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DX, and i don't know but i really, really enjoyed the rock n sock connection.

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i voted a 9. Granted, im not a big fan of artwork like Miller's but The Dark Knight Returns was just superb writing, so the artwork became secondary. That being said, i do buy books solely because it is done by a favorite artist of mine but of course, not everyone is the same. prime example of art that i found great but extremely bad writing is of course, miller and lee's all star b&r.

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Well I'm going to take a physics approach on this, as it is the only way I can justify rating the vastly different types of power one has to consider when answering this question. For simplicity sake I'll keep my answers to the New 52 founding members. In physics power is basically defined as work over time. With that in mind right off the bat that puts Superman and Flash near the front of the list because of how fast they can each accomplish tasks, overcome obstacles, make change, and utilize their powers. Since Superman has displayed that he can basically bench press the planet Earth for 5 days straight with no sun, and, in my opinion, can get more done with his power set over a given amount of time even if he is a little slower than the Flash and does not need to rest, eat, or drink as often that makes:

#1: Superman

Which then immediately makes:

#2: Flash

Going beyond that we know that Cyborg doesn't sleep and both Wonder Woman and Aquaman possess Endurance far greater than a mere mortal. It appears to me that while Cyborg never sleeps he is often heading to Star labs for updates and other system checks as shown in a couple issues of Justice League, and in general is dependent on outside help for repairs, modifications and in general I haven't seen much from him (outside of boom tubing) that I find beats out what both Wonder Woman and Aquaman can do. So spot three goes to one of these two, and between the two of them they have some relatively similar power sets, super strength, durability, both trained well in tactics and combat, both wielding magical weapons, but the thing that allows Aquaman to do more over any amount of time which the two of them are compared in is his aquatic Telepathy. That's right, the power that made him a joke for so long is the one which makes him extremely powerful, while he deals with problems in one locations he can have sea life doing all sorts of things all over the globe. So"


Great, detailed post judge. I also have to put Supes and The Flash as my #1 and 2 for N52. it's a crazy toss-up between Diana and GL for me for the 3rd and 4th spots with Arthur coming in at #5.

Pre N52 definitely has J'onn in the top 3.

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As a big Batman fan, it's always nice if there would be another Batman-centric animated show on air. But i'm pretty sure DC has to do something else. Something with Nightwing, or Robin, Aquaman, Lobo, Wonder Woman. If not, i think World's Finest the Animated Series is a good way to go.

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Deathstroke, Deadshot, Harley, Black Manta, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost.

... and then in the end, Deathstroke turns on them and reveals himself as the main villain :D

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work, the amount of time, effort that you are exerting in all your scans @matchesmalone21. Greatly, greatly appreciated by everyone here. This is just a fantastic thread that I visit daily. Thanks.

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Whole heartedly agree. This story was what got me into comic book again after a 5 year hiatus from reading. Discovering that Jim Lee would be on pencils was a wild fantasy come true!

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Had to look at deviantart for David Yardin. That it one impressive and beautiful looking Diana!

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@FatihBATMAN: my biggest gripe was jordan being able to save the freakin' planet in... 3 days? awesome. If you're going to make an "origin" movie, don't put out of the big guns yet, yeesh. start small esp. wit the villains.

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hey , i like this thread :) Good work!