Bane weak???

Is it just me or does the dark knight rises depict bane to be weak in this particular movie. If you compare his original story in the batman story arch you will see a major difference between the two. In the movie bane is upstaged and overshadowed by talia al guhl. I mean really her of all people. Bane has been programmed to ignor fear and is also super intelligent. Why doesn't ruin it with talia al guhl. More justice should be done for bane. And what exactly happened to the venom that bane has? That's a huge part of his original character.

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So are you talking about his character or physical attributes or both?

I mean regarding his physical attributes Batman was also weaker than his comic counterpart he also wasn't the master detective he was in the comics either. But that is due to wanting it to be more realistic perhaps or Nolan wanted to portray the characters in a different light.

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Well Bane in the movie is gonna be different than any other version of Bane.

In the movie his mask only covered his mouth.

In the comics it looks as if Banes Mask covers his whole face.

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@ImmortalT1000:I think the OP was talking more about characteristics as opposed to appearance.

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Well I just wish that they would of added in the venom aspect of bane. I think that's a trademark of his.

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@batman11223 said:

Well I just wish that they would of added in the venom aspect of bane. I think that's a trademark of his.

They did, in a way.

A steroid that lets you lift a semi is highly unrealistic and would be silly in Nolan's universe.

A gas mask that pumps an anesthetic into Bane due to previous injuries, that make him resilient but not impervious or unstoppable, is more realistic, even though of course there are problems with the entire thing.

I don't see what the problem here is.

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Your right. It will be unrealistic either way because it is a superhero universe so why not go all out and just make it like the original. Or at least based off the original.

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I was worried this was gonna be another one of those threads where a Bane fan boy thinks he can beat Hulk or Juggernaut and can't understand why no one agrees with them.

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I think bane is way more intelligent than them but I can see why the other two could beat him. I try not to compare thendc universe with the marvel universe.

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How was he upstaged by Talia? 
He did what he wanted to do, which was be by the side of his friend/woman he loved. He also wanted to prove that he was the best, and that was why he went after Bruce. It's why he ignored Talia's "Don't kill him" order at the end of Rises. Bane followed Talia because he loved her, but the second he did not agree with what she asked of him, he would ignore her.