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@ReVamp: In case of Batman, I agree somewhat. I think the story's lost a bit of steam since I suspect that the whole Court of Owls thing wasn't supposed to be a crossover at first. So they had to wait until every other book had their characters in place. Or somewhere close to somewhere where they could show up in Batman's book. But it's not really bad and got us maybe - if you combine all the filler-parts - one issue of filler.

Green Lantern. This is a weird one. I read the Johns Reboot. I loved it. Then came Blackest Night and I somehow just had enough of the whole ringslinging. I tried to get back into it a couple of times, but every time I couldn't bring myself to get excited about the next issue. And thus, I stopped reading it.

As for I, Vampire. That's just terrible. Plain and simple. Also, a comic does not suddenly become grimdark when you fail to draw eyes.

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@Deranged Midget said:

Odd choices, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think you should have stuck with a few of them longer.

Whoops, sorry. Didn't see that one as it must have hit at some point between me starting and posting that post above. Which ones should I have stuck with? And why? Also, why are my choices odd? I find them to be perfectly reasonable.

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@cbishop said:

@jsphsmth said:

I continue to be amazed that people who are not reading the New 52 continue to give their opinions of the New 52.

If you aren't reading the series, then what makes you think that anybody cares about your opinion?

(Battlepig, mr jsphsmth and I have had this conversation on a blog I wrote. Forgive me, but I have to respond again.)

So here's my challenge to you: Battlepig did reviews of all 52 #1 issues from the N52, and said why he didn't like them (or did, as the case may be). If you'll do a similar blog, about just the ones you kept on your pull list, and tell us what makes them so great - real, substantial reasons - I will post your bragging rights to my status update for one week (seven days, not a five day work week), as follows: "JSPHSMTH met my challenge, and told me what was great about the New 52! You should read his blog now, and follow him on Comicvine!" If you do it by Saturday evening, post a note to my wall, and I will read, comment, and then change my status update. If you don't put your opinion out there with more than bullet points, then stop harassing those who do. This is offered with a lopsided grin and a twinkle in my eye, and I Iook forward to your thoughts. ;)

Sure, go ahead. It's an open forum, mate. So you do whatever you have to do. But let me tell you, writing something like this was a huge undertaking. The books I liked were pretty easy to do, but OMAC almost killed the entire thing. I read the first issue again and I was so horrified by it that I couldn't go on writing. And everytime I openend the Word-Document with the reviews in them, I would think "Oh crap, now I have to do OMAC" and then close the file again. It took me an insane amount of effort to get it done and even then it was just because my friend Nick did the most hilarious review of it that could have possibly been written.

@BlackArmor said:

@jsphsmth said:

I continue to be amazed that people who are not reading the New 52 continue to give their opinions of the New 52.

If you aren't reading the series, then what makes you think that anybody cares about your opinion?

THANK YOU!!!! apparently this concept is impossible for allot of people to comprehend, if your not reading it then your opinions are largely invalid and most likely misguided

Seeing as I've read everything I've talked about and a bit more, I see myself perfectly qualified to talk about it. If I don't end up liking what you like or we get to the same conclusions for different reasons, then let me know. I'll gladly discuss things with you. And who knows, maybe one of us will end up convincing the other.

@BlackArmor said:

Ouch! you described me in that first couple of sentences of Mr. Terrific, along with the fact that hes my favorite DC hero and that hurt man, that hurt allot

That is sad, my friend. But it's still true. Mister Terrific is awful. I liked him when he was on the Pre-Flashpoint JSA. He was pretty badass then. He was the guy who could stand next to Zauriel and Wonder Woman and say "I don't believe in Gods". That was badass. Fidgeting around with nanocircuitry with horns is just idiotic. And it has been mentioned to me that I might as well make another cross over "Magical Pet" if I saw his T-Spheres as pets. Which I don't. But they would qualify, seeing as they have all sorts of Deus Ex Machina applications.

@ReVamp said:

Batman, Green Lantern and I, Vampire shouldn't have been dropped.

Why not?

@John Valentine said:

Hahaha, your reviews made me laugh quite a bit!

Thank you. I hope it was in a good way.

@Superguy0009e said:

i feel that if u read some of the series a it longer, you may see that some of them have improved.

for instance, blue beetle didnt start out the best, but first issue on the new arc and it's atomatically pretty damn awesome

The point of a first issue is to get readers hooked. Most of the ones I dropped after #1 didn't do that. Some phoned it in (Static Shock), others were just absolutely awful (OMAC) and others were just uninspired (Blue Beetle)... And while I have heard that some books have gotten better due to change of creative teams, I didn't include those because I haven't read most of it. You see, if I was going to read the Nocenti-Stories of Green Arrow, then I would have to read another two or three horrible issues of that book. And I really don't feel like doing that.

@Suprman said:

If anyone has suggestions for other New 52 books I could pick up as trades, Let me know I like getting different opinions.

Without thinking all that much, I'd say you could get the following without having to worry much:

  • Animal Man
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws (I know this might be a bit of a stretch, but Lobdell just might be crafting something really amazing here)
  • Demon Knights
  • Batman
  • Action Comics
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@daak1212 said:

To be fair I see many great reviews for Swamp Man, maybe it's just you not the review system

Swamp Man indeed, yes. I know him. But that was more a general statement and had less to do with Swamp Man. It's inherently flawed due to fans reviewing what they like, so nothing gets a bad mark (naturally, there are exceptions to this). I am, though, willing to entertain that it is "just me" to an extent.

