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I'm not going to vote because I think the categories are too difficult to qualify. I like word plays, meta, unexpected, character based stuff.

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Holy crap! On, they are trying to auction a copy rated as 3.0 for $170. Granted, the auction prices are usually inflated, but still.

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$5? What? How old is that thing? I'm not great at dating comics that old because I rarely see them, but I would guess that to be late early sixties material. Was it in really horrible condition?

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Ah, okay. I thought maybe you had a more detailed comparison between colonialism and the social justice movement or perhaps an elaborate metaphor showing the similarities between the two.

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Yeah, let's "pretend" the cell phone companies have records of our texts. Let's "pretend" the NSA has them too.

I would let my wife read them though the 2,000 dollars would just go to the same place, so I wouldn't profit.

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You now agree with me that seeing the future in no way takes away free will, so you have changed your argument to say it is not God perceiving the future which ends free will but the fact that God is "in control of your life" that takes away free will.

Your argument is now, "There is no free will because God is in control of your life," which means you've reverted to rephrasing your own premise to justify your premise.

I appreciate you sharing your views with me, but I'm done.

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Your phrase "cultural colonialists" intrigues me. What do you mean by that?

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I never though I would say this, but I'm kind of tired of the constant boobs in my face. The way women are often portrayed in comics, video games and other media aimed at young male audiences is just so clearly exploiting the female image to pander to hormone soaked dudes.

When I see young nearly naked women these days, I think, "Go put some clothes on, young lady!"

Clearly I'm maturing...

Or turning gay. Both are options.

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Forced to pick one of the two options, I see it as white and gold, but in reality, the "white" section appears light blue to me and the "gold" appears tan, so I can see three of the four colors I'm supposedly able to see, but I can't understand how anybody sees black. It's clearly tan to me.

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These comics.

Do you actually own that ancient Aquaman? That's pretty cool if you do.