Favorite Superhero Girlfriends

Note: Harley would have been number 1 but Joker is not a superhero.

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Posted by Wolverine08

Great list man. Lots of sexy babes here.

Posted by batmannflash

@wolverine08: LOL you're really horny for a 14 year old!!

hahah I'm kidding. Yeah comic books tend to unrealistically make every women incredibly sexy. If only the real world was like that haha

Posted by Wolverine08

@batmannflash: I can't help it man. I have all these hormones, and sexy comic women make them go crazy. I need to go find me a women with a comic body in real life!

Posted by batmannflash
Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

Sue Dibny should've been here.