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I remember when they changed Star Lord's hair blonde for Marvel NOW.

People said it was an unoriginal color too.

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I'm calling it right now: the chrome trooper is Boba Fett.

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@saint_wildcard: @mandarinestro:

Oh! That's what you where talking about! Oh, wow!

I'm so freakin' pumped right now I can't even think straight!

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The video was deleted, but are you talking about the new teaser trailer released yesterday? I saw that one.

It was cool but I was a little disappointed, to be honest. We've already seen set photos of these two in their costumes, and they're just going to release a few seconds of said costumes just hanging up on display?

Don't get me wrong, it was still cool, and I get that it was a teaser, but the footage they released at SDCC got me leagues more excited for the movie than this did.

Maybe we'll get to see a full trailer when next SDCC rolls around.

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@battle_forum_junkie said:

@saint_wildcard said:

The fact that such a jobber army was even able to kill anyone is truly impressive.

Where they even jobbing, though? They had absolutely no showings before the fight in NYC.

They where overwhelming the Avengers anyway - and they probably would have won if it weren't for that plot device hive mind...

How about cannon fodder? honestly think that the nuke would have wiped them all out

All the Chitauri where, really. And due to the hive mind thing, I assume they where all wiped out. At least the ones that where either on Earth or attached to whatever that mothership was.

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@thehumanporch I definitely see where you're coming from. I'm curious, though, do you feel the same way about the more recent X-movies?. I felt they had a reasonable amount of humor - which the complete lack of did bring Man of Steel down a bit, IMO - but it wasn't to a point where it ever distracted from the story for me.

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I'd ask Captain America if holding on to conviction in an apparently absurd world ever makes him feel like he's being something fake* for other people, and what his answer is to existentialism. He seems like a pretty smart guy, so I wanna know if his philosophical certainty is because he's a fictional character written that way, or because he has an answer. How he achieves this is more interesting than the SSS secret. It's cool if he fabricates his own objective meaning of life in order to provide an outlet/distraction for his drive, if a bit banal/disappointing.

*Not the same as the Steve/Cap duality. It's well-known that his Captain America identity has been manufactured by both the US military and himself. He's really a low-key, introspective guy in private, which is part of the reason why I'm asking him this.

That's a very interesting question - and probably the most interesting this thread will see, to be honest. Perhaps he feels he needs to hold so firmly to his sense of conviction because the world is so absurd. He's a guy who has seen a lot of gray areas in his time and I think that's the main reason he holds so firmly to said conviction - because there are so few that do. Regardless of his reasons I don't think that his beliefs are ever an act he has to put on.

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If it's Bruce Timm I'm definitely on board.

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Belinda Carlisle lied!