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lol! maybe he was subliminally telling you to shove those ink cartridges down his throat and then light him on fire, taking 5 kids to a comic store is quite the handful.

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im so effn excited, no joke! i <3 zombies 0:) 
the comic is my faaaave.

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in reply to @trence5 & @xerox-kitty :) 
lol tbh, i waaas mainly only there for tyrese. (im the girl who was sadly freeking out at the end of the video) but don't get me wrong, ive picked up a few comics before just for the people who think i know nothing. i do commend tyrese for promoting the way he is though because if he hadnt shown up there then i never would have gone back, & i occasionaly go back there & am pretty good friends with one of the people who worked there who did get me into The Walking Dead. i<3zombies like no other female lol. & it was pretty awesome meeting Babs :) 
i wonder if tyrese is really going to follow through with LoveSick.. i hope its something i can look forward to cuz tbh, i didnt love mayhem all so much. :\