Awesome fan art by Saad Irfan

Lobo and Deadpool
She Hulk
Cat Woman

And for those guys who are dazzled by this art work,dont get worry i 'll keep you updated about this guys more artwork

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Damn, that Kick-Ass sure is scary... O_O

Posted by bATsy246

@mr.obvious: well besides that its looking quite ,for want of a better word,awesome

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@bATsy246: BTW, I also love your She-Hulk <3

Posted by krilling

Your Kick-Ass really kicks ass. Also props for Harvey, Bats and Lobo&Pool. Keep your s#!t dope like this.

Posted by Adnan

Woah, this is some really detailed, professional-looking work. Awesome stuff man.

Posted by bATsy246

Guys just to clear some doubts my name is Saad Farhan.I am just posting these work.These are orignally made by my brother Saad Irfan

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I think that Wolverine is my favorite one.

Your brother is very talented.

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@whacknasty said:

Your brother is very talented.


Posted by TheGoldenOne
Awesome stuff. The Kickass one is my favorite.
Posted by bATsy246

@whacknasty: Thank you and i agrre with you he is indeed very talented

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Guys do check my other blog.I have shared another piece of art by my brother

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Awesome Kick-Ass and Catwoman

Posted by Glitch_Spawn

I really like Superman here! The long hair fits!

Posted by HulkSlayerT1000

Beautiful art work. I like that Batman one.

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Do you take requests by per chance? O-o

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@Sufferthorn: i do

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@bATsy246 said:

@Sufferthorn: i do

Well I have a Star Trek request if you find the time, good sir.

Should you find it interesting then I am quite interested in any interpretations of the character which you might have.

If you are interested, here is the thread where I posted my original request, :)

My request

Have fun,