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It took me a while to come up with my answer, but I'm leaning towards Green Arrow. In the Marvel movies, we really haven't seen BW do anything truly noteworthy, other than take out a few generic guards in Iron Man 2, beat a brainwashed Hawkeye, and kill a couple of Chitauri soldiers (Who, lets be honest, didn't look like the most skilled fighters). However in Arrow, Ollie is constantly up against skilled martial artists and marksmen who push him to his limits, and from these encounters we have seen just how skilled his experience on the island made him.

Another area where he has the advantage is the setting of the battle. 50 feet apart, with cover and at night. We can assume BW will be using handguns and from that distance, and she's going to need to get much closer if she's to have any chance of hitting him. GA on the other hand will have an array of arrows that he has shown great skill in using from distance, if he fails to hit her with his initial shots, he could always turn to an explosive arrow to provide cover for him to stealthily traverse the street to get a better shot. In the episode with Deadshot's first appearance, all he needed was a bit of cover and one clean shot to "kill" him. Imagine what he could do with 50 feet between him and his enemy, and at night, where GA primarily works. GA takes the battle.

And for anyone who brings up the Hawkeye vs Black Widow fight from The Avengers, remember, Clint was holding back, and the fight took place in close quarters where he couldn't get a proper shot off, it's hardly a fair comparison.

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That could be the best likeness of an Actor I have ever seen on a Hot Toys figure. Wow.

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Hey have you heard of D.I.C.E? It's the Dublin International Comic Expo being held in Ireland for the first time this year. It's the first real comic convention that Ireland has ever held, and it's actually got some good guests lined up, including Matt Fraction, Dave Johnson, Rafa Albuqerque and John Layman, just to name a few.

Is there any chance that you would be attending this event? It's being held in September, and it should be awesome.

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God James Robinson is awesome, I love how honest he was about not liking some of the costume designs..

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I'm so tempted to watch this... But I don't want any spoilers..

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I am throwing my money at the screen. TAKE MY MONEY SNYDER, TAKE MY GODDAMN MONEY!

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@JediXMan: David Goyer has been quoted saying that the last scene of the film brought a tear to his eye, I'm telling you Batman will die.

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After searching through Facebook for a page for fans of DC Comics, I noticed there really aren't many good ones, So I decided to start my own.

The name of the page is DC Comics Fans, Here's a link:

The aim of the page is to give fans a place where they can give their own reviews of comics, start discussions, talk about characters and much more.

Of course the page is only starting but I could see it going far, we just need to build up a solid number of likes to get the page popular.

So if you like the idea of the page, give it a like and share, and let your friends know, a page like this is long overdue in my opinion.



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"Superhero movies are much better than the comics"

That is the day I lost hope in the human race.

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I find it a little silly how The Avengers get Beta Ray Bill and Thor even though they have very similar powers.

Having said that I still think JL win hands down.

Batman beats Captain America, Just imagine what Bats would do to him if morals are off.

Superman beats Thor, A long fight, But Superman would eventually gain the upper hand.

Wonder Woman beats Beta Ray Bill, I don't know much about BRB, But if WW can go toe to toe against Superman I'd imagine she can beat this guy.

Hawkman could probably beat Rulk, but it would be a tough fight.

Green Lantern beats Iron Man easily, I don't see much of a fight being put up here to be honest.

Aquaman gets beaten by Hercules, Hercules is a much stronger character, and again, I don't see it being fair that Avengers have 3 god like heroes on their team.

Cyborg definitely beats Spidey, I don't care how fast Spidey is Cyborg will eventually lock on to him and blast him to kingdom come.