Also... Swamp Man?

@aztek_the_lost said:

@daak1212 said:

To be fair I see many great reviews for Swamp Man, maybe it's just you not the review system

Thing, but does seem to be a popular book with kids and critics alike, pretty sure it's the most popular non-traditional-superhero book...while occasionally it may seem like the reviews here are bias, I think they still capture whether or not the book's good, they just may word it a little too flowery if it's pretty good?

Well, it's not even the way they phrase it. But there's rarely a book that gets less than three stars. Either it's only the highlights that get reviewed by fans of the main characters or authors or the bad titles just get overlooked. The team here should occasionally try to review a bad comic book. It's a lot of fun, actually.

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@deveir said:

I think Tim drake as a character is better then Bruce Wayne LET ME REPEAT MY SELF, I THINK TIM DRAKE IS A BETTER CHARACTER THEN BRUCE WAYNE. I am not saying he is better batman or a super hero. i just think their is more character development to Tim then their is Bruce, therefore more of a story behind they guy in mask and why he does the things he does. Bruce fights crime cause his parents was killed and became batman because and once he became batman Bruce died sorta as a character. Bruce is his alias his life is batman. Where Tim also had his parents killed he never became so focus as being robin that his life as Tim seize to exsist. I don't no what do you guys think.


Blimey, your grasp of the English language is atrocious. Now, I normally don't mention this since I have often discovered that people on the internet tend to be borderline-illiterate, but this is a really bad case. Regardless of what point you may want to make and regardless of whether or not you have a point, I just can't even begin to contemplate that you might be on to something if I have the mental image of a braindamaged monkey in front of a computer, hammering away on the keyboard with his head. And no amount of "LET THEIR THEN REPEATS ME!" will enforce anything you say if you look like this to your readers:

Now, I know you might "not well at Engelish are", but basically every browser and especially Word has a rather good spellcheck. Word even checks for grammar and it would have a field day with your statement. So why don't you try using that? Because I doubt that you have not been aware of your deficiency in all things writing when up until now. So you thought "I lets loose grammer of bad to people of comicvine their agree with I than becaus me write!" and hacked away on your monkey-keyboard. That's really not how you go about all things internet. At least pretend to make an effort.

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@Imagine_Man15 said:

I would go to the gym, and make all those arrogant, muscle-bound douche bags look bad...

That is actually shockingly evil. See, most of those who we refer to as "The Monkeyboys" at our gym aren't all that strong, really. They just look strong. But in reality, they're just "inflated" for lack of a better term. Sure, there's quite some training involved with them, but they're training for show not for strength. What they're doing is they do very few reps of everything they do but with a lot of weight. The effect of that is that their muscles get big quick without necessarily being able to do more because the body is so busy regenerating used muscles they put under a lot of strain.

If you want to go for actual strength, which is what I'm doing, you find out what the maximum is you can do Let's call that X. In a first set, you do 12 reps X minus two (two being weight units the machine you're using has). In a second set, you do X-1 but do only ten reps. And finally, you do X but only eight reps. That's what I do and it works just fine. Also, your muscles will look much better and more toned.

As for the topic, I'd make sure I don't get cocky, because superstrength alone does not make you invulnerable. What you should be able to do is jump really high, seeing as you've got really strong legs. I think I'd try jumping out of windows. Or jump up on roofs. Then I'd see where I'd go from there. Fighting crime? Not so much, because crime is actually pretty hard to spot, even in the bad areas of town. Besides, if you come across crime, you'd probably help out anyways, superpower or not. That's what I hope, at least.

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Whoa, apparently, the wambulance is on red alert. I didn't mean to offend anyone, I just knew from experience that there's no swear-word-filter in effect, so I figured it would be okay. I didn't mean to offend anyone, really.

But still, on an argumentative level, my point is proven: You apparently can't swear out your heart's desire. It will get censored manually.

And how dare you lot insult the donkey, the most majestic and awesome of all animals?

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Screw sexism, screw decency. Power Girl's cleavage has been one of the longest-running and funniest in-jokes of the comic book community. It is now ruined.

... unless of course, they keep shredding her costume in all the right places all the time.

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@Onemoreposter: Regardless of whether he was actually forced to say something or not, it does seem to be a very uninspired and dismissive statement. And while it might bring along new readers, I still don't see how this is necessary and neither does Gibbons, from what it seems. I am willing to roll with it and I'll probably end up reading it because there is some serious talent involved and the ideas behind some of the comics look nice, but I might as well survive without them.

But that PR-blurb was hilarious. I might do more of those at some point.

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@buttersdaman000 said:

@Battlepig: I actually like that aspect of the show.....granted I am only in season 2....

The concept itself isn't a bad idea. But nothing you've seen up to now is really explained and yet everyone just handwaves one excellent series of a show away in favour of some rather uninspired clone-hijinks. I mean, you don't need alternate dimensions to have characters ask "Is it really Olivia?" Any SciFi-show has had at least one episode like that and they're building multiple seasons around it. Besides, their explanation does not explain anything at all. Think about it. Someone punched a hole into dimensions because of some bollocks excuse only to then discover that people who he previously conducted inhumane experiments on suddenly had translucent skin and dissolved.