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@TheWholeDamnShow: The cave is Katniss' and Peeta's hideout, seeing as Peeta is wounded and can't walk. The Dress made of Fire was very cheesy, but it didn't bother me as much as some of the excessive description of clothing in the second book (I blame that on the lack of plot that happens throughout most of Book #2). Besides, it's a sort of special-effects-show thing where the tributes show off the glory and flashiness of their homes to people who have never seen them and never will. And if you're from the shown-off district, you see the face of the person you know, all flashy and you're proud of them. From a propaganda-standpoint, it's actually really effective. So I could see that happening and looking pretty good at that as well.

Book #2 is a bit rubbish, but you'll need to read it to understand the third book, which kicks ass again. The first one still is the best, but the ending has quite some surprising elements in it and it doesn't end at all like you'd think.

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Honestly? I'd watch the show. Because by "all energy", I would wager that he means that humanity has lost use of all electricity and maybe gasoline. So we suddenly have humans be cavemen again. But knowing the way TV shows, especially Abrams', go these days, there will be a bunch of people who have planes and cars and juice from the first episode on and we'll be pondering how they managed to get them. Still, I'll be watching.

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@HolySerpent said:

What is that black mar in Battlepig's comment. I see that a lot now

It's a spoiler tag. You have to highlight the black part to see what I wrote underneath it. I put it there because I was thinkign that if still wants to watch Fringe, he might not want to have the one big twist in all of the stories spoiled for him, regardless of how nonsensical it turns out to be.

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The Hunger Games Trilogy is rather good, all in all. The first book is nothing short of excellent, seeing as it pretty much manages to avoid all the romance tropes that could possibly be associated with it. The male love interest of the later books spends over half the book dying a rather unglorious way while the female lead is trying not to die in some really ugly way herself. The second book... well, that's when the tropes start. Katniss Everdeen has to pick between two completely featureless male characters and her heart is torn blahblahblah, oh and there's also a battle for the death going on. But you'll have to read the second one because otherwise the third one won't make any sense. And the third one is worth it as it puts a couple twists into the whole story that make book one look rather different again. And the ending is totally not what you expect.

All in all, read it. The books are relatively quick reads, so you're not wasting much time if you end up not liking them.

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I really liked it in the beginning where they still had "Fringe Events". But then they sort of explained it with "Alternate Dimension lol!" and that essentially broke the show, because half of the stuff didn't make sense anymore and all the wonderful and mostly inhumane crazy science became irrelevant all of a sudden. This all results in me saying: Season One, very good. Season two and further, bad.

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While I agree that Moore is a bit of a fuckhead, he has done a lot for the medium of comics. Well, before everything was about lesbians with him. Watchmen pretty much set the new standard for superhero comics, regardless of whether or not his characters are his own or based off of previously created characters. Because that argument is kind of moot. Because if you look at it, if for example Warren Ellis has his run on, say, Thunderbolts, he works with previously established characters. And he too, is rather vocal about his stories. Sure, he's not quite as insane as Moore, but still, the two are pretty much insane and do incredible stuff with other people's characters on a regular basis.

What still makes me sympathize more with people like Ellis and not Moore is because Moore is usually an ass about everything. Watchmen movie? He goes on to deliver a three-page-long tirade against everyone involved. How about you just don't comment on it? Because regardless of what Moore has said, the movie has happened and by the point where he had his big blahblah, the movie was going to happen regardless of what he says. And sadly, it's the only thing you ever hear of Moore's anymore. He does a ton of stuff he's not nearly as vocal about (like saving his hometown's antique houses or writing comics about lesbians). Meanwhile, Warren Ellis delivers good news, bad news, funny news and generally seems to have a lot of fun.

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Yeah, I must go see this. If for nothing else, I have to see it because I am a big fan of Bruce Willis'.

And this movie doesn't look half bad. Sure, it has a shocking lack of red lasers and blue lasers, but I am willing to look past that for awesome action and general badassery. And when the Rock is involved, there's usually a lot of badassery. And when Bruce Willis is involved... yeah, the badassery-meter goes way up high.

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For me, it was and probably always will be the death of Ringo Chen in Hitman. Before his death, he was almost a threat to Tommy Monaghan and seemed to have a very flexible view of morals and loyalty. But during the torture and everything, he revealed that not only did he know about Tommy's run-in with the Bloodlines-guys but he also kept quiet about it and was fiercly loyal to the guys at Noonan's, having escaped China and found some kind of family in them.

And while that's not an epic speech of monumental importance, like the stuff Superman or Captain America say, it's still a very fitting speech for a man like Ringo. In case you want to read this storyline but not the entirety of "Hitman" (which I would recommend, actually), it starts with issue #39.

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@bladewolf: Oh bloody hell, this was awful. Sanctimonious, holier-than-thou bullshit. I am embarrassed to even have picked up the book. That was absolutely horrible. It's so... stupid.

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@bladewolf: You do realize that I now have to read it. I will let you know after I have successfully survived it.