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As my eyes flutter open. It's all white and I feel like I've fought Mike Tyson inside a washing machine full of baseball bats. I go to speak but there's tube in my mouth? What the..?

I try to sit up but I'm as weak as a kitten. What is going on? Where am I?


I loll my head to the right to see an Asian guy who looks like he is bored and smells of cauliflower.

"Who are you?" I garble.

He makes a face and stands up, he's huge! He puts hand on my chest and reefs the tube out. Like production line he unclips and unhooks me from the various monitors and devices despite the beeping and my feeble struggles.

"Am I in the hospital?"

"Not any more," he says as he tosses me over his shoulder like I'm a beach towel. "Quan's want to see you."

"Now hang on a minute!" I start to protest when he swings me like a kid and my head collects the cold white wall of the hospital.


"Wake up!" The shrill voice is accompanied by a splash of water. I'm awake and in more pain than I was before, probably because my arms are tied with metal cables and stretched above my head; my toes only just touching the ground. Standing in front of me is the Asian rock ape who abducted me from the hospital along with, oh no! Genghis and Kublai Quan. I'm in serious $h!t!

"You owe money!" barks Genghis as he taps his boots with a wooden bat. "You owe dust!"

"I said I'd pay," I groan. "I've still got time."

Kublai bursts into laughter "What day is it?"

His tobacco stained smile makes me think that Sunday might be way off. Doesn't explain the weird dreams. The other Quan joins the chuckling along with the underling. It's all a big joke that nobody told me about.

"What's so funny? And another thing, why am I tied up huh?" I'm angry but my croaky voice makes it sound like I'm whiny not furious.

"You asleep six month!" states Genghis.

"We find you face down in a puddle of piss and vomit," adds Kublai.

"What?" I can't believe what they're telling me. It's dumb. It's ludicrous. It's stupid. It's...possible.

"You die! We call ambulance," sniggers Genghis as he closes my jaw with the tip of the bat, adds a little tap on the Adam's apple because he's a nasty piece of work.

"Like a junkie, you O.D. They use paddles to bring you back but you go into..." Kublai turns to the underling and snaps his fingers. 'What they call it?"

"Drug induced coma,"

"Drug induced coma," Kublai repeats. "Now we could kill you like a chicken, but then we out of pocket. Besides we already kill Yun so no need to kill you just yet. But you sleep for ages. So we get doctor to chop out a kidney."

That explains the pain in my lower back.

"So you owe us a lot of money. Hospital not cheap. Plus interest. Lots of interest."

"And dust!" snaps Genghis.

"And dust." Kublai steps up into my face, so close I can smell his rotten nicotine breath; it's like a dog's breath if that dog smoked cigars and drank sardine juice. "We own you."

"I owe what I owe," I stare back into his piggy little eyes. "But I'm nobody's property!" I fire up my...what the hell? Wheres my flames?

"Trying to burn me?" Kublai asks as he pushes me away so I swing. He laughs and steps aside as Genghis steps in and belts me across the gut with the bat. I see stars! I think my guts just tried to exit via my butt! Genghis winds up for another go. I'm a human pinata! I feel something in my chest crack, then ooze. I fight for breath. Today, whatever f&^%$ day it is f%^%$ sucks!

Kublai holds up a small black torch-like thing. "You have nasty fire powers. Good for you, bad for us. So while you lay peeing in your pants in hospital we make some calls. We get this egghead kid to build this. Using stuff we get from CBTF, Xiphos and what they use in prison he make this. Let me show you."


Electricity explodes through my veins! I'm convulsing like an epileptic as volts and amps bounced around my body. My $#!t day just got a million times worse!

"This turns your powers off and on like a light switch," laughs Kublai. "Shocks you too. Also built in tracker in case you try to be tricky. So as I said, we own you."

"You our dog!" chuckles Genghis.

"You do what we say, when we say," says Kublai "Or we fry you."

On a scale of one to f%$# off; this is a mo+#^f@*$!ng (^%t bucket almost beyond comparison! I've been turned into a bug zapper, no I've been turned into a noisy dog with an internal shock collar! I'm up to my eyeballs in debt with a gang of psychopathic bastards and I'm missing a kidney! Add that to I'm hanging from a roof being used as batting practice after coming out of a god knows how long coma and my business partner is also dead! Oh how I wish that costumed idiot Wind Bagger would smash through the roof and rescue me! I'd even take the Quoll...actually him coz he's got claws and teeth and would rip these ^%$#'s apart!

They're dead! They are so dead! Once I get out of here and work out how, they're dead!

To be continued...

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Bit short but not bad. Methinks the bad guys are going to get a bit of a squishing soon

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"the original Heat Seeker is passed out on the kitchen floor in some drug coma limbo unless I or another writer changes that." Hmmmm :)

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Salvation is the worst out of the Terminator series.

Genisys, in my opinion, did an excellent job of tying all three movies into one and moving ahead in a new-er direction. I liked it as it was essentially a homaged reboot and did it well

But go see it, THEN start ranting about it. If you haven't seen it, you know less than John Snow and we all know how much he knows

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@cbishop: Short but memorable, plus there's a band called Winduster roaming around Indigo City. Rocking Roll is Superman in Action comics in the 80's: three pages maximum :)

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Just so we're clear, Heatseeker happened in 5th Column but to him it was a this correct? Because the Quans, Wind Duster's crossover, star dust all came out of Heatseeker.

He's in his universe, popped into ours and is back in his...I think I got that, unless I totally missed the point

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@cbishop: Max is a homage to Max Allen Collins who wrote WD back in the day

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This happens immediately after Wind & Water 2, go read it...I'll wait here...oh here's the link:

More in the library:


Mark and Ed popped back into existence.

“What the hell was that?” cried Ed patting himself down like he was on fire.

“Teleporting,” replied Mark. “Pretty cool huh?”

“I don’t feel so good,” Ed said.

“Did I tell you about how I teleported Lex Hard halfway round the world,” Mark said as they crossed the lane and headed for the bar. Sounds of guitars and drums reverberated through the concrete. “I know that guy.”

Standing out the front leaning against the wall like James Dean was Rocking Roll. Cigarette on his lips, whisky bottle in hand.

“He looks smashed!” said Ed warily.

“Hey! Rocking Roll!” called Mark as they got closer.

Rocking Roll looked up, nodded and threw up some rock horns. “Yeah man, rock n roll.”

Mark leant in “It’s me. Wind Duster. Remember?”

“Sorry man I haven’t listened to the tape yet,” Rocking Roll apologised. “I will, I’ve just been busy and $#!t y’know.”

“I’m not…what are you talking about?” said Mark.

Rocking Roll lurched up right and slapped a hand on the wall. “Your band man! I’ll get to it okay, don’t hassle me.” He grabbed his cigarette and flicked it at Mark’s feet before stumbling inside past the bouncer.

Ed tapped a confused Mark on the shoulder. “You in a band too?”

Plastered on the wall were posters for a band called Winduster, one word in AR Destine font with a tornado full of guitars on it. Mark’s jaw dropped. “What the hell?”

Mark stomped forward when the bouncer held a clipboard up making him screech to a halt. “Name?”


The bouncer looked him up and down “Not on the list. Step aside.”

“Look I know that guy an…”

“Not on the list. Step aside.”

Mark’s hands balled into fists when Ed put a calming hand on his shoulder. “Let’s just go get a beer somewhere else okay.”

“But t…”

Mark went to protest but Ed directed him away. “We’ll get our victory drinks somewhere else. Too loud anyways.”

To be continued in Wind & Water 3...

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Ned by a moustache