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I lovde new52 supergirl (worlds finest ehhh...I hear its getting better) but this was a fun issue, the series has been solid to me except the H'el on earth arc those whur meh. But this is for sure in my top 5 fav new5 series

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Still wowed that Wonder woman is the aunt of wonder girl I love the twist and how it connects the two I cant wait to see that story flushed out more. Everything is starting to get connected new52 is starting to win me over little bit at a time. (Minus 5 year BS)

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is multiversity set in new52 universe? our is it like the earth one series where they are stand alone?

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its okay I'm giving it 3 more issues but as of lately the book has been everywhere. I hope Jordan makes the book more grounded and gives superboy a purpose as of now he just feels like he's going from cross over to cross over and when he has his own "solo" issues they feel forced and bland. I'm interested in the Hive aspect and how krypto and him get along.

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@inferiorego: i agree 100 good issue but way to much going on. Not the best issue but still fun.

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Hey guys so its been about 4 months since I think I told you guys that I got hired at my LCS. And I have to say its the best job I've had in a long time. I have to say when Corey says running a comic shop is both stressful and fun all at the same time I can agree with him 100%. My actual question is for Corey, what headaches have you come across with diamond? I've been warned that they are so "awesome" from the store owners before I started working there but I guess I didn't take their sarcasm to seriously. Any nightmare stories you can share? And any tips as you can give me in general?. One last thing If I can pull a Corey and plug my store ,(in Corey's self promoting voice) Metropolis Comix Brucevile Road,Sacramento Ca 95823, we have teamed up with a organization called Comics for Heroes to donate comics for troops and kids in need. If you guys could mention the site , , they can use any kid friendly comics. Donations can be made directly to the site also. Thanks guys and keep up the good work and if anyone is in the Sacramento area please come by and check out the number 1 award winning store in town.

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In the words of Babz "Out !!!" >=\

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Lobdell is a really cool guy to take his time to answer our questions. A writer for the people if there was any.

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Since superboy prime from what we know does not exist in the new52, what in your eyes was the cause of Jason coming back from the grave? I love how you kept it kinda open ended in Redhood and the outlaws but is there a definitive answer? Thank you for keeping comics not only fresh but just plain fun to read. I find myself laughing and smiling when I read your stuff which I feel is what comics should do.

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okay can someone please tell me why in hawk in dove (go away and go away now please) Dawn has Blonde hair yet when ever else she shows up her hair is white?

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