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Whole heartedly agree. This story was what got me into comic book again after a 5 year hiatus from reading. Discovering that Jim Lee would be on pencils was a wild fantasy come true!

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Had to look at deviantart for David Yardin. That it one impressive and beautiful looking Diana!

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@FatihBATMAN: my biggest gripe was jordan being able to save the freakin' planet in... 3 days? awesome. If you're going to make an "origin" movie, don't put out of the big guns yet, yeesh. start small esp. wit the villains.

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hey , i like this thread :) Good work!

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$700 million for a Snyder film.. that's going to be hard.

Then you put "Superman" as that film with "Christopher Nolan" as producer.. with stars like Crowe and Fishburn and Costner, MoS should definitely reach that. I'm pretty sure they'll already reach well over the budget with only the domestic gross.

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Man, looking at all these replies.. i miss JL/JLU. really one of the best, if not, THE best, animated shows ever. Spectacular writing to say the least.

Superman is not holding back.

Flash vs. Luthor

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All for DC's premiere team having more ladies. I brought up having Barbara Gordon, Vixen, Canary, Hawkgirl, Powergirl, and Zatanna!

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I like what you said there with Aquaman having a little bit of everyone in him. That is precise! and with telepathy, a lil' bit of John as well :D

Durability to withstand falling from an airplane, machine gun fire, speed to avoid bullets and swim at mach 10, telepathy, night vision, etc.. seriously, dude's a powerhouse.

Going back to the topic at hand, i still remain lukewarm with 52JL. I really think that there are much more and better stories to tell, feats to show..

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John can work but an appearance by Arthur, showing off all his powers and abilities will go a looong way towards that ill-conceived and poor knowledge of the public regarding him. Sort of like Aragorn asking the Army of the Dead to help battle Sauron's army in ROTK. They should show off not only his physical prowess but more importantly, HIS TELEPATHY!

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Dream Team

For leaders, i kind of like it how it generally revolves around the Trinity and in a certain degree, to John. These heroes look up to these three so mightily that they just gravitate towards them. I like how Supes is generally the main leader but Bats is the field tactical and intellectual leader with Diana being the "actions speak louder than words" leader. And with John being the silent leader.

I'll divide it like the Jim Lee X-Men of the 90's.

JL Blue - Hal Jordan, Wally West / Barry Allen, GA, Canary, Cyborg (tech and power), and Red Tornado.

JL Gold - Aquaman , Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Fate (has intervened! sorry, couldn't help it), Green Lantern Jon Stewart, and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) (tech and experience).

I really think having two Lanters isn't far fetched. They're there, so use 'em! and it's the JUSTICE LEAGUE. Powerhouses should be there ALL THE TIME. At least there's two power rings to go by if one of 'em runs out of juice. So we have at least 4 members (mainly the ones without "powers") Batman, Batgirl, GA, Canary with no real powers (except again for Canary), a speedster, a 100-tonner in Arthur, a powerful mystic, etc.

Well-balanced, methinks :) (imo, Nightwing is just too good to be "under" any type of leadership even if it is from the big 3. he deserves to have his own team hence my exclusion of him and putting in Barbara instead.)