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Born to Kill 0

Here we have an excellent story from Peter Tomasi and Awesome draws by Patrick Gleason.Is the anniversary of Thomas and Martha Wayne death, and Batman explains his son Damian, why all the access codes are 10:48, it's because a September night at 10:48 his parents were murderer.They're going into the Crime Alley and they're in the sewers, Bruce goes sentimental, saying that he could still see his mothers pearls falling down into the sewer, that the sound of the pearls crashing the water are loude...

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Face the Court! 0

I don't know how Snyder does it...The issue begins with Batman escaping from an explosion, he says that the trip wires are most a fear instrument than a damage one, is good for Batman cus' we know that he doesn't scares easily.Back in the Batcave he is looking at the bones of Alan Wayne, he has a litle talk to Dick telling him that there's no Court of Owls, because he looked into it, when he was a boy.It looks like prior to his parents murder was some kind of sign, in the attic was an Owl with h...

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The Thirteenth Hour 0

Way to go, Snyder, way to go!The beginning of the issue was getting us back in time, to the 1922, with a crazy-old-man running over the streets of Gotham, this was Alan Wayne, and was talking about some Owls conspiracy against him, suddenly two cops stop him and try to calm him down, in a litle but brutal distraction of the cops Alan falls on the sewers, his body was not found until the next couple of days.Now we're on the present, and we could see Batman is fighting some bad guys, a gang that c...

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Trust Fall 0

I don't know how Snyder do it, but every time I read one of his comics he leaves me perplexed, he gives me the story that I wanted.If you want to see my Batman #1 review, click in the link below... issue starts with the introduction of the Old Wayne Tower, constructed under the orders and the watchful eye of Alan Wayne, Introducing the Guardians as Alan insisted the Gargoyles of the Tower be called like, there ...

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Cold Blood 0

Here I am reviewing the Tony Daniel's run on Detective Comics in The New 52 wich is beeing excellent at the moment.For the Detective Comics #2 Review (By Me) follow the link below..., let's start...This series is going better every time I read it, the #1 was good, the #2 was very good, now this is awesome, I can't wait for the #4!The Beginning of the issue was good, we see the Dollmaker's Family wic...

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What Have You Done To Him! 0

Here I am Reviewing this comic book...This is Tony Daniel´s run on Detective Comics, now with #2, in a fact this surprise me more than the #1...You can see my Detective Comics #1 review clicking the link below:'s begin, Tony´s giving us a new relationship on Bruce´s life, her name is Charlotte, apparently she works for the Gotham TV News, because she says Bruce that her viewers want to ...

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Joker´s Fun Ride 0

Here I am reviewing this comic, in a fact was a good issue, after all, was a good read.The beginning of the issue gives me a lot of exciting, because Detective is going trough his first re-launching during this last 74 years since 1937.Batman is in a multiple murderer case, a lot of people was killed, and Batman suspect of Joker´s Friends, he says - his way to kill changes with the wind, and it's been windy in Gotham City- Tony S. Daniel was giving me a good beginning, waiting to see the rest of...

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Knife Trick 0

I´ve finally read this! I´ve been doing a lot of stuff this last wekends...This surprise me after all this year, I´ve been trying to read something good, sincerely Tony Daniel wasn´t SO good on Batman, He´s OK, but this Batman #1, has NO comparision with the Tony Daniel Batman.The Beginning of the issue was cool, introducing the ¨Gotham Is¨ on Gotham Gazzette, the 2 page of the arkham inmates was surprising. Also the 2 page of the Bat-Cave, the plot was excellent, the Greg Capullo´s Draws was Ma...

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For Darkseid! 0

This was great! Seeing Bats and Supey fighting was really exciting!Geoff knows how to narrate the story from every character perspective, He knows the way all the characters think, and he also incorporate the typical actions of every character.Jim Lee's a genious like always, his way to draw surprise me every time, when I started reading this, It was really emotional, comprensive, and structural, the proportions of every single character are perfect, the shadows lines make it more realist.The In...

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Hush Starts 0

Hello Guys!I have this Comic Book since a lot of time ago, and I read it like, a hundred times, so, I was thinking in made a review!Let's start...Script: The script was amazing, Killer Croc was the first villian we see in HUSH, he was kindaping a child for a reward for his recovering, so, Croc want that money for make him a skin repair for be cured, but in the middle of the fight against Batman someone take the money away!That ¨someone¨ was Catwoman, Batman at the first time can not belive that ...

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Batman #713 Review 0

Hello Guys! Im here doing this review Im really excited at the beginning, when I start to read this comic book, I really was thinking on the Fabian Nicieza s Batman #703 and the Getaway Genius Story with Batman and Dick trying to catch the original s one. Later 15 years later Dick and Damian are still trying to catch the daughter of the Original Getaway Genius that is with the Family Business...  But in this comic book the Batman story was beeing telled by Damien Wayne to his friends, passing tr...

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