Where is Cassandra Cain??

Okay, it has been one year since the New 52 came into effect. As a Batman fan I really am thrilled with what has happened thus far. However the question that I still have about all this is; Where is Cassandra Cain!? Come on all the Batman fans want to see her back in some roll in the Bat Family, but thus far she has not appeared at all. She was by far my favorite Bat Family female and my second favorite overall Bat Family member (Tim Drake being the first.) I know I'm not the only one who wants to see her. I personally would love to see her as Black Bat still or at least bring her in and give her a new mantle. Something please! I can't be the only one thinking this. Who else wants to see Cassandra in the new 52? Do you want her to be Black Bat or something new? Or you like me and just want to see Cassandra's return, because she is an amazing character!?


The Best Bat Family Suit??

The Batsuit. One of the easiest suits to recognize in all of comics. However there are so many different versions of the suit that sometimes it's hard to keep track and that's just in one universe, what about all the other worlds? Then there are all the Bat Family members From Robin, Nightwing, and Red Robin to Huntress, Catwoman, and Batman Inc. All of them are pretty cool looking, but which ones best? My personal favorite is the one Bruce started wearing right before the reboot, but I want to hear other peoples opinions! Which Bat Family suit is best? Pick any of them Pre or Post Reboot!


Who is the greatest green lantern of all time

Most people say that it's Hal Jordan but I want multiple peoples opinions on this who is the greatest GL of all time?? Here are some options but pick any GL you can think of:  
1. Hal Jordan  
2. John Stewart  
3. Kyle Rayner  
4. Guy Gardner  
5. Sinestro
6. Kilowog  
7. Sodam Yat  
8. Arisia  
9. Boodikka  
10. Mogo  
11. Tomar-Tu  
13. Ganthet     
14. Tomar-Re     
15. Alan Scott  
16. Jade 

Is it any of these beings did I miss your pick tell me who you think is the best GL of all time!!


Battle Senario: Tim Drake vs Arsenal

Scenario: Both men are at there current level  
Place: Titans Tower  
Tim has: six batarangs, two smoke pellets, one flash bang and his bo staff.  

Roy has: Two Pistols with 4 bullets a piece, three knives one sword and three normal arrows  
Fight is to knockout or Death who wins??