Favorite Comic Book Teams

This list is in order.

Please note, I'm not just ranking the current teams. For example, the Avengers. I'm not just taking into consideration the current Avengers team. But rather, I am looking all the different rosters throughout its entire history.

23 DC teams, 12 Marvel teams.

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Nice one. I see Justice League is in it's rightful place. :P

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Nice list.

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Justice League FTW!

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Wait does Barry still have his blue lantern ring? Just like batman still has his yellow lantern ring?

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@batmannflash: Oh, then I just got confused, cause you put him as one of the blue lanterns.

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@2cool4fun: yes. As stated above, I am taking consideration anyone that has been part of the team at one moment or another

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Where's the Zoo Crew???

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