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@heavenlydarkdragon: I honestly like how you're just riding this wave and just seeing where it goes. It is interesting how this is solely affecting Superman. I know in the 90's we had almost everyone shaken up from Parallax to Azrael to the 4 Supermen. It maybe just a trend, and we may get an awesome character out of it, we did get Steel and Superboy from the Death of Superman after all.

The odd thing however, is that at the moment, if we had to say what Superman is in all his current depictions, he should be labeled as a villain. And this isn't affecting any of the other Supers even though GL, Flash, MM, WW, and some more are arguably just as strong as him, DC is having a fun time tarnishing their poster boy. Though I do agree with some people who commented like @smashbrawler, in many cases it's an easy way out to make Superman interesting enough to sell.

I mean to put things in perspectives in November 2014, Batman has over 20 comics coming out in his name, and not one of them involve him going rogue, or crossing a line.

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@manwhohaseverything said:

I hope all the people thinking Rocket Raccoon beating Batman means much aren't really that naive. Rocket Raccoon NUMBER ONE...beat Batman number 33. Next month, Batman will out sell everyone again, unless someone else has a number one. What I really means for Marvel is that GoTG is doing well. It doesn't mean Rocket Raccoon will sell better/is more popular than Batman. (Stating the obvious, I know.)

Not that I'm "rooting" against Marvel. One of my more common rants on here lately has been the poor way they've put the FF out there. Not saying it's a bad book, I like the new run. But how they can go sooo out for GoTG and not for the FF makes me sad. :( And I don't buy that's it's solely that they don't have the movie rights to the FF. They don't have the rights to Spider-Man either.

So I had a previous post that agreed with most everything you said and supplements it well. There is something that I don't agree and thats the bold.

There is definitely a correlation and very plausible connection why Marvel isn't putting much energy into FF and that connection is movie rights. Sure they don't have the rights to Spider-Man, but Spider-Man is making big bucks right now (well Spider-Man is always making money), so they can capitalize on his success. Fantastic Four isn't so there isn't much to take advantage of.

Now let's look at the reverse, if they don't treat the Fantastic Four well, the fanbase may decrease (kinda like how the fanbase for Iron Man skyrocketed when they did treat him well, or the Guardians of the Galaxy having #1s to match the new movie), then when the Sony movie comes out, if it flops then Sony may stop making FF movies, slowly losing their rights over the characters.

So does that mean Marvel wants the FF to fail? No, but its like a Xanatos Gambit. If FF movie comes out and it is good, Marvel can almost instantly up the quality of the FF comics to capitalize on it's success. If FF movie is a flop, then the quality can remain poor to keep FF movies down, so they can get the rights again, and bring FF back up. In the end Marvel wins regardless, and eventually FF...though in an agonizing process.

So does this mean that Marvel wants Sony, DC, Warner Bros, Dark Horse, etc. to fail? Well it may want Sony to fail, just to get it's characters back. But Marvel wants the rest of these companies to succeed, just as long as Marvel has the leading edge. Reason being is that the more success in the genre, the more interest in the genre, meaning the more customers. So all you non-Marvel or DC haters out there, by hating you are rooting against your own company's interest. Let's not forget Superman, Batman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles convinced the movie industry that superhero movies can be successful and worth the investment.

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I hope that's the spectre, and I hope Raven doesn't turn old cause she's an immortal demon! (is that how she is in the comics?)

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Can one really say that Batman lost? He is the standard that comic sales are still measured by. Out of all the DC books in the top 10, they are all Batman related comics. While Marvel needed three #1 issues, and two event issues to make it to top 10, Batman only had one #1 issue. And while Batman's main team, the Justice League, made it to top 10, where is Rocket Raccoon's main team? For that matter where is the Avengers, or the far superior X-Men (sorry X-Men will always trump Avengers in my opinion). Oh and let's not forget 100,000 of Rocket Raccoons books were given out in a subscription, not willingly purchased by individuals like the Batman comics. And on top of that the Batman issue sold at the highest price, and still had the most costumers relative to price.

Statistics can fool even the brightest of minds, so it's no shock that it fools most of the minds on here too. And as far as you out there that thinks Marvel taking a higher percentage of the market means every comic brand out there is by default bad, then that is also faulty logic. Cause for anyone that likes something that isn't Batman, then I can use that logic to say you're favorite comics are by default bad. Can we accept that most of our comics that we like, we like for a reason, and that other people's interests don't need to match our own.

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Divide and conquer...muhahahaha

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@w0nd said:

@judasnixon said:

@w0nd said:

I am sure someone has seen this movie already, its on itunes and psn already...sooo curious how it is?

I've seen it. Keep that movie away from small children. I literally did a spit take when I saw the topless Harley Quinn sex scene...... Didn't see that coming.....

WOW lol thanks, I guess I won't be watching that with my little brother. Is it worth the watch? I wasn't a fan of son of the batman or whatever it is called

The violence is something to keep a little bro from watching if he isn't old enough to handle it. It can get gruesome

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I can't not vote for Batman. Sure we may have had Batman in the spotlight for the past year, sure he is the best selling comic character out there, sure its his 75th birthday so to honor it we are getting more Batman comics, movies, and even a movie or two for next year as well, but we can always have more!

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@lol_can_you_not_: Well I'm gonna touch on two things

First, legacy and spin off characters. I honestly don't like them as a justification to make a new diverse characters. It stems from the idea that to have a good minority character, they need to be second to the a white male character. It's kind of why there is no Wonder Boy or White Lightning. And making a new character that isn't a spin off character is very hard to make popular since there is no fan base. I mean how do you compete with 75 years to make fans. You can try, but it's not easy, and these companies do still want to make money.

And second, ya it is hard to be a writer. The biggest issue is because the writers aren't black, asian, female, gay, etc. They can only write stories from what people tell them, and how they think someone from that group would talk like...which ends up falling on stereotypes and their character all the sudden is based off of their blackness or gayness.

An example of a good well rounded character in my opinion is Storm. And yes you don't want clones of her just like how if every white character was written like Superman, you'd start getting annoyed. So if you saw that almost every asian character's powers and skills were based on their asianness, like being insanely good at martial arts, or fireworks, or tech genius, you'd get tired of getting this boxed image of what an asian person is. Real people are dynamic, they are different. If you show multiple facets in multiple people you get that sense, which is why there isn't a stereotypical white male power. Yet most of the heroes I can think of that can read minds, are girls. So ya, being a writer about sensitive issues can be hard.

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@lol_can_you_not_: I honestly agree with you on that point! I think Wally West should have remained a ginger male, cause there aren't many in the comics. Only other gingers I can think of are New Gods. And people do bully ginger kids (although getting a job is still prolly easier than a black person but that's a whole different issue, cause I'm not gonna play oppression olympics). I honestly think, DC messed up. If they wanted a black Flash, it should have been Barry Allen...but DC worships him and Hal Jordan way too much to change anything about them.

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@lol_can_you_not_: Great response! I hope you see my point, how ridiculous it is to try to attribute "realism" to fictional characters. That's what I was trying to illustrate. And best part is I can counter you bit by bit, and it would be an endless debate. Which is why "realism" is a bad argument. Unless an aspect is central to the character, you can change many things but people get hung up on race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.

And read why diversity is important. Diversity isn't about being represented, it is about showing people that people of different groups can be good too. The more we see it, the more we accept it.