten its treacherous ways.



Anyone else have an arch-nemesis?  Real or phony?



Cast an 80's Movie!

The eighties was easily the greatest decade in American history.  So, having made that outrageous claim, I have decided to cast an eighties comic book movie.  I settled on a Justice League movie, using the 7 founding members.  I tried to take into account who these actors were at the time, and I looked into the roles they were accepting.  I've given a brief explanation as to why I feel each actor would be cast, and why I feel they would/wouldn't do well in the role.

This movie is made in the mid to late eighties by the way.


Dennis Quaid as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern



For this movie, I want Hal Jordan to be our way into the Justice League world.  He is the main character throughout the movie and the one we should be identifying with most.  The movie will start with a 20-30 minute origin story on Hal and from there he is brought into the Justice League as the second to last member to join.

I feel that this choice is by far the best.  Looking at his previous roles, he's already acted as a pilot several times, and he certainly has no problem with pulling off a cocky attitude.  Quaid is certainly no stranger to the sci-fi genre either, having just made Enemy Mine and Dreamscape.  As one of the hunks of the 80's the girls will swoon, making this a done deal!


Mel Gibson as Bruce Wayne/Batman



I'll be honest and say I'm a little concerned about this choice.  Mel is a shoe-in for Bruce Wayne, being both handsome and charming, but can he give us a convincing Batman?  His height and voice say no, but his acting ability says yes.  Mel Gibson was a rising star in the eighties.  He had recently come into popularity with the Mad Max series, and a big budget super hero movie is just what the doctor ordered to secure his spot as a megastar.  We also have another huge attraction for the ladies in Mel, a theme that I tried to achieve with all male selections.


Kurt Russell as Clark Kent/Kal El/Superman



Another star on the rise in the eighties was Kurt Russell, though having been a child actor, he probably has the most experience of any actor on the team.  A great physique is what we are looking for here in Superman, and Russell gives us just that! (Take a look at that jaw!)  To top it off, a good chunk of his roles to date have been in the sci-fi category. 


Demi Moore as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman



This was a hard one.  Looking through the list of female actresses in the eighties who not only had the looks and the talent to play Wonder Woman, you realize that it's a small list!  The youngest member of the group, Moore had only just made her appearance at the beginning of the decade.  She doesn't have a lot of experience in the sci-fi area, however.  A risky choice here that may not pay off in the end.  Hey, at least the boys will be happy.


Kevin Costner as Barry Allen/The Flash



Kevin Costner, like Demi Moore, made his film debut at the start of the eighties, and at this point he still isn't much of a star, though critics took notice of him in Silverado.  It's that role which will give him this role.  His boyish attitude is what we're looking for when casting The Flash, and Costner displayed that to grand effect in Silverado.  Also, this is a more minor role in the film, so a huge star is not really needed.  This is more of a film to put Costner's name on the map for good.


Jeff Bridges as Arthur Curry/Aquaman



This is the role I fear the most, and I almost put Cosnter here instead, but I have to give this one to Jeff Bridges.  Firstly, I want Aquaman to be a very attractive/sexual man.  Not in the sense that he's always sleeping with someone, but more so I want the girls to like him.  Believe it or not, Jeff Bridges was somewhat of a sex symbol in the eighties.  I don't know why, but there you have it.  What I'm afraid of is that his laid-back style.  Bridges is a fine actor and would probably do well in the role, as he has had a lot of experience in sci-fi movies, but I just have a bad feeling about this one.


Louis Gossett Jr. as J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter 



This role requires a lot of makeup, and Louis is no stranger to makeup and sci-fi movies.  See Enemy Mine to back this up.  Again, Manhunter has a smaller role in this film, so we aren't asking much of Louis, though I doubt he would have any trouble filling in these shoes.  If anything, I feel a commanding voice is what is required most of Manhunter.


Female Friends?

Do guys have female friends that they are attracted to?  Apparently, I am incapable of such a feat.  It seems like the only female friends I have, are ones who I simply do not have an interest in.  I recently lost one of my best friends because I liked her.  When something like that happens it tends to ruin the friendship for me, which sucks.  Anyone else have this problem? 


That Certain Feeling

I've read both Marvel and DC comics.  I've also read my share of Dark Horse and Vertigo, and Image and Dynamite, etc.  And every now and then, I sit down to read something and go, "Man, this is really a DC comic," or "This is quite obviously Marvel."  They just have that specific feel to them, don't they?  Maybe you know what I'm talking about.  It's sort of the same with characters, but a little less so.  I mean, it's hard to read Batman and think "Wow, what a Marvel type issue."  What I'm getting at is that each company seems to have a certain feeling to them.  For now, I tend to think DC goes more for drama, while Marvel is heavier on the action.  That's just what I think.  (Keeping in mind, that I do not read a lot of Marvel!)  I think Vertigo is slower paced and tends to be a bit more... cryptic.  The other companies get harder to identify, mostly because I've only read one or two series from them. 
An example of what I'm talking about: If I slapped down 52 or Civil War in front of you, but had all the characters changed to random generic ones, would you be able to tell me if one series feels more like a DC comic and the other feels more like a Marvel comic?  What if I let the characters stay the same?     
So, my questions are... 
Do you get that certain feeling when reading DC or Marvel, that tells you what company you are reading? 
What are they?  Maybe you think DC comics have a more epic feel to them, while Marvel concentrates on the smaller pictures. 
Are these just created by specific writers' style? 
Do these feelings show up in character's series, as well as events?  (I'm really talking more about events here, as opposed to characters.  But hey, if you're reading Wolverine and suddenly get the feeling that the issue is more up DC's alley, then let me know.)    
Is there any specific event series or character from one company, that you feel would be better suited to another company?  For example, we've seen a lot of Green Hornet comics out lately.  Now, if you had to choose, do you think the Green Hornet would work better under DC or Marvel?  
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Steel City Con '010

Pittsburgh's Steel City Con is coming up in a few weeks, August 6, 7, and 8 to be exact.  This is PA's largest toy show, and can even draw a bigger crowd than the Pittsburgh Comicon! 
This is a great con to buy toys, comics, apparel, and really anything related to awesomeness.  This year's star guests include Jake Lloyd (from Star Wars), and Micky Dolenz! (from The Monkees) 
So, if you are in the Pittsburgh area, I suggest checking this con out.  Here's a link to the website for more info.

I know I'll be there, and in full Bearded Justice costume as well. 
Anyone else plan on attending?

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