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Has anyone else noticed the floating head above Nova? What's up with that?

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You know, I'm not bothered by Alan Scott being gay. At all. Alan Scott, as awesome as he once was, hasn't mattered at all in recent years. So bleh, why not make him gay? I do like the part where they made him a burly, tall and heroic-looking guy. No more meek civilian. He looks and acts like he could kick some major ass even without a GL-Ring.

I am, however, bothered by a good portion of a comic book that has much more interesting stories to tell wasted on showing two characters in love for the sake of having them be in love. Seriously, how much more awesome would it have been to have more Jay Garrick? Because as opposed to "I'm so very gay and you must now marvel upon my gayness", I'd much rather read stories about a guy who has superspeed and jumps around. Because that's the reason I read comics. I do not wish to be taught a lesson in tolerance, because I have none for bad storytelling, I want something that makes me go "Hell yeah!" and occasionally marvel at the heroes, the art, the witty and creative dialogue and any combination thereof.

And anyway, technically speaking, if DC wouldn't have made such a huge deal about it and had us subsequently discuss this at great lengths, it wouldn't be a big deal. Renee Montoya suddenly was gay. Whoop-dee-doo. Nobody cared. Wiccan and Hulkling? That was actually rather well done. They never really mention it other than their obvious concern for one another. No half-page spreads of kissing and pages upon pages of really clumsy flirting.

Just as a side-thought: Imagine someone actually flirting like those two. I shudder at the thought.

@Redberry: If he's nothing like the Alan Scott we previously knew, what's the point of calling him Alan Scott other than publicistic shock value?

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@ThanosIsMad said:

You know, it's still possible that Calvin Rose is just an off-screen Talon who gets a solo book. As clearly depicted, Lincoln March isn't exactly trying to lead a normal life.

That would be rather lame, wouldn't it? "Oh here's yet another Talon" kind of seems very un-Snyder-ish, given the thing he's built around the Court (which has evolved into a generic "I'll punch everyone and their zombies in the face"-finale). So there are bound to be some ties to the characters we've already met, I'd say. Besides, if Batman et al manage to kill off all the Talons, the fact that there's one more running around is just more ridiculous. And, mind you, Snyder is paying attention to ridiculousness. He has made Thomas Wayne the younger brother as opposed to the older brother he was before Flashpoint because it would have been too silly for there to have been an older brother around and Bruce would surely remember that.

@batshrine said:

Ya, read some news before you go on assuming. But otherwise, valid concerns!

It's not the concern itself that plagues me. Or the fact that they're going for a Talon solo-book. The two things that irk me are these:

  1. It's yet another Batman book. Given Batman, Detective Comics, Nightwing, Catwoman, The Red Hood and the Outlaws, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman and Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, Batwing, Birds of Prey and now also Talon, this is the twelfth Bat-book in the New Fifty-Two. That equals 23.07 percent of all DC's ongoings. That's a bit too much, I'd say and it's going into the same direction we had before the New Fifty-Two. They're already neglecting more B-Listers in favour of throwing more A-Listers at us.
  2. Couldn't they have waited with announcing Talon until, say, Night of the Owls was over? I mean, really, it's a couple months until then and we managed to still know that there was a DC Comics when they didn't tell us anything back when Flashpoint happened. I liked that, really. It had the grand sense of adventure, of mystery of excitement to it. So why wreck that just to spoil a story? Why not go "Oh, yeah, Voodoo will be axed, but there is a new book replacing it. Which book? Just hang on for a bit, we'll let you know soon."
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I don't see why having homosexual characters is such an issue. Or martians. Or something. Because at the end of the day, comics aren't really about who does the horizontal polka with whom, but about a couple of people in spandex saving Earth. Or the Earths. Do I like Alan Scott being gay? Not particularly. He was pretty cool the way he was, he had a family and everything. Not that I mind him being gay, but wouldn't it have been easier to just make a new character? One that doens't have the baggage of a very familiar name?

However, what I do have problems with is when writers keep mentioning the same sort of subject matter in virtually every comic they write. Prime example of this would probably be Jeph Loeb. How many times has he gone through the grief-thing with how many characters? And when he's not having a grief-thing, he's got Red Hulk doing whatever the hell Loeb wants him to. Or how often has Chris Claremont created godlike, unkillable and dominating female characters? That sort of thing annoys me way more than someone who's gay.

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Huh, those are some pretty dollies to play with.

Anyways, I am longing for someone to get Siren back into comics. I liked her whole eco-terrorist thing. And while we're at bringing some quite obscure character, we might as well get Siren.

EDIT: Guess what? I'll add a pretty picture.

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@jsphsmth said:

@Battlepig: Maybe you should have saved yourself a lot of time by only reviewing the few titles that you actually read.

And why would that have been better? Because then I would have had about fifteen paragraphs of gushing and fangasming. This way, I have everything.

@jsphsmth said:

@cbishop: Reading one issue of a series and reviewing the entire series AND the entire relaunch is irresponsible, by most people's standards, not just mine.

