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@edblank: No, you're not the only one... I think it degrades the character that was shown in the comics by making him solve and fight crime.

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@shadowstare: From Batman Eternal, which is still ongoing. I guess she decided to stay and be part of the Bat family.

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Did he say Lucifer?!?!?! Are we having a TV series on Lucifer?!?!?

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This New Gods vs. Green Lantern Corps sounds amazing, can't wait. And finally, Lucifer's final TPB has arrived!

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Some people are picking events that aren't defined by approximate date, month, and year by the historians. Kind of defeats the point, since the OP said you only have 72 hours to witness an event.

For me,

  • 1883 eruption of Krakatoa: August 26–27, 1883
  • Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79: August 24, AD 79
  • One or more of Hitler Speeches: Documented
  • The Wright Brothers - First Flight: December 17, 1903
  • United States Declaration of Independence: July 4, 1776
  • Trojan War: Death of Achilles or Death of Hector (Nine Year War, so need more research of near date of the events)
  • Band Concerts
    1. Led Zeppelin: July 27-29, 1973
    2. U2: September 1, 2001
    3. Queen: November 24-25, 1981
    4. AC/DC: August 17, 1991
    5. And More....

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Nice to see the gaps in story filled in. Batman is coming more off as a jerk as this series continues, it's just weird as the animated series laid out a different perceptive of him. But still like these turn of events.

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New52 wise by the way there were atleast 7 main parts of the continent of Atlantis there could of been smaller areas around those with people. Xebel originated from one of the 7 but I believe they were all connected until Atlan sank Atlantis

Yeah, forgot how many separate colonies were there. I mean, yes, they were all part of Atlantis before the sinking, but I think the unique powers of Xebel might have originated after the fall of Atlantis. Just as the Trench became what they became.

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@justthatkid: Mera's Twin sister might be Garth's mother. It was indicated in the Blackest Night arc in Green Lantern. I think New52 just expanded the story of Xebel, but they are still the outsiders or one of the outsiders out of 3 or 4 separated groups, when the Atlantis was sunk. It was talked about in the recent issues of Aquaman. I think the power is unique to the group and not associated to common ancestor, ancient Atlantean.

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A badass doesn't so badass things. They make their actions badass.

Like that one shot page of Arthur leveling his half-bro with one mighty punch and then taking his throne in grand style, "I'm your King, now!" Man, that was some finale to the Throne of Atlantis Arc.

@justthatkid: The thing about giving Arthur hydrokinesis, or water control is that it would require the writers to somehow connect him to the Xebel. Since, all the Xebel are connected to the water control powers, even Garth and Kaldur has some connection to the Xebel.