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This reminds me of red hood lost days just its for Damien instead

Come on ! "Lost Days" wasn't that bad (except for this MILF-thing with Talia... seriously, I'm still waiting for a awkward conversation between Jason and Damian, or even Bruce, about it).

But for this "Damian : Son of Batman", yeah, all my expectations were ruined.

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Man, I dunno. I love me some Andy Kubert art, I've really grown to like Damian too, but I couldn't get into this issue. I really tried, but I felt the voices of the characters were so off, in my opinion. Damian just shouting "Holy Crap." or Batman the way he called Damian "Young Man." he sounded like Alfred. His "Bingo." retort to a certain discovery, a lot of the dialogue just kinda took me out of the experience. Since it's only four issues long and I love the art, I'm probably gonna check out the next three issues regardless.

That happens when you spend too much time with dick Grayson.

Anyways haven't read the issue yet, I'll pick it up later.

I don't really want to spoil but I think this Batman is Dick Grayson. That would explain the "bingo" thing. And why Bruce Wayne suddenly comes back from the dead at the end of the issue - wasn't dead in the first place.