Note the absence of a final paragraph that goes "The DC relaunch is good..." or something along those lines.

@cbishop said:

@jsphsmth: 10% discount is pretty standard in my area. No biggie.

Informed opinions? Like someone only commenting on the writer/ artist of the series, and who he thinks is a hack? Yeah, I thought that was garbage too.

If the writer's hack-ness (in case of Dan DiDio, for example) wrecks a book and makes it perfectly unreadable, then I would say that me calling the writer a hack is an integral part of a review. But seriously, ever since DiDio started writing, have you read something of his that was good? I'll settle for "readable", but seriously, most of his stuff was really, really bad.

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@Lvenger: I'm not from Thailand. My suits are from there. Also, I'm not a DC-only reader. Well, right now, I kind of am. I go wherever the interesting stories are. A couple of years ago, circa Nextwave, I was pretty much a Marvel reader. Before that DC. I've had Image-, Vertigo- and Boom-phases. There's still the occasional comic book I read from other companies, but right now, it's mainly DC.

@Lvenger said:

My problem with the all action approach is that for a first arc, it's good but I want to see characterisation and relationships develop amonsgt the team along with them engaging in spectacular action later on. It's delivered on the latter, not the former as of yet. And whilst I want Justice League to be the cornerstone flagship title of the New 52, you may be right in it ignoring current continuity. Justice League #7 shows Hal to be a member yet he's supposed to have been kicked out of the GLC without a ring and had his one from Sinestro taken away from him in #5 of the New 52. It gives no indication of when it's set. But like you said, Justice League is a fun book and is the one I read first whenever my comics arrive in the post.

Well, we do get characterization and everything in the heroes' own books. So why not have a book that has everyone punch the crap out of everyone? At least at this point of the New Fifty-Two it makes sense, what with the characters not being defined just yet. If you have to insist on having crossovers (which is something I'm against in general on the basis of "just because you can doesn't mean you should") then at least make them as non-interfering with the regular books that are building the heroes' characters.

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@Lvenger: How I afford them... well, I don't have many other hobbies apart from reading comics and books. The few others I do have are not cost-intensive. I don't have a car and I don't need much to live. I've gotten quite thrifty with clothes (like: a custom-made-suit from Thailand is cheaper than the off-the-racks stuff you get here) and I don't have many clothes anyways. But either way, I know that I spend a disproportionate amount of money on books and comics every month. So while I am on some kind of budget, it's a pretty big one. I'd rather save on anything but my books. Those are the last to get cut. Also, I buy pretty much no other comics but the ones mentioned in my original post. Because Marvel is terminally dull at the moment and there's little else that interests me.

@Lvenger said:

The ones I'm most worried about are Justice League and Superman. JL whilst it is an entertaining read lacks depth. It's basically a Michael Bay does comics series, all action and a simple story. It's working for the first arc but I hope Johns doesn't continue this for issue 7. Superman has been an awful 6 issues to read and I've only stayed with it because Superman is my favourite superhero. I hope that the new creative team of Keith Griffen and Dan Jurgens do a better job than Perez does and that Perez sticks to art in the future. He is one of my favourite artists but his writing's average most of the time.

Perez should not have a place in the New Fifty-Two. I'm not trying to take away from what he has done in the past, but he does fall flat when it comes to being modern. It's the one thing he can't do. And thus, he should not be attached to anything that should be new and fresh and exciting. You can stick him on dying projects or on something retro-artsy. But giving him a mainstream book that should appeal to everyone is daft.

And I honestly don't see why an all-action-no-depth comic book series shouldn't work. If anything, I'd appreciate it since it would be very different. What if it didn't care about current continuity? What if it just ignored crossovers? What if it was basically Astonishing X-Men with the Justice League? That would be awesome.

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@ReVamp said:

@Battlepig: It was meant to. If you read Nightwing (like you said you do), you'll know why.

I know, but I somehow can't help but feel that if this is the big reveal of the secret, then it's kind of... not awesome. I mean, why can't it be something that has - for a change - nothing to do with Batman or one of his cases? Why can't Dick be on his own on this one? If Dick goes on and figures out that there's way more to his circus than just that, then I'll be happy, but if that is it, then why did I even bother buying six to eight issues of Nightwing (depending on what issue we're at when the crossover is over)? I mean, I could have just bought Batman and that was that.

But if that was it, then you have to hand it to them: They did a kickass job of making a tie-in actually matter or make it feel as if it mattered.

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@Deranged Midget: Heh, the main problem with the Batbooks is that there are way too many of them. Batman is - just as he was before Flashpoint - in about seven places at once. At least. But at least they seem to make effort to not have big continuity snarls in there anymore. So that's something, I guess. I mean, you saw how many of them I actually read, right?

As for GL, see my post above.

EDIT: I do love, however, how some books aren't even acknowledged by readers and critics. Like, when's the last time you heard someone say something about Deathstroke? Or about Voodoo?