could she be...

become this

can Stephanie brown being red x in the new 52 work well, i mean seriously she can only be batgirl again is if Barbara becomes oracle again (which i don't see happening anytime soon). plus it could be a very interesting story. now tell me why you think this idea could work and also why it couldn't wprk. also, tell me an idea on how this could work in the new 52 (I'd tell you mine but it relies heavily on the pre-52 universe) so type a comment down below please

could this

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Posted by Inverno

Like DC is going to use Stephanie Brown any sooner. Which is a shame...

Posted by Batmandemon23

@CaioTrubat: i know what you mean but i just made this blog just so steph fans can have fun making an interesting stories with this idea for a character they all like

Posted by superstay

So thats what shes been doing d-_-b.....he better than just sitting on the shelf. dú¡ùb

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Um.... no. It wouldn't work.

I'd prefer another, darker character to be included into the Bat-Family. It could be an enemy of Jason Todd/Red Hood, because it would fit that atmosphere a lot better.

Posted by TDK_1997

Well I would like to see her return but I don't think it would be anytime soon.