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Heh. That Green Arrow/Batman piece is a commission that Freddie Williams did for me. He's an awesome guy to deal with for commission's. Sent 2 or 3 in progress shots to me as he was working through it. I can't get over how good it turned out.

I can't wait for it to arrive so I can get it framed and proudly up on the wall!

He's a guy I would highly recommend to anyone that meets him at a con or has a chance to get an original piece of art off him to go for it.

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I was wondering now that SDCC is over if anyone has had any feedback from some of the artists on which of marvels many blank sketch covers seem to go over best at the shows. 
I have my big local show (Fan Expo) coming up at the end of august in Toronto and want to start planning out what sketches to spend some money on.  I have heard from a few of the artists that i see regularly at shows up here that the Avengers covers were good and that the Wolverine cover is pretty terrible due to it being too glossy.
Any feedback or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Phoenix (Rachel Summers)
Mimic (Exiles)