Favorite Comic Book Characters Outside of DC/Marvel

These are my favorite comic book characters not in the Big Two. Although Vertigo and Wildstorm is part of DC, I am including these companies, as well as, Image, Valiant, IDW, and so on.

This list is a work in progress. I am very new to comics outside of DC and Marvel.

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Sweet list. Love the inclusion of the TMNT here.

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I haven't read any of the Adventure Time comics... Are they good?

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As soon as I saw Finn I just knew this was gonna be a great list xD

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@ultrastarkiller: haha yeah Finn is the best! you watch the show? it means like there's no discussion thread for Adventure Time on here :(

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Great to see Skinner Sweet and Swamp Thing on this list! Awesome list overall man.

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@batmannflash: Yup never miss an episode ans I know people need to know the awesomeness that us Adventure Time haha.

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@batmannflash: Yeah, I love the show. Though I haven't seen the new episodes in a while, I really should get caught up.

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Nice list, but isn't animal man Dc comics?

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X-O Manowar and TMNT! Yesss!

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@rulerofthisuniverse: sorry, forgot to answer the question. If you like the show, then you'll like the comic books as well. The characters are the same characters we all know and love. Plus, they introduce some new characters who haven't shown up in the show. I like tv shows/movies over reading anyday so it's natural that I would like the show better. The books aren't as funny but they are still funny. A major plus with the books is that they have story arcs which extend over multiple books, while the show usually has only one story per episode.

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