Favorite Superman Universe Stories

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Nice list

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Nice. Still have to read Red Sun lol

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@ultrastarkiller: i didn't like Red Son as much as I thought I would but it's a very interesting story, no doubt

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Nice list. Have you ever read Last Son?

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@batmannflash: It's great, my favorite Superman story yet. Basically, one day a space ship crashes into Metropolis and turns out it carries a 6-year old kryptonian kid. I won't spoil the rest of it but it's pretty great.

Another stories I'd recommend are Escape from Bizarro World (self-explanatory) and Superman and the Legion of Superheroes (the Legion asks for Superman's help in a highly xenophobic future where people have been brainwashed into thinking Superman was human and aliens are evil). If you liked Brainiac I can assure you you'll probably like these as well.

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@jldoom: thanks for the recommendations! I will check them out when I can

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Missing Speeding Bullets.

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