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One Twilight vampire could kill all the apes. They can move at hundreds of miles an hour, break tree trunks with their fists and walk away from totaled cars without a scratch.

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Glad to see my Rocket Raccoon series one issue 2 will be going up in value. Bought it for a dollar at a garage sale, and it already went up from fifteen dollars to twenty dollars. I was thinking this might be the peak of rocket's popularity, but now it seems I should wait a few years.

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Ever read some old school Valiant? There's some good stuff in the mix. Archer and Armstrong was good, but I paid a dollar for twenty issues of bloodshot the other day, and after reading them, I can say I definitely paid too much.

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Hate it. Wouldn't mind if it was just someone else taking up the god of thunder bit, but there can't be another Thor.

Unless Thor had a sex change operation...which would be pretty funny.

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@vitalius: "@monkeystarship: As fan of Black Canary, i say that everytime that they are together, something terribel happens to Dinah and most time is Oliver that causes it. Plus while together, Green Arrow had some extra flings."


There's no getting around it. By being a self-righteous know it all and a scoundrel when it comes to staying loyal to Dinah, pre-52 Ollie is a douche. He's an entertaining douche who creates good chemistry with other characters, but he's still a douche. Oh, and let's not forget that when Roy turned to drugs, Ollie turned his back on him leaving BC to get Roy clean.

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@theo1612 said:

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I do enjoy Marvel but then who doesn't enjoy a bit of Batman.

@batwatch Thanks for the lengthy reply dude. I think I'll try the main stream characters from DC before heading into the oddball stuff, but thanks.

Also I completely forgot that The Walking Dead was based off a comic.

@quickfingers26 @battle_forum_junkie Thanks for the suggestions, I think before I start reading the JL comics I would like to read the individual character comics to get more of a back story.

No problem. I tend to babble on when I'm writing naturally, and with such an open ended question as, "What comics should I read," I could probably write an essay.

As far as The Walking Dead, there's a lot of stuff based on comics these days. It seems to be everywhere. Not that I'm complaining.

Regarding your ideas on getting to know the individual characters first before reading Justice League, that's cool, but don't forget that you're sitting on the best resource for character data you'll ever come across. ComicVine links every character in every comic book and gives you a biography on them, so if you ever have a question about who a guy is or what's happening, you can almost surely find that info on ComicVine. With the greats, like Green Lantern, Flash or Aquaman, you'll find thousands of words detailing their history at every point in continuity.

ComicVine rocks...when they have their technical aspects working correctly...

@theo1612: Yep. I liked the fight scenes but overall I felt too many heroes behaved outside of their normal character. A little over 100 issues with all of the crossovers and such.

Have you read it?

Civil War was pretty entertaining if you just focus on the main narrative, but it wasn't the best coordinated effort when you look at all the crossovers, and it's definitely one of those stories that attempts to change everything up while having almost everything go back to normal in short order. I will admit Secret Avengers was fun while it lasted, but so many big changes were swept over in no time. There were also character inconsistencies. For instance, I'm annoyed that they portrayed the conservative Iron Man as the guy who wanted to register metahumans. There is definitely a side of the political spectrum that wants all martial powers registered and under government control, but it's not the conservative crowd.

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Congrats for getting into the comic craze.

First up, you wont read everything. Unless you are rich and don't have to work a day in your life, there is just too much out there, so it's time to start figuring out what you like. Are you interested specifically in super-heroes or are you willing to try independent books? What kind of stories/heroes do you like? Human masterminds? Gods? Mystics? Techies? There a niche for everyone in comics, and I'm just talking super-heroes at the moment. Best advice is try a little of anything that sounds good to you, and work from there.

There's a lot of options. It sounds like you are a big Marvel fan, and a lot of people like sticking to one universe so you can feel very immersed in that world. Assuming you are interested in modern comics, I'm not the best guy to ask because I'm more a DC guy and read mostly retro modern age comics, but I'm sure you'll get some people more knowledgeable than me. As a Marvel guy, you should probably check out some of the other mainstays of Marvel like The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men. Beyond that, I'll leave bigger Marvel fans to give you advice on modern comics. If you want some retro stuff, one of my favorite Marvel series is Exiles, a series about mutant heroes who jump from alternate universe to alternate universe fixing problems. There's a lot of crazy fun stuff in there, and you can find used trades for super cheap especially at Hastings book stores. Another great one is Runaways which features a group of teens who discover that their parents are super-villains. It's one of the more original takes on the teen heroes book I've seen with great chemistry, and you can usually find some fairly cheap trades. Start from the beginning on that one.

