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Two months ago, Transylvania

As heavy wooden door opened Bullseye managed to force his swollen eyes open. In shambled the guy he’d killed last month, his neck still at the irregular angle.

“^&%$# zombies!” he murmured hoarsely as he strained against the bonds that held him; hands stretched high above his head, legs spread and also tied, dangling in the cold sandstone room.

“He wouldn’t be a zombie, if you hadn’t killed him” said Baron Mordo as he entered the room.

“Didn’t quite hear you…step closer”

Baron Mordo glared at Bullseye, his hand instinctively going to his neck where Bullseye bit him. The killer smiled through cracked lips. Mordo muttered something in a foreign language and threw his hands dramatically into the air.

“How much longer?” asked Bullseye.

“Oh you’ll be here for quite a while Lester” replied Mordo “You’re quite fascinating! You haven’t been fed for a fortnight, you haven’t been given water for a week and you’re still alive! Most people would be dead by now”

“I’m not…most people” Bullseye coughed.

Mordo smiled and stroked his goatee “Selling ones soul to a demon rarely works out. Crossing the Kingpin also”

“So you’re working…for that fat sack of blubber?” Bullseye craned his neck trying to get a better look at his captor.

“I am merely repaying a large debt I incurred” said Mordo as he conjured a red hot poker into his hand.

“Dr Druid likes the ponies” Bullseye chuckled.

Mordo scowled as he stepped forward “I AM BARON MORDO!” He stabbed the poker into Lester’s ribs, the flesh sizzled and the assassin cringed but held his tongue “But yes, I did make some unwise investments. This will clear my slate”

“You’re just tubby’s bi…” The sentence ended as Mordo hit him again with the poker.

“I think another week without water may teach you some manners!” Mordo whacked him across the stomach with the poker before leaving the room. Bullseye spat a glob of bloody saliva onto the floor.

“Don’t suppose…you want to help me escape?” he asked the zombie who simply stood there frothing at the mouth, quietly moaning like a broken air conditioner. He pulled against the ropes but they were too tight. He hung his head as he contemplated the journey that led him here. The deal with the Hand’s demon, the taking over of the Hand itself, kicking that fat sack Wilson Fisk to the curb, the hammers, the women, the power! But then he bit off too much and it all unravelled.

He tried to collect some souls, spurred on by the Beast inside him, in some crazy power play of turning the world into a charnel pit using Alastair Smythe as a pawn. Thor took exception this, and also his mallet! The battle was fierce, deadly and pretty even, until Dr Strange exorcised the demon, and the battle shifted. All the extra power, gone. He was just a skilled mortal facing and angry god. Then Thor hit him again. He spent over a month in a coma before waking up in The Vault in a special glass cage.

He found out from the guards that Thor had gotten killed by someone in an alley which made him smile, and gave him inspiration to learn how to walk again, go and shake the bastards hand that nailed the thunder god. Two months of self rehab and he was almost himself, when he was transferred to New York for trial he ended up here being used as a piñata by a bald Dr Strange wannabe with dirty garlic breath.

“Okay Lester…” he panted “Isn’t the first time you’ve been tied up…won’t be the last” He looked at the zombie who was staring longingly at the pool of congealed blood and saliva under him.

Bullseye smiled “Who’s a hungry little zombie?”


Baron Mordo unlocked the door. His zombie looked damaged even though Bullseye still hung from the roof.

“You’re…late!” wheezed Bullseye as he struggled to lift his head “You said…a week”

Baron Mordo chuckled “It’s been nine days actually. I got distracted…”

“YOU GOT DISTRACTED!” Bullseye exploded off the ropes he’d been holding onto and tackled the magician to the ground. A broken rib bone sharpened into a shiv pierced the underside of the Baron’s chin and poked into his mouth “I’VE BEEN DRINKING URINE, WAITING FOR YOUR BALDING HEAD TO GRACE ME WITH YOUR PRESENCE!” Bullseye forced the bone further in “I bit off a piece of my tongue to get your pet to come close enough so I could free myself and then TIE myself back up! Pulled out one of its ribs to make this knife that is just a nasty, painful flesh wound at the moment. But you struggle or cast any of that magic mojo on me I’ll ram this up into your brain!”

Mordo grunted in acknowledgement, blood filling his mouth. Bullseye dragged them both to their feet.

“Where are we?”

Mordo mumbled something then pointed at the reason he couldn’t answer. Bullseye gritted his teeth as he slowly inched the shiv back.


Bullseye stared deep in Mordo’s eyes “So you owe Fisk money right?” Mordo nodded carefully “How much?”


Bullseye chuckled “Seventeen million. You’re a terrible gambler baldy! Whatever you owe him, you now owe me and it’s doubled! Then you’re going to cook me up some food and then…well you’re going to have to work very hard to stay alive from this point on! You’ve hit me, burnt me, stabbed me, beat me, cast weird things on me; I should just kill you now.”

Mordo groaned in protest as Bullseye pressed the bone in deeper.

“But maybe having a magician at my beck and call is a better business model”

Mordo nodded as enthusiastically as he could. Bullseye reached down and grabbed Mordo’s ring finger bent it back until it snapped like a raw carrot.

“Did that hurt? Good!” Bullseye spun Mordo around and put him in a sleeper-type hold as he walked them to the door “Now, breakfast time!”

One month ago, Paris

Lester sat at a table reading the newspaper, arranging almonds on the table edge with his free hand. Seemed the United States had gone to hell; aliens, Seattle turning into a chemical toilet and something called Scourge killing super villains. Better than the French news though which was just cheese and soccer.

“Is that you Frankie?” he asked the paper as he sipped his coffee “Seems awfully close to your MO”

“Monsieur Eye?”

Lester looked up, pulled the beret back to reveal his target scarred forehead, rolled his eyes and returned to his paper.

The Asian man put a briefcase on the table “The government of North Korea thanks you fo…”

Lester grabbed the man’s tie and sat him down roughly at the table “You’ve obviously never done shady deals before huh?”

The man nervously shook his head as Lester let him go “You alone?”

“Oui Monsieur!”

Lester smiled “Relax! Have a coffee. Pretend like you’re NOT selling me Antarctic vibranium. Now did you deliver it the address I supplied you?”

“Oui Monsieur. It is in the Canadian warehouse as you requested”

“Because if it isn’t,” he tapped a teaspoon on the table edge to get his attention before hurling it at a nearby pigeon killing it “Well imagine that, but you’re the pigeon okay”

The North Korean gulped and sipped his coffee nervously.

“So you got the payment?”

“Oui Monsieur. The government of…” he stopped as Lester began tapping a fork “We received the money”

“Good. Now we’re going to sit here for a while, enjoy the sun. Then I’ll get up, leave and you...well, you’ll choke to death.”

He looked up from his coffee, a confused expression slapped across his face, “Umm what?”

Lester flicked an almond that landed right in the back of the man’s throat. He gasped at the unexpectedness of it as he began to choke “The almond won’t kill you, but the coating of arsenic will. HELP! HELP! HE’S CHOKING!”

People swarmed to help as Lester faded away into the crowd singing a familiar tune “Start spreading the news, I’m leavin today…”


To be continued

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@batkevin74: Nice (in a keeping my distance from the sociopath) to see Bullseye back. Reads great and fits in with the continuity. Can't wait to see Part 9.

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@impurestcheese: Will have to coordinate with you, because I'm looking at an event type thing that potentially crosses with everyone who is in New York. A tag team write like I've done over in the Iron Age but here in Mayhem.

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@batkevin74: Okay send me the details and I'll work out logistics

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@wildvine This should clear some things up, hopefully

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Cool job Bats.

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Yay Thor cameo, overall a very good chapter and while admittedly disgusting how Bullseye got out was pretty creative and I can't wait to see what he does with that suitcase.

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Awesome stuff! Great way to continue the series after I left!

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@tommythehitman: Yeah and don't worry about West Coat Avengers I have some ideas for them after the Home Invasion Arc.



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@wildvine said:

Cool job Bats.


@irishlad said:

Yay Thor cameo, overall a very good chapter and while admittedly disgusting how Bullseye got out was pretty creative and I can't wait to see what he does with that suitcase.

Well sometimes you gotta get dirty to get some revenge! Glad you liked Thor's part in it, setting it just before he got "nailed" in the alley still keeps previous continuity but ties it into the now

Awesome stuff! Great way to continue the series after I left!

You set it up, I'm going to try and knock it out of the park!

@tommythehitman: Yeah and don't worry about West Coat Avengers I have some ideas for them after the Home Invasion Arc.




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@batkevin74: Killing pigeons, drinking urine, choking on poison nuts....very nice

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@batkevin74: Killing pigeons, drinking urine, choking on poison nuts....very nice

Ha ha ha essentially my whole premise right there :)