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It's darker than that other wb show what was it. It had a guy in leather that shot arrows at people too. he also dressed in green, But he had a super strong friend that was the main character , was it smalltown. no it was more like smallfalls. smallfarm ah well I'll get it later.

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@god_spawn said:

@mtrakos: None of that gives him a win. There isn't anything here to keep Ben down. Even if the statue falls on him I doubt he would be KO'd and there goes Cap;s only chance of doing anything

@battlexlordx: I agree, Steve is more nimble and agile. He can block some of Thing's hits but in the end there is still nothing he can do which makes it a mismatch cause Cap is going to get caught.

Indeed ben wins but it won't be a stomp, like some people say. i just think that cap can last longer than like a minute or would be fair if he added more variables like bfr or some prep. i think that steve could wear ben down like some said before if he can dodge long enough. his shield is pretty hard.

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@god_spawn: Yeah but someone had to play devils advocate. and like i said before that stranger things have happened in comics. But yeah if you start thinking about it isn't so much stomp, as it is a win for thing. Steve can doge and he is more nimble, he might not be able to do damage and someone like ben will keep on fighting even with heavy injuries. but steve can maybe even out last him in the stamina department? ( i really don't know) he will put up a fight is all i m saying. plus the shield does give him some form of def.

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@Goku1fan: Yup they are okay.

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@Goku1fan: Actually the first part was for the person with the harley avatar pic.

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@god_spawn said:

@battlexlordx: Thing is fine under water and it's a battle to KO so BFR won't be an option. Cap cannot knock him out in any sort of fashion here so it's a spite thread for Cap.

@deadpool6_6_6: It isn't a tough fight for Thing, more of a nuisance and in Cap's POV it's a spite match. Cap may dodge or block some of Thing's hits but he has zero way of putting him down while Thing will eventually catch him off guard whether a t-clap or stamping the ground to catch him.

Oh hiiiiiiiii God_spawn( the room reference ). He will drown under water won't he? plus there are other posabilities; he came go all the way to the top of the statue of liberty and drop something heavy on the thing the hight might give it enough momentum ( nooooottt) but stranger things things have happened in the world of comics I try to keep an open mind.

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@spartan92 said:

Thanos's only feat was turning his head slightly and smiling....... none of them have feats even remotely close.

Agreed Thanos has the turn head and smile. No one can beat that, it's like the gerbil or groundhog on youtube his turning is so awesome that there heads will explode.

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@Goku1fan said:

@CODYSF said:

They both get curvstomp by Superman and send them back to Animevice

WTF. Let me not start


It's aloud by the rules anime vs anime is aloud. I liked your other thread too nice fights.

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He can go ozzaru and SSj3 and becuse he is stronger than dbz goku I think he can pull it off. The time limit might be a problem but he had fought kid buu before so he has some idea of what he's up against.

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@TimeKeeper: This is Really like my old thread It even has the same fighters look it up i can't find it in my profile.