With the other main comic company, DC, you have lots of options. The Batman comic actually named Batman has been very popular since the DCNU; it's not my personal favorite, but it's good. Superman really hasn't had a great long term writer in quite awhile, so I have no solid recommendation on that front...except perhaps adventures of Superman which features a rotating cast of writers and artists creating Superman short stories. You get some cool stuff there. . Wonder Woman has been kicking ass in the DCNU, so check her out. Justice League has been solid. Eight months ago, I could tell you more, but I haven't been following modern comics since then, so again, other people can probably give you more help. With retro DC, my favorite is Robin. Tim Drake as the Boy Wonder was one amazing ride as he learned how to be a hero without the benefit of unlimited skill or powers, and I'm sorry to see that series gone. I'm generally a fan of Batman, but really, I like lots of things. I've found some oddball series I like recently like Hex, (cowboy goes to distant dystopain future) Hourman (android with time powers fights crime and learns what it means to be human in lighthearted adventure stories) and Checkmate.(international spy agency uses a wide cast of B-list characters to form a politically tense thriller that's a little more down to earth than typical super-heroics. Batwoman was also fantastic before the recent writing change. (I haven't read it much since) It might still be good, but her old issues at the beginning of the DCNU and in Detective Comics before the reboot were top notch.

I'm not a big indie comic guy either, but I still have a few recommendations. Locke and Key is a fantastic adventure/horror/suspense/mystical/comedy series about a group of kids who move to their father's childhood home after a tragic death and find many interesting things. The Walking Dead is good if you enjoy zombies and survival series; it differs significantly from the TV series, so don't think it's a rehash. I only read the first issue of Invincible, but that was enough to make me feel confident it is an excellent series. (Warning: None of these series are for kids) Frankly, most long term comic experts will tell you that though they love the old superheroes, the best stuff for quality story telling is coming from indie comics. Since they are not corporately owned and endlessly serialized, writers can actually fulfill their vision and take chances as DC and Marvel would never do. Batman can never die, but Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead is just a writer's whim away from being written out of existence permanently.


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I'd have to say Superman and Wonder Woman is one of the worst. I can't imagine anything with less chemistry than two night perfect gods getting it on? Where is the tension and excitement in that? I believe in the opposites attract philosophy.

Also, Mary Jane Watson/Parker always seemed like a rather boring character to me. I'm as upset about the stupid and unneeded One More Day plot line as anybody, but that's just because I hate continuity changes and it's lazy writing, but Mary Jane has rarely done anything that makes me like her...which is kind of funny since my wife's name is Mary Jane.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch...just plain sick

Wait, that's not actually a thing, is it?

@vitalius: Dude, Poison Ivy is my favorite DC character, and I loved her appearance in Birds of Prey (At first) However, her recent interactions with Harley have been HORRENDOUS, HORRIBLY horrendous. And like I said earlier, the Ivy/Harley romance is stupid and incest-y too.

I don't see what makes it incestuous.

I liked Ivy in Birds; she was one of the best characters. The problem is that the Birds were never given a good reason to keep her around, so while it was cool to see Ivy in the mix, it hurt the story to have BC so stupid that she kept doing horrible things because of Ivy. DCNU Birds of Prey really makes Dinah a bit of a bimbo.

Oh, and speaking of Birds of Prey, the relationship between Black Canary and Condor was horrible; it was like, we're both hot and drooling at each other. This must mean we have chemistry. it didn't feel natural at all. It was like, hey, you're sexy. Let's be in a relationship for some reason even though I don't know you.

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To actually respond to the OP, my favorite story would have to be life of David as a whole. I know that's a bit cliched; who doesn't like David and Goliath and all that, but it's not just that. His whole life is this incredibly intense life and death drama. The humble beginnings, the epic battles, the life as a servant in the house of one who wants to kill you, the romance, the exile, the assembling of a group of outcasts as your mighty men, the constant struggle and temptation to go take the easy way out, the death of your enemy and king, the wars, the crowning, the humble leader who eventually becomes corrupted by power, the temptation, the fall, the father who loses control of his household because he can't bring himself to condemn the rape of his daughter by his son, the anger this breeds in another son's heart which leads to the eventual murder of the raping son and an attempt to overthrow his father, the war, the second tragic death of a son, the humbling of the King who started with nothing and only wants to spend his final days making amends and giving glory to the God who has mercy on him. It's astoundingly good and constantly evolving. I've often thought it could easily by reimagined in a modern day setting as the greatest mobster series of all time.

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@mandman said:

@dagmar_merrill: All three wildly overrated. Rucka and Simone appeal to niche groups and have rabid fans. Ennis is a one hit wonder. Read one of his series, you've read em all. But this is about the underrated ones.

Seriously one name that I don't see enough. Brian Q. Miller. He made me like Stephanie Brown. What was the one thing Smallville Season ten left me wanting? Not more Smallville, he changed my mind. The guy gets maybe one book, and makes it a single bright star. LLu is young. I'm sure she'll get recognition between being a woman and being talented. Reeder is the most underrated artist. She got stuck doing Batwoman for JH Williams, and that put her off of DC. But she's still working so eh. Tim Seeley a year ago would have been on here. Kelly Puckett too and Daimon Scott.

So...I agree that Simone's Batgirl appeals to a niche group. I can't testify to her broader work, but I'm curious about your opinion on Rucka. I put him as one of the most underrated. Maybe I am just part of a niche, but I'm curious if you can identify what it is about his books that I like and exactly what niche that he attracts.

Also, niche doesn't necessarily mean they don't deserve credit. After all, Michael Bay is about as far from niche as possible, but he doesn't deserve to be called one of the greatest filmmakers in my view.