Best Book Ever and WildPig Con

I am currently reading the best book ever!  The Return of Swamp Thing is a novel of the motion picture (which I've never seen).  Unlike the remade first movie, this book introduces Abby Holland, one of my favorite characters from the pages of Swamp Thing.  It's the perfect twist between horror, science fiction and romance.  This novel provides non-stop action and characters you love and the deadly villain Anton Arcane.  If you're a Swamp Thing fan and need a novel to read, this is it! 
On another note, I'm going to the second WildPig comic con tomorrow (where all comic are a dollar and all graphic novels are 50% off)!   I went to the first one and got 200 comics, including a huge assortment of Batman and many other titles.  I'll let you know the best stuff I get later!  I'm hoping it will be just as fun as the first one since I have $100 to spend! 
If YOU want more information about WildPig comic con, go to   
Have a great weekend everybody!  

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