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Genesis 4(spoiler warning) 0

I picked this up for 50 cents at the clearance pile. I didnt expect much, seeing Superman Blue was on the cover, But as I read it,it's bad ass. The conveying of Takion's death,whoever he was, was well done.  The mentioning of the number 13 being lucky in this case made sense, and the source wall was an interesting appearance.   Ares,Darkseid,and Metron,oh my! But seriously this story is great. The art's good for the 1990s,as well....

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Before the Storm(spoilers) 0

OK. I originally got this as a present for my Storm fanboy of a grandfather, but as I read it, it's really good!  The fight between Ororo and the Urchins was amazingly drawn. Love the panel where she leaps into the air,stomping on one group and kicking three urchins back.  Master El Girab was a char I havent heard of. He makes me consider the term honor among theives. Even thieves care for children.  Loved the annoyance Ororo showed when Dr. Barrett questioned El Girab about the kids. When I saw...

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Charge of the Army Eternal 0

Hey,guys this is my first review so be nice. I loved the appearance of Shining Knight and Vigilante as they were two of my fav chars in JLU. The appearance of Kid Eternity was random yet interesting. Viking Prince, I've heard the name and GI Robot never heard of him. But original ideas still.  General Immortus. I don't remember hearing about him for a while since Teen Titans. It was pretty original for GI Robot to be used to fight the Spear of Destiny.   Oh the art was awesome. Because its just ...

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