Bench Press? Age?

okay a video on youtube called death battle tells us that batman is 41 years of age and can bench press 1000 pounds. My question is where did they find this evidence anywhere in the batman universe?

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No Doubt A Superhero!

I for one am tired of hearing the argument that batman is not really a superhero because he does not have superpowers. I ask you what the definition of superheroe is. A superhero is a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also : an exceptionally skillful or successful person. If we used the logic that people with powers were the only superheros then that would involve people like gandalf and harry potter and people of that sort. If everybody could just do what batman does then he would not be a super hero or more clearly defined as a "special" hero. Not the typical ordinary cop or fireman. That is what a superhero is. someone who stands out from the rest. Batman is definetly someone who stands out from the rest and has accomplished things that most human beings could not. And if your gonna commet on this thread that your tired of hearing this debate, then please change your mind and just leave it alone.

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Bane weak???

Is it just me or does the dark knight rises depict bane to be weak in this particular movie. If you compare his original story in the batman story arch you will see a major difference between the two. In the movie bane is upstaged and overshadowed by talia al guhl. I mean really her of all people. Bane has been programmed to ignor fear and is also super intelligent. Why doesn't ruin it with talia al guhl. More justice should be done for bane. And what exactly happened to the venom that bane has? That's a huge part of his original character.


Do superheros,villains and love mix???

Does adding in a love life to a superhero make or break the character. To me all it does is add on another weakness that that superhero has.. Did writers just add them in to intensify plots. I think its a bad idea in general. Especially someone like batman who is to have very few emotions. this applies to villains also. Does Harley Quinn add to the jokers character?Or does she ruin his characters reputation of being heartless?


Big Bang Theroy???

Can anyone tell me where the very first atom came from. Nope? Thats why i believe in a god. Nothing cant create something. Look at anything in the world. Does anything get better by just leaving it alone? No it doesn't. Thats why i believe there is a god also.


does superman have human like emotions?

For some reason it seems like most of the pictures i see of him, he just seems so stiff and emotionless. And with the comics ive read, he doesn't seem to have very many internal conflicts and emotions either. i mean he isn't human at all, but does that mean he doesn't have any human emotions at all besides love.


Just " Off my mind"

For some reason I could never understand that if all of the inmates in arkham asylum,( like the joker),have killed dozens of people, then why has he not been put on death row by now. Wouldn't he of been executed by now. I mean all they do is just escape later and kill more people. Wouldn't they learn by now.

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Can you top this????

Is there any villain worse than "the penny plunderer" from DC comics. Joe Coyne was his name who would commit penny themed crimes stealing only penny's. Fortunately he only made it through one comic where they decided to write him out of the comics. They killed him off by a chain reaction started from a snapped light support eventually sending the famous giant penny from the Batcave crashing onto him. They eventually re-wrote the penny to come from a square off between batman and two face. That's pretty sad. Come on now.


Seriously now???

Doe anyone honestly even care about the fantastic four. I've never met anyone who actually claims to like them. They seem too retro to me. Kind of like aquaman. Pretty stupid right.

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