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Nobody wants to see Diana with Bruce besides die hard Bat fans like yourself.

If they balance SM/WW relationship a bit more they maybe a match made in heaven. I just feel DC will not but all the effort into a temporary relationship, unless it becomes a huge profitable thing for both characters... Well SM/WW is selling more then their single issue.

My only wish for SM/WW is if we can spend sometime with Wonder Woman rouge gallery for a bit after the Doomed event. Wonder Woman villains would make up a good plot for both characters.

So earlier I complimented someone for giving a really mature response. I wish I could say the same to you.

First of all you have no statistical evidence for your first claim that only die hard bat fans want to see WW and Bats. But even if we take that statement as fact (which I know neither of us has the data). Lets just see the numbers. Who for the past 3 years has constantly been selling the most out of those 3? Batman. Who has had a movie make over a billion dollars in the box office? Batman. Who has the most comic books coming out each week? Batman. So even if just Batman fans want to see this happen as you say, then thats a lot of people...

And to be honest, we speak of WW as if she needs to date one of those two. Lets not forget what WW prolly want, and what WW represents. She is her own woman. It is insulting to think of her as a prize for one of the big two. And we all know they all have significant others that will ultimately prevail over them dating each other. Though if two of them must date, I still side with WW and Bats :-P. Or why can't all 3 of them date each other?!? Thats possible lol.

My only wish is for a WW/Bats comic since there is a Supes/Bats and a WW/Supes. That dynamic sounds like a lot of fun and I wanna see it handled by a good writer who likes both of the characters (so def not Geoff Johns).

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So I bought this movie right when it came out when it was a Target exclusive, it was an amazing homage to Super Friends, and is directed in a very much similar way.

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@supbatz said:

" Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment, Batman: Assault on Arkham is directed by Jay Oliva (Man of Steel, Justice League: War) and Ethan Spaulding (Son of Batman) from a script written by Heath Corson (Justice League: War). Sam Register (Beware the Batman, Teen Titans Go!), Benjamin Melniker (The Dark Knight Rises) and Michael Uslan (The Dark Knight Rises) serve as executive producers. James Tucker (Son of Batman) is Supervising Producer. "

I know that this is supposed to instill confidence...but it really has had the opposite effect on me.

hahaha you make a good point since this is the official press release. but i think they were just referencing most recent works. Hope my rewrite helps instill confidence, or at least shows that these people can either do amazing or really bad stuff and its just luck of the draw.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment, Batman: Assault on Arkham is directed by Jay Oliva (Batman: Dark Knight Returns, Young Justice) and Ethan Spaulding (Avatar: The Last Airbender) from a script written by Heath Corson (Justice League: War). Sam Register (Beware the Batman, Young Justice, Batman of Shanghai, and Batman Beyond 75 Anniversary Short), Benjamin Melniker (The Dark Knight, Batman: Under the Red Hood) and Michael Uslan (The Dark Knight, Batman '89) serve as executive producers. James Tucker (Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) is Supervising Producer.

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It really is an amazing show and especially as the plot progresses it gets better and better.

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I could see how this age Batman is arguably at his best with top selling movies, and a comic that has been a top seller for the past 3 years straight (thats impressive). But I would argue that the late 80's was also Batman at his finest. Getting award winning tales of The Dark Knight Returns, and Year One, alongside with Batman (89), you have a character that just wasn't popular, but was rewriting the superhero genre.

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Its a sad day for a Batfan when you have a sigh of relief for when you see that one thing Batrelated amongst the top of the top (and thats snyder nominated for best author)

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I still prefer X-Men franchise to the Avengers one...way more interesting despite these "changes" people are complaining about the characters.

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Why can't it be catwoman again?

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Snyder's Batman definitely requires quite a bit of prep. I could argue that Batman in the Batman universe has a tendency to get set back then finally win, while Batman in DC universe is far more prepared and is less likely to get his butt handed to him in a first encounter. It's the nature of story telling especially in long 7 issue arcs. Batman would be very boring if we never saw him struggle, but would also be no fun if we didn't see him totally own. So unless its a short, Batman in Gotham is more than likely to struggle more since his villains are at least on average physically easier to beat. While in greater DC because there are so many big figures, if he doesn't win all the time, his presence is not only pointless but a hindrance.

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@themightymazahs: I mean I can see it possible especially if they used chernobyl as a means to have accelerated when the mutation happened, it could have also accelerated his aging too, allowing him to be that 10 year old boss. Though I think its easier to say that they are trying to unify the x-men franchise, and just like any quilt, the patches are noticeable but it's still a masterpiece in its own right. So we will see gaping plot holes, but i'm more than satisfied with ignore them.

@war_killer: huh, I didn't even think about how DoFP could over right the original movies. Omg that would be kinda cool. I would still want the OG cast though (i'm sorry but an x-men without storm is a bad thing imo), but thats an interesting idea to explore. Imagine if Jean was back alive...hahaha if movies can connect together like comics in one universe, then like comics they must be able to have some weird and cooky things happen too.

And now on to my thoughts about this BRILLIANT move. So first I want to say I have always preferred the X-Men franchise whether it is in comics, shows, and in this case movies to the Avengers. (i actually like x-men over everything that doesn't have Batman). The reason I do is because not only are the stories interesting but they deal with deep social issues in such a beautiful metaphoric (either subtle or very obvious) ways. And this 25 events list is literally the icing on the cake!

Magneto Implicated for Murder ---> Islamophobia and assuming terrorist=muslim

Nixon and Trask ---> Corporate influence over the gov't, especially if they focus on military tech.

God's Curse ---> homophobic rhetoric

Legacy Virus ---> Aids epidemic and homophobia

Berlin Wall ---> Racial segregation

Mutant Registry ---> Patriot Act, and NSA

Guantanamo Bay ---> War on Terror and Islamophobia, and camps used for ethnic cleansing

Mexican Border Wall ---> Poor treatment of illegal immigrants, xenophobic immigration policies

Mutant Inhibitor Collars ---> Forced change on a group (think forced conversions)

Mutant Cure ---> Cure for Homosexuality

March on X-Mansion ---> Police and state brutality

Death of Hank McCoy ---> Lynching, and its modern forms

But the best part, being a Superhero tale, with all these problems in our society that's presented, this franchise still takes the time to show the good things too!

South African Reform ---> the end of a (de jure) apartheid

Hank McCoy UN Rep ---> gov't trying to also take care of it's citizens

Zapatistas ---> civil rights groups